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Love Potion

By Amber Myst

Chapter one: It Begins...



Pink, narrow eyes watched, with a perverse combination of fascination, adoration and unbridled jealousy, the illustrious Teen Titans eat their pizza as they conversed gaily together of their latest defeat against herself, Gizmo and Mammoth. However, her eyes were all for the handsome team leader.

Did none of the Titans think that their absurdly easy win was the least bit suspicious? HIVE thoroughly and completely had demolished. However, the mission that they had set out for was not to destroy and it was accomplished. The trashing they received had served her purposes almost too well. All she needed was a lock of his wild, sable hair. That was all it took.

Her eyes narrowed further when the alien girl known as Starfire, touch Robin's arm flirtatiously and garnered his full attention in a single movement. Perfect, white teeth grounded together in agitation and frustration. That should be her with Robin! Touching him, whispering coyly in his ear as he smirked that oh so sexy smirk just for her!

Nevertheless, that would all change soon. Jinx smiled insidiously to herself. Soon all of her efforts and tribulations would come to fruition and she would have what she wanted with a passion more intense than the brilliant sun currently hanging overhead in the sky.

Her pink eyes glowed briefly and she smiled in satisfaction as the waiter carrying their next round of pizza tripped and covered Starfire in the disgusting substance. She despised pizza; it was just too bad that Robin loved it. But that also would soon change, he would be down on his knees kissing her feet in no time. Jinx whirled the ebony tresses of Robin's hair deftly through her fingers. She couldn't wait until she could sink her hands into his spiked hair and hold him against her.

She pocketed the piece of hair and patted the pocket almost affectionately, before retreating from the scene.

Robin fingers had just left the white, smooth surface of his mask after adjusting it properly, when the alarm blared loudly through the tower. He reacted immediately and ducked out of his room, almost colliding with Cyborg in the hallway. Only his lighting quick reflexes stopped him from coming to an abrupt and painful halt. "What's the trouble?"

"Oh man, the HIVE again. I guess they're back for another whoopin'!" Cyborg cajoled as the two were joined by the other three members of the team in the garage.

Robin felt a bit apprehensive, although he didn't know why. But it had a lot to do with the fight from yesterday. They defeated the HIVE way too easily. The battle was child's play and if the HIVE wasn't known for their complicated and extensive battle strategies then he was Slade's girlfriend.

Robin barely suppressed a shudder.

Furthermore, why attack two times in a row when you so thoroughly had your butt kicked the first time? He didn't exactly know why, but he would be going into battle with his guard up and on complete alert. His instincts were screaming at him and they were always right. Well…mostly right. HIVE was up to something and he was going to discover what it was.

Soon, they arrived at the crime scene: the current destruction of the Pizza Palace. Beast Boy turned a sickly shade of green and Cyborg gasped. "What in the-!"

"That's sacrilege!" Beast Boy wailed aghast as a pepperoni red table flew across the street.

"Riiight…and do you know what that word means BB or are you talking without thinking again?" Raven intoned sardonically. Honestly, the words that came out of Beast Boy's mouth.

Beast Boy frowned, brows knitting together as he flailed his arms around dramatically. "Shut it Rae, we have to save the pizza! NOOOOOOO! They're destroying the arcade!"

Cyborg echoed him and didn't even wait for the unceasing "Titans GO!" before rushing into battle, his sonic cannon bared and waving wildly in his mad dash to stop the destruction of such a sacred and important place.

Raven rolled her eyes. "That's all those two think about. Food and video games."

Robin smiled slightly before yelling what seemed to be his mantra, "TITANS GO!"

Raven and Starfire flew into battle and Robin sprinted after them. He sensed an attack to his left and came to a screeching halt, completing a backflip to evade a pink spear of energy that collided with the pavement three feet in front of him.

"Hey cutie!"

Robin lifted an eyebrow, causing one end of his mask to rise curiously. "Cutie?" He spat out with barely concealed disgust.

The pink-haired witch came into view and giggled. "I have a surprise for you Robin darling!"

Robin sighed. Why did he always have to get the psycho, villains? First Kitten, now this. Was his luck that bad? "Look Jinx, take your crew and beat it."

She didn't respond as she slowly walked towards her unsuspecting victim. Robin tensed and rose onto the balls of his feet so that he could react quickly if the witch decided to try something. "What are you trying to do?"

Jinx didn't stop, but a smirk spread itself across her features. "You will see."

Robin didn't wait as he launched himself at the witch, thrusting with his fist, an attack she dodged by leaning towards the side. To counterattack, she grabbed his out stretched arm and twisted her torso, throwing him over her shoulder. He hit the ground hard and she jumped away, allowing him to regain his feet, which he did quickly. She would play with him a bit before she made him hers.

