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Chapter 5: Figured Out

When you panic, you usually don't take the time to think, and this was one of those times. I changed over to Danny Phantom as soon as I was underwater and looked around for her. My heart was racing and this was one of those times I wished I didn't have the thick messy hair I had because it kept getting in my eyes which was wasting more time that she could be dying. I finally caught a glimpse of her and blood was trailing up behind her, someone had attacked her, how could I have been dumb enough to not notice it when it had happened?

I swam down and grabbed her and flew back up and above the water, and as soon as I took my attention from her, I saw tons of people staring at me. I looked around confused, how did everyone know that had happened? After all when she had been attacked, or whatever had happened to her, no one even noticed but no all eyes were on me. I got nervous and flew off towards the hotel, trying to act as though nothing had happened. I placed Sam down on her bed and looked around, with all those people noticing me, should I be changing back? Probably not, that would seem a little suspicious.

I went over and locked the door and pulled down the curtains so no one could see in if they wanted to, and changed back. I sat down on the bed next to her, at least she was still breathing, I guess that was a good thing. I lifted her up and looked on the back of her head where the cut was at, it was bleeding pretty bad, it looked like as though someone had thrown a rock at her or something.

I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wet it down a little than returned back to her side and tried getting it cleaned up as good as possible.

"Danny? Sam?" Valerie asked outside the door. Shit… I couldn't answer her; she would wonder how I had gotten up here. I just sat there and looked at the shadow from her standing outside the door.

"I'm gonna open the door," she said, and I remembered then that she had a key. I changed back into Danny Phantom and went intangible and stood in the closet with the door almost all the way closed, just enough open so I could see the whole room, not like as though she could see me anywhere I stood, but I felt safer sitting in here.

Her and Tucker both walked into the room and looked around for me, not even really paying attention to Sam until they realized I wasn't around, Phantom or Fenton.

"Tucker, Danny went under to get her, remember? There must be something wrong since he never came back up," she said a little suspicious, and Tucker tried to pretend as though there was something wrong.

"Yea, maybe we should go back down there, he could be in trouble."

"You go ahead, I'm gonna stay here and make sure Sam is ok," she smiled at him innocently, although if he wasn't so dumb he could realize how fake it was. Was she the one that had done that to Sam? She had to have been, she was so desperate to find out about my powers that she wasn't even going to think about the people she could have been hurting. As soon as Tucker was out the door she left Sam's side and looked at her to make sure she was out.

"I know you're here Danny," she said looking around and I tensed up. She figured it out, she had to have, obviously. She didn't look very happy, more like as though she wanted to kill me, what was her problem? It was either she didn't like it that I had been hiding that from her, me and Tucker both, or the obvious reason, she wanted to kill me now even more because she knew I had ruined her life. Who knows, she might even be psycho enough to come kill me as Danny Fenton in the middle of the night, I never really liked her, there had always been something about her I didn't like. That was it, she just wasn't right in the head.

"Danny! I know you're here, I know your secret, there is nothing to hide from anymore, I will be seeing you again sometime anyways, might as well just get it done and over with and admit it right here, right now. Or else we could do it later in front of a whole bunch of people."

I walked back out and grabbed Sam really quick and went to the room up above us. It was messy, but looked pretty much like ours, and luckily no one was in it at the moment. I locked the door to it and laid her down on one of the beds and sat there.

"This sucks," I said and flew back down to our room, Valerie was all ready gone from it, but there was no way she could get us, she didn't have a key to every room after all. Oh well, she could have fun looking for us, I needed to get out of here. I needed to get Tucker and the three of us needed to leave, it didn't matter if Valerie got left behind or not.

I went back up to the room above us and locked it, Sam was still out, I just hoped she would be ok; Valerie must have nailed her pretty hard. I locked the door and stuck the dresser in front of it so the owners of the room couldn't get into it if they wanted to, or at least they would have a rough time with it.

I went back down to the water and Tucker was just walking by the edge, trying to pretend as though he was doing something, when really he knew I was off somewhere else as alive as can be. Maybe not safe, but I was alive and I wasn't drowning.

"Tuck," I said and grabbed a hold of his shoulders and he jumped.

"Dude, what were you thinking?" He asked me and he sounded mad at me or something, I should have been the one mad at him.

"What was your girlfriend thinking, that's the real question," I said and glared at him flying us back up to the hotel room where Sam was at. I set him down on the floor and went back over and sat next to Sam.

