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I finally understood, in order for the one I love to be happy was if we never had met. The one person I love is the one person I have to let go.

Even though those memories aren't real anymore, I miss what we could've shared.

And I hate missing her… I hate missing the "What could've beens".

Why did I have to kill Tommy? I could've been patient and let him be… But no, I missed being friends with Thumper, I hated being a jerk and attempting to cheat on an exam. I just had to make everyone happy… Why couldn't I be selfish? Why couldn't I?

I love Kayleigh… And I wish I could let her go, but I can't.

If I did try to talk to her, she wouldn't be the same person I fell in love with… Because the past of someone makes up who they are… The childhood of Kayleigh affects her personality… Her childhood changed which means she's not the woman I fell in love with…

Or is she?

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