Raven floated above the fighting below, feeling slightly agitated. She sensed a strong undercurrent of magic from somewhere and it annoyed her to know that she couldn't place it. Dark, powerful magic and it raised the hair on her arms. She itched to attack and find the threat but it seemed that at the moment her help was not necessary. Beast Boy and Cyborg were currently engaged in battle with Gizmo and they seemed to be handling the mini nerd well enough. Starfire and Mammoth were going toe to toe, their supernatural strength put to the test. Starfire threw a punch coupled with a starbolt and Mammoth flew across the room, crashing into the counter, knocking over the register. Apparently, supernatural strength wasn't the only thing that was going to win that confrontation.

She didn't want to interfere with either battle, in case her unnecessary presence might throw off her fighting teammates. She would stay put until she was either attacked or needed. As she looked around, she realized two people were missing. 'Robin and Jinx…where are those two?' Most likely, the magic she sensed came from Jinx. Not knowing what the witch was capable of, Raven knew she would have to watch the teen closely.

She exited the Pizza Palace and saw the two missing teens fighting together. He didn't appear to need her help, so she took the moment to admire his fighting style. She could never hope to move with such grace, strength and fluidity. He moved as if he were water, flowing from one stance to another, one move to the next. She wouldn't underestimate herself, though owning her own seamless grace. One should never dismiss her own combative moves but she couldn't ever hope to rely on that alone to defeat Robin in battle.

Apparently, he was too much for Jinx to handle, as she watched the pink witch falter and fall under his next attack. With that in mind, it was a complete surprise when Robin went down in a flash of pink powder, Jinx almost leering over him.

Raven reacted immediately, using her dark powers to lift Jinx and throw her away from the fallen hero. The next comment she made was so obvious and pointless she had to wonder why she wasted her time and breath to say it. "That was the magic."

She tried to fly to him as quickly as she could, a sense of urgency clouding her mind, but a hand attached itself to her ankle. Her head snapped back to look into Mammoth jeering face as he swung her around 360 degrees and into the nearest building. Raven constructed a black shield around herself in time for the impact, emerging unscathed. She struggled with her cape for a second as she tried to unwind it from her body. Sometimes having a cape was a burden in itself.

When she regained control over her cape once more, she frowned as she saw Jinx hovering over Robin again, waiting for him to awaken.

'What in the world is she trying to do?' Raven wondered to herself as she lifted a nearby bus and threw it into an oblivious Mammoth almost without a second thought.

Throwing anything at the witch was unacceptable because she might harm Robin in the process so she flew at them as fast as she could. Raven watched the Boy Wonder slowly stir and the smile on Jinx's face widen and the same sense of urgency slammed into her again, more intense than only seconds before. Innate magically insight urged her to get to Jinx before Robin opened his eyes or something would go terribly wrong. With a burst of energy she didn't know she had, she increased her speed, slamming into Jinx and sending the witch flying. A small explosion sent her flying back even farther and into a nearby van. Raven managed to stop herself and turned back to Robin. She didn't stop to think about where the explosion came from but she knew she didn't do it. Raven knelt down next to Robin and brushed his hair back from his forehead, a motion she couldn't even begin to explain.

She placed her hand to his forehead almost delicately and closed her eyes. Her senses flared out, attempting to identify the type of spell Jinx used and maybe cancel the effects. Robin stirred beneath her fingers but she thought nothing of it as she concentrated, sending her aura out to investigate. Raven felt the interweaving of the spell, as it wove it's dark influence over it's helpless victim and felt it seep into Robin's very being, into every crevasse and crack of his mind and body. A growl ripped from her throat as she was completely helpless to stop it and her teeth grounded together in frustration as she tried to at least lessen its effect. However, despite her efforts, her influence seemed to do the complete opposite of helping. Her aura was suddenly sucked into Robin, pulled against her will and she could feel it twining with the spell and in turn, with Robin.

Suddenly, part of the spell seemed to be regurgitated into her. Raven jerked sharply as the spell, and a part of Robin sank deeply into herself, lost in the swirl of her dark purple aura, which wasn't quite hers anymore. She took a deep, sputtering breath as one who was suddenly resuscitated would. A few locks of pink hair fluttered lazily to the ground.

A cry of outrage from Jinx reached her shocked ears and she gasped when she realized what the spell was. She jerked her hand back swiftly, as if she was just burned and cradled it to her chest. Wide, amethyst eyes shot open and looked down into Robin's face who was watching her intently.

"Raven." The word barely left his lips before he passed out again, his head falling back onto the pavement.

Raven barely had the chance to react before she was tackled, thrown violently to the side as her assailant flew with her. Her head cracked sharply against the pavement and her vision briefly flashed white.

"You BITCH!" Jinx screamed as she punched and clawed at Raven. Her anger was so overwhelming that she seemed to degenerate into an almost animalistic rage.

Raven blocked what she could with her arms but she was still dazed from shock and the blow to her head. Her disbelieving mind still wouldn't even consider the fact that Jinx would use that type of spell on Robin. It was powerful and the ramifications of it were endless. She couldn't believe that Jinx had feelings for Robin that intense. The fact that she was the first person Robin saw when he awoke definitely did not help matters. However, her being the first person to cross his vision was infinitely better than Jinx being the first. Gathering her thoughts, she prepared herself for a counterattack.

