Chapter 1

She stood in front of the high glossy shine of her bathroom mirror but couldn't bring herself to look at the image it held. She knew that the woman in the mirror was wicked, immoral and filled with hatred so strong that it ruled over every aspect of her life. Although she knew this it didn't mean that she was going to or was willing to change. Why should she? She was entitled to be angry and take it out on the person responsible for it all, even if that person was her own child. In fact the boy was lucky that she allowed him to live after the all the trouble and heartache he had caused his younger sibling even if it was in a past life. But knowing what happened the first time had soured and poisoned the once happy and loving relationship between the mother and her first born child and now instead of enjoying the future that her second born son helped create she chose to live in the past and dedicate her life to doing any and everything in her power to make sure that he never had to relive that nightmare again.

Some would say that the measures she was taking were drastic, heinous and down right evil, but those people never lost a child the way that she did. None of them had to hear the horrid details of how their child died or were forced to hold images in their heads of his face when he died and wake screaming from nightmares about it several years later like her husband had. The woman cursed herself many times for casting a spell that allowed her to see the events as they unfolded that fateful day and would suffer the consequences for her actions for years to come. Tears started to stream down her face as flashes of her son's pain filled features as he used his body as a shield to protect the child version of the man who tortured him his entire life. A child that would grow up to kill millions of innocent people who he deemed worthless and weak. People who he would hunt down and kill like animals as he received an unnatural high from his God complex. He was the truly evil but yet her good son, her innocent son was the one who was sacrificed. It wasn't right or fair nor is it something that she would just let go. No, someone had to fight for Chris and since she failed so miserably the first time around she was going to make certain that she didn't fail him this time.

The thought of her son stirred up the intense need to see him in happier times while remembering the good and shattering the images of the bad, at least for now. Rushing into her bedroom the woman headed straight for her bedroom closet where she searched for the dark purple envelope. Once she had it in her hands she walked over to the small love seat positioned in front of the window and sat down. Taking several deep breaths the woman opened it and pulled out its contents. More warm drops of water slid down her cheeks as she traced a delicate finger over the images that the photo held as the pain in her heart began to ach a little less. Instead of seeing his contorted face and pale skin she saw a beautiful smile and bright, gorgeous green eyes that didn't hold any pain or sadness. She even laughed a little as she thought about the conversation that took place moments before the picture was taken.


"Oh come on Chris just one picture" the woman pleaded as she followed closely behind her son who was trying his best to escape her.

"NO! I am not taking any pictures Piper. I hate them"

The sound of her own name stung a little coming from him but she wasn't about to give up. After all his stubbornness was an inherited trait.

"Oh please who could possibly hate pictures?"

"You mean besides me?" he said stopping short almost causing the woman to run into him.

"I just don't get why you have to be such a grump about this. I mean it's just one lousy picture Chris it's not like I'm asking you to pose for a thousand ok, I just want a picture of my son. Is that too much to ask?"

"You do have a picture of me, see it's right here" the boy said with a smirk pointing to the sonogram photo that was taped to the kitchen fridge.

"Ha, ha, very funny"

"What's going on?" questioned the boy's father as he entered the room.

"I am trying to get our son to take one lousy picture and he's behaving like a five year old"

"Well I'm trying to tell your…whatever she is to you these days that I don't do pictures, besides she and her sisters should be upstairs trying to track down the demon that I sent them after"

"Well if you want my advice…"

"Which I don't" replied Chris as he walked past his father and into the living room.

"YOU will just take the picture and get it over with other wise you will never get that demon of yours vanquished"

"You have got to be kidding me" said the younger witch as he sat stood with his hands folded over his chest. "Fine then take your stupid picture"

"Oh no you don't mister you will smile and like it"

"Hey you can take what I'm giving you or…"

"Or you can do what I say or I will strip you of your powers and take pictures of you every five minutes for the next two weeks"

"Did she just basically threaten to ground me?" he questioned slightly amused.

"Yeah I think she did" Leo said taking the camera from his wife and nodding his head towards his son. "Come on now smile for the camera"

"What am I two? You people are unbelievable! I didn't come back here to play house I came here to save Wyatt which is something you two should be focused on, not taking pictures"

"Uh oh, somebody's cranky. Does my little baby boy need a nappy wappy?"

That's when it happened.

The younger witch whom at first tried desperately to hold back the laughter at his mother's antics busted into a fit of laughter and finished it off by throwing a loving smile in his mother's directions as she smiled back while looking into his eyes. It was the perfect picture.

