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Breaking the Habit

Chapter Ten - Completion

When Hermione had awoken from her grief induced slumber, Viktor had been waiting to take her into his arms. To say the least, his compassion was enough for tears to pool in her eyes and she could barely contain her pain. He held her close and murmured sweet nothings into her ear, all the while smoothing his calloused hands down her back. He knew how to calm her, how to make her feel like the world was a better place with him near.

She smiled affectionately down at him and brushed some of his dark hair away from his forehead. He had held her for hours after she regained consciousness, uncaring to his own weariness. He succumbed to exhaustion once she noticed how tired he looked and forced him to lie down. They had taken up temporary residence in the guest room of Harry's house, the young auror giving them permission to stay as he left to go to work.

Her heart still felt heavy with sickening grief and she doubted that the feeling would ever leave her. Ronald's transgressions could never be truly forgiven, for he forsaken all he had once held dear for a chance at the power that lured so many to the Dark Lord's service. She shook her head sadly and curled up against the comforting bulk of Viktor's body. He merely made a noise without waking up and accommodating her form to his.

His arm wrapped around her waist as if to secure her against him and she absently stroked the skin along the backs of his hands and wrists. They had been dating for several months and during that time she had been so surprised at how understanding he was about her insecurities. He had barely been able to touch her in the beginning without her choking on that instinctive fear welling up in her throat.

Instead of forcing himself on her like Ronald did, he gave her the space and time she needed to become acquainted with physical affection once more. Soon they started to make progress and his caressed became something she craved instead of making her shudder. She rolled over in his hold and looked up at him, splaying her hands against his chest. Being this close to him made those doubts of hers disappear, the musky smell of him made her head swim and heat flood her veins.

She let out a shaky breath and felt glad suddenly that he had slept for some time, for the sudden confidence in her whispered that he would get little rest for what remained of the night. A wicked jolt went through her at such thoughts and she shifted so their faces became closer. His breath puffed softly against her nose and she brushed her mouth against his, gently pecking him. She pulled away to simply look at him and to her surprise, found his eyes open.

He watched her calmly and one of his hands sliding up to cup her cheek. The other curved around her waist and he drew her body flush against him, delighting in the way they seemed to fit together seamlessly. The hand on her face slipped around to tangle in the curls at the base of her neck and he descended down upon her. A shiver ran through her as his mouth pressed against hers, the kiss remaining moderately chaste until he ran his tongue along the seam of her lips.

She instinctively parted them and was rewarded by the appearance of that thick strip of muscle. Their tongues twined together as her fingers curled in his hair and she ran her fingernails across his scalp as the room seemed to grow hotter. The hand on her side began to slip down to the hem of her shirt and it felt like an electric shock went through her when the heat of his palm connected with the soft skin of her hip.

She suddenly felt glad that she had opted to wear nothing more than the thin t-shirt she had beneath her robes and her knickers to sleep in that night. His fingers crept up her side, following the indent of her slim waist to the slight bumps of her ribs beneath her flesh. She grew still when the calloused tips of his fingers stroked the side of her breast and let out a little sigh into his mouth. His hand slid over the delicate swell and squeezed it, her nipple beginning to pebble at his touch.

A short gasp escaped her at the sensation and the contact of their mouths was broken as she pulled away. A shudder gripped her as he rolled the sensitive nub between two of his fingers, teasing it into stiffness. He transferred his hand to her other breast after a few more moments of stimulation and chuckled quietly when she arched her back so the soft globe pressed into his palm. He pressed his lips against the side of her neck before looking down at her with a wicked grin on his face.

"You like that, yes?"

When she realized that he was no longer touching her, a line appeared over her brow and she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her small hands grasped the hem of her t-shirt and jerked it up over her head. The article of clothing fell over the edge of the bed and then the realization that for the first time she was naked from the waist up in front of Viktor hit her.

A delicate flush spread across her cheeks and her arms rose to cover her chest. Their eyes met and the gleam in his hues caused her to falter. There was none of the filthy lust that she had grown used to seeing in Ronald's gaze, just an intense hunger that caused goose bumps to form on her skin. His fingers rose and brushed over the swell of her breast.

A sigh rose from the base of her throat and she unconsciously leaned into his touch. As one, they came together and he devoured her mouth, reveling in the sweetness that was Hermione. Her hands ghosted over his back as she shifted into his lap, desperately needing to feel his skin against hers. The ribbed material of his wife beater rubbed against the sensitive crowns of her breasts and she let out a shuddering breath.