"Azarath Metrion-"

As the furious witch above her was lifted up, she let her magical words trail off, unused. Her 'rescuer' was Cyborg, who was holding Jinx by her hands, restraining her from using her powers or harming anyone else. The partially metal human could barely keep a grip on the pissed teen, who kept trying to jerk herself from his strenuous grip.

"Damn Rae, what did you do to piss her off?" Cyborg asked incredulously. If his grip tightened anymore, he would crush her wrists.

Raven was about to reply when sirens interrupted her, indicating the arrival of the late authorities. Beast Boy and Starfire were finishing up with Mammoth, as Gizmo was already taken care, his long metallic legs wrapped from him. Gizmo had a deep scowl on his face; the irony of his own weapons being used to restrain him did not escape him

The dark teen took in the damage all around her and winced. Looks like they wouldn't be having pizza after this victory. Suddenly Starfire rushed past her, having seen Robin prone figure lying next to Raven. "What has happened to Robin?" She asked anxiously, wringing her hands together as her green eyes peering into his face worriedly.

The dark sorceress sighed. She would have to explain to the team what happened.

Oh joy.

Nevertheless, she would wait until they at least got to the tower. "He'll be alright Starfire." Raven intoned. "Let's just get him back to the Tower."

Raven shook her head as Gizmo managed to escape from the authorities and ran around to the front of the vehicle. Just as Gizmo reached the front, a dismembered, black claw plucked him from the ground and threw him into the back of the prison truck. Did he honestly believe he would get away?

"Just one question, how is his bike gonna home?" Beast Boy asked, something akin to hopefulness in his eyes.

Raven eyes bore into him and he started to fidget under the icy glare. "I'm only asking cuz he wouldn't want us to leave it here you know?"

He started to bounce around, his enthusiasm manifesting itself into his actions. "I'll be more than happy to take it home for him, you know." He coughed slightly into his fist, and became more serious as his eyes became huge, glittering with determination and affection. "Just know…I do this from my love for him."

"Beast Boy…I know." Raven growled in warning.

"Just let him take it." Cyborg threw him the keys, which Beast Boy caught gleefully. Raven shot him a curious look.

"Do you have any idea of what Robin will do to you if he finds out Cyborg?" Raven asked as she raised an eyebrow in question. Not that she actually cared. She just wanted to know why Cyborg had such suicidal tendencies.

Cyborg shrugged. "It had to get home somehow and think on the bright side. If it's destroyed and BB survives the crash then Robin will kill him and you won't have to worry about him again for the rest of your life."

Raven sighed, shaking her head before pulling her hood up to conceal her small smile. "You have a point. Let's get home and hopes he crashes on the way."

Cyborg smiled in return. "I'll rig the brakes, just in case."

- Love is fire. But whether it's gonna warm your heart or burn your house down you can never tell. -

The Titans gathered in the living room and Raven sighed as she watched a windswept Beast Boy try to land on the couch.

He missed and landed on the floor.

He was lucky he survived the trip home with the way he was weaving in and out of traffic going as fast as humanly possible. A fretful Starfire took the seat that would have been next to Beast Boy if he had hit the couch and they had to wait for Cyborg to enter because he was still in the med. lab with Robin.

After a few minutes Cyborg came in and sat down on the huge couch. "So spill Raven, what's so important that we have to have a meeting?"

Raven took a deep breath to calm herself. Her, nervous? Never. She cleared her throat and began.

"Well Jinx used a powerful spell on Robin." She paused as Starfire gasped and Cyborg became even more serious. Beast Boy still couldn't tell up from down.

"Is it malevolent?" Cyborg asked, curious as to what spell Jinx would use on the Boy Wonder.

Raven winced. "Somewhat."

Starfire frowned as she clasped her hands together in her lap. "I am afraid I do not comprehend that answer friend Raven."

"Yeah." Cyborg echoed, wanting to resolve this. Raven seemed flustered. What could possibly be so bad to fluster the dark goth?

"Jinx apparently had a crush on Robin and used a…love spell on him." 'Love' was the nicest way she could put what Robin would really feel when he woke up. Love was only part of it, a huge part true, but not the major component of the hex.

Everyone gasped in shock. "Does…does friend Robin love Jinx now?" Starfire asked quietly, trembling.

Raven could understand her apprehension, she really could. Starfire didn't want anyone to steal Robin away and she couldn't blame her. She would feel the same if she had the same chance as Starfire did. She frowned at herself and her foolish thoughts.

Raven shook her head. Starfire sighed in relief. "That is certainly a relief."

"He loves me."

Cyborg's and Beast Boy's jaws dropped open in shock and Starfire slumped over on the couch, landing on BB.

Apparently, the alien fainted.

Raven sighed and crossed her arms across her chest huffily. How in the hell was she supposed to deal with this?

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