End of Flashback

That was the first time that she had ever seen him smile without any other emotion hidden beneath it. It was one of the rare occasions that her baby was actually happy. She sat there with the photo held closely to her heart as she wept for him over and over again like she had many times before and no matter how long the over flow of emotion happened, the pain never went away. It never really lessened it just pushed itself into the far recesses of her mind until she was alone again where she could feel more freely.

"Mom" a small voice called out to her interrupting her thoughts. Instantly she knew who the voice belonged to and suddenly all those feelings of a mother in pain vanished and were replaced with hate and loathing.

"What" the coldness in her voice could freeze the world at that moment but Leo was home so she had to be careful not to let her contempt for the child show. After all Leo was an angel and has a peaceful inner being that allows him to forgive easily so he wouldn't understand her feelings nor would he allow her to dish out the boy's punishment as she's been doing for so long. No, her husband had a kind and gentle soul so it was up to her to seek retribution for the hell that he put her son through.


"Leo" the woman said cutting the boy off. "You know the rules Wyatt you are to call him Leo when he's not around. You don't deserve a good father like him"

The child then looked down at his hands as he fidgeted with them nervously almost as if he was scared of her but she wouldn't be fooled. No, this boy was a hideous evil creature and if it weren't for her treatment of him he would probably be off killing all the small pets in the neighborhood as practice before moving on to innocents. It was up to her to keep him in line.

"I'm sorry Mo…Piper" the said quickly correcting him self. "Leo said to meet him downstairs because he's almost ready to go"

"Fine" the woman said as she stood up and placed the envelope back in the closet.

"What was that?" questioned the small child.

"Excuse me?" replied Piper as she walked over to the boy who was now backing away from her.

"I'm sorry I was just" the boy began before being grabbed by the arm roughly by his mother.

She then proceeded to shake him violently as she spoke to him in a scarily calm voice. "That was none of your damn business and don't you even think about touching it or going any where near my stuff do you understand me you nosey little brat." She said before pushing him up against the bed. "Damn you, this, all of this is your own fault you know. You bring this all on yourself! If you weren't so damn evil I wouldn't have to do this"

"But I'm…I'm…not…not…ev...evil…ma…mama I swear" the boy began to

cry. He didn't understand why his mom hated him so much or why she

thought he was evil.

"That's how you work. You pretend to be a good boy, you pretend to be a good son and brother and then you change and you hurt every one but not this time. I know who you are Wyatt and I'm not going to let you win. I'm not going to let you hurt him again" she said taking the child once again by the arm and dragging him into the bathroom. "Here dry up those fake tears of yours. By the way nice work, I almost believed you. Now hurry up or we'll be late" she said now taking the boy by the hand and leading him down the stairs.

"Hey. What took you guys so long?" questioned Leo.

"Oh Wyatt hurt his arm a little when he ran upstairs" she said giving the boy's hand a squeeze as a warning to go along with the story.

"Are you ok buddy? Let Daddy take a look" the man said as he rolled up the boy's sleeve to get a better look of the boy's "injury" "That's some bruise you got there son. You really do need to be more careful Wy"

"Yeah Wy that's why Mommy says no running in the house, right Mom" said the boy's brother as he walked over to his mother and took her hand.

"That's right Chris. Oh my little angel is so smart" the woman replied

with a smirk as she picked up her youngest child.

"Well accidents happen. Let's just hope you remember this next time you think about running down the hallway young man"

"Ok Leo" the boy said while trying to hold back tears.

"Leo? What happened to Dad?" the boy's father said with a confused and concerned look on his face.

"I'm sorry I meant Dad"

"Ok, well I'll just heal that up for you and we can go"

"Leo don't do that. Wyatt has got to learn to be more careful besides a little bruise never hurt anyone. Trust me, he'll be fine. Now hurry up or we'll be late for the show"

"Alright, just let me know if it starts to hurt really bad, Ok buddy?"

"Ok Dad"

Part of the woman felt a little bad about lying to her husband but she couldn't let him know the truth. He was too blinded by the person he thought his son was to see the boy for the monster that is. All she had to do now was make sure that she stayed on top of the situation and everything would be perfect. She would keep him from destroying himself and the world and would have spared her husband the frustration and sacrifice it took to keep them all safe. He and Chris would be happy this time around and bond as father and son should and if that meant handling the bad seed all on her own then that's what she would do. Nothing was going to stand in the way of their happiness and she didn't care what she had to do to make it happen.

Even if she had to do the unthinkable, even if she had to kill her own son.