"I do believe you are wearing too many clothes." She whispered, her voice quavering.

In a slow movement, she helped him get the shirt off of his torso and in that first instant of skin on skin contact, she realized that for once in her life something was going exactly the way it should. A smile spread across her mouth as one of his hands curved against the small of her back, his thumb slipping beneath the elastic band to her simple cotton underwear.

He gently lowered her down onto the bed and she instinctively cradled his body in her hips. As they finally become one he showed her that sex could be more than the breaking humiliation she had experienced with Ronald, but something that brought hope and light to her torn spirit that Viktor alone could heal.

Some time later, Hermione pulled her discarded t-shirt back over her head and let out a soft squeak when her lover gently smacked her rump as he searched the area about the bed for his pants. Those last frenzied seconds before he had entered her were a blur and the exact location of the errant clothing escaped him. A slight smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he threw a covert glance at his girlfriend.

Her passionate reaction to his advances surprised him. He had expected her to shy away from his touch and stammer apologies for the atrocities that monster commit against her. Yet, she had given herself fully to him and, from his point of view, she had apparently enjoyed the experience. He let out a pleased noise when he found his pants hidden beneath part of the comforter and pulled them on over his dark green boxers.

He sunk down onto the foot of the bed as he tugged his wife beater back onto his chest and simply let his eyes follow Hermione's every move. It was clear that by sharing herself completely with him some of her insecurities that bastard had beaten into her were burnt away by the power of the truth he showed her. Her shoulders no longer hunched in just enough to give her the air of a person constantly prepared for an attack and she carried herself with the strength and grace he remembered from the year he stayed at Hogwarts.

So many people thought a relationship between an eighteen year old boy and a fourteen year old girl was unpleasant, that he was taking advantage of her. That was about as far away from the real reason as humanly possible. Within the teenage Hermione, he had seen the potential for a woman that he knew deep within his bones he would be able to spend his life with. A common misconception about him was that he was utterly fixated on Quidditch and his dislike for all things scholarly would be a driving force keeping them apart.

It had been partially true before he met her, but seeing her dedication to the academics he knew that if he ever wanted to be considered more than a friend in her eyes he would have to re-immerse himself within books. Perhaps, when his ability to remember scores of Quidditch statistics and control a splinter of wood hundreds of feet above the ground with such ease, things like Potions and History of Magic came naturally and he found that he actually enjoyed learning these subjects.

When he learnt that Hermione was looking for an apprenticeship in Potions a few weeks back, he made the decision to accept the open spot for Seeker on the British Quidditch team. The Vrasta Vultures, the national team of Bulgaria, had slowly begun to loose its strongest players and Viktor knew that the time had come to find greener pastures. That decision, he knew, would only allow this relationship between him and Hermione blossom further.

His parents would be pleased that the only girl they had heard him rave about for countless years finally saw their son as a dating material. That thought caused him to grin as pride overwhelmed him. He, Viktor Krum, had successfully wooed the girl of his dreams to his side. He snapped out of his thoughts when a warm body descended onto his lap. His hands automatically rested on her hips and she kissed him lightly.

"What has you smiling so brightly?" She asked quietly, her cinnamon eyes shining with contentment.

He merely nuzzled his nose into her neck, before pulling back slowly. "Ve should probably leave. Vhile Harry vould like to spend more time with you, I'm sure, I am feeling very selfish at the moment."

She laughed brightly and nodded. She gave him a brief, tender hug before slipping off of his thighs. While the soul shocking betrayal of Ronald still shown bleakly through her momentary happiness, he knew that with time this wound would begin to heal. She would always have him there to protect her from the memories of that dark period of her life. His arm unconsciously slid around her waist once he was standing and he watched her scrawl a quick note to her remaining school mate.

She set the parchment down on a small table near the door and the slipped her hand into his, gently prying his arm from around her body. Flashing him a quick smile, they stepped into the glowing emerald fireplace together and into their future together.

Unless you missed the above author's note commenting on how this is the beginning of the final darkness, this is not the last chapter. It's just the closing of the first half of the story. Their relationship is solidified enough where Hermione now fully understands that Viktor will be there for her, as will Harry. Ron's deception has been revealed and his relationship with Hermione is finally fully over. Even though there will be much angsty goodness, never fear, the fluff shall return eventually.

Brief Summary of Chapter:

Hermione wakes up in Viktor's arms after passing out from grief upon realizing Ron's betrayal. They cemented their relationship physically and have started their new life together. It seems as if nothing will be able to stand in their way or tear them apart.

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