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Tokyo Mew Mew / Mew Mew Power:

Fujiwara, Zakuro/Renee

Momomya, Ichigo/Zoey

Aizawa, Mint/Korrina

Midorikawa, Lettuce/Bridget

Fong, Pudding/Kiki

Shirogane, Ryou/Elliot/Alto

Akasaka, Keiichiro/Wesley

Aoyama, Masaya/Mark



technical alien/Sardon


Ranma ½:

Ranma Saotome

Genma Saotome

Nodoka Saotome

Soun Tendou

Kasumi Tendou

Nabiki Tendou

Akané Tendou

Ryouga Hibiki/P-chan

Tatewaki Kuno

Kodachi Kuno

Cologne/Khu Lon

Shampoo/Shan Pu


Chapter 7: What a WEEK!

Akané was quiet the entire week after she'd found out that Zakuro had been injured. It didn't seem fair. She wanted to torture Tatewaki Kuno until he was unrecognizable for nearly killing the currently missing girl. She was so bent on such that every morning this week she soundly beat him up before Ranma had the chance to interfere. She knew that Ranma was also upset that his new sister was gone but he was channeling his negative emotional energy into training both his body and his chi.

Dr. Tofu was an amazing doctor but even he stared disbelievingly at the results of how quickly the young woman was healing. He soon found out just whom he had in his office when K-K-Kasumi had come to visit. She was quite worried over Saotome Zakuro's condition. At the request of Miss Saotome when she'd woken up he kept the secret of who she was and what condition that she was suffering from, from the other patients and visitors. She did ask however for him to call the Mew Mew Café up in another part of Tokyo and to inform them of her condition.

Immediately two hours later she was visited by her boss Ryou. "How are you feeling Zakuro?"

"Weak, like I sting all over," she told him.

"I paid for your bill, seeing as how you were injured while doing your secret job and all."

She snorted, "I could have paid for it you know."

"Yeah I know," he answered. Then his posture shifted to his stiff, serious position. "We have no idea who's behind all of this. We checked the witnesses' descriptions of that huge firefly and the guy that left with you in his arms but we haven't gotten anything solid. Apparently the residents here are pretty used to strange going-ons so it's hard to muddle through all of the absurd information. What'd you find out from the fight?"

Zakuro stared off into space, checking her memory for details that she may have forgotten over the past week in seclusion. "What do you already know?" she asked.

Ryou looked uncomfortable. "The guy who took off with you looked a lot like the Blue Knight, only with a different color scheme and a way different fighting style. We're not sure who he was but it's anything like what happened last time than that guy has connections to the previous inhabitants of this world."

He continued, "There didn't seem to be anyone around controlling the beast. The girls took it down pretty easily after you'd disappeared. Masha collected whatever it was that combined with an innocent little dragonfly. We're still examining the technology but we think that we may be dealing with another sect of the previous inhabitants of Earth but we're not certain; it could be a copycat for all we know."

Zakuro sighed resignedly and said, "You noticed more than I did then."

Ryou nodded in understanding and then told her how the girls had wanted to visit her and resented him for keeping them busy. He then asked her if things were working out for her and her new fiancé.

"Doctor Tofu says that I'll be fine in one or two days," she commented when he was leaving. Ryou paused at the door and said that if this was the case then he'd expect her at work in two days.

She was a little angry about the amount of time that her part-time job as a waitress was taking from her life, but then she remembered her friends and thought that perhaps it was all worth it.