"Valerie did this," I told him and he shook his head, "She wouldn't do that. But you pretty much gave your secret away dude."

"How would she have known all of that was going on?"
"She saw Sam go under, and watched you go under after her, that's what happened," he said glaring at me, great he was on her side.

"Would you rather believe her, or me?"

"Her, because obviously you aren't thinking today," he said and got up heading for the door and then stopped when he saw the dresser there.

"Tucker, she wants to kill me! And she came close to killing Sam! You aren't going to be bothered by that in the least?"

"No, not really Danny. You just can't live with me going out with her, can you?"

"Yes, if she wasn't psycho!"

"She's not Danny, I think you need to go lie down or something, you're not being yourself."

"I think it's you that isn't, think about it for a second," I told him, refusing to move the dresser for him until he at least tried to realize what was going on here.

"There is nothing to think about," he said glaring at me and he took a corner of the dresser and struggled trying to pull it out of the way. It was funny to watch him trying his hardest, but I was to serious to laugh right now, and he was too pissed to find anything funny about it. I moved it for him and sighed, but he didn't even bother to look at me again, what was his problem? I had been friends with him forever, yet he turns to the person that had tried to kill me countless times in the past.

I sat back down next to Sam where I could see out the window. Tucker was out there next to Valerie within a few minutes and they both started swimming again that was it, he was just going to try and pretend like as though I was nuts and she was the sane one. He was probably trying to shove everything out of his head that I tried to put in, I had a feeling something in him was telling him I was the one that was right, but he wasn't going to believe it.

"Danny?" I heard Sam say behind me and I flung around fast falling out of my thoughts and back onto her that I had forgotten for a while.

"You Ok?" I asked her, and she nodded slightly and gave me a weird look, she probably didn't realize what had happened.

"You got knocked out, just about drown, then I saved you as Danny Phantom, then when I came up everyone was looking at me like as though it was all a set up," I explained, "In which it probably was all set up by Valerie, and now Tucker won't believe me and he is mad at me."

"I'm sorry," she apologized.

"Not your fault, Valerie did it to you, I know she did. You remember anything?"

"No, not really. I just remember going under, and that's about it," she said and sat up but then went back down and closed her eyes.

"Head ache," she said to me before I even asked her, and I nodded, "I figured so. You got hit pretty hard it looks like."

"Yea, probably since it's hard to knock me out," she said with a smile, trying to sound like as though she was tough. I laughed and was just happy she was okay and all my problems seemed to disappear, for the moment at least.

"Danny, you ok?" she asked me and I nodded, I was.. I just wasn't in a way I guess. But nothing was bothering me right now except the fact that she was hurt, I felt bad because it should have never happened in the first place.

"Don't feel bad for me," she told me as though she could read my mind, and I shook my head, "I don't feel bad, you just had me worried for a while."

"You should no me, I'm hard to take out, I'm just fine."

"Yea, yea, you tell me that all the time," I said to her and she smiled, "It's because you seem to forget that."

"No, I just don't listen."

"Yea, cuz you're such a rebel," she said rolling her eyes playfully and I nodded, "You bet I am."

"One question Danny… why are we in someone else's room?" She said looking around at the messy, torn up room, who ever was using it had stuff everywhere, which meant they obviously didn't care about keeping the place tidy, they probably were only up here to sleep for a little while.

"Because, I didn't want to stay down where Valerie knew where we were, but it looks like she is pretty busy right now," I said looking out the window another time before deciding to head back down to our room. Once I got there I locked the door and turned to Sam, "I'll be right back, I'm just gonna go steal her keys so she can't get in here so easily," I told her and she nodded and I flew down to the beach, I was sure she either had them in her pockets or on her somehow. I looked through her pockets first, but nothing, then returned back to their room, and they were sitting right on the end table. They're room was messy to; I guess we just didn't have the need to bring all our stuff out like they seemed to.

"Got them," I told her when I got back in the room and I laid down on my bed and played with them, and changed back to Danny Fenton.

"Right now I'm supposed to be dead, I went down to get you, but Danny Fenton never came up."

"Oh, that's nice to know. Faking your death, huh?"
"If you wanna put it that way, sure."

"Should I be sad since you're dead?"

"No, because even if I did die, I would always remain here, and you know that."

"You say so, but I think you would much rather live in the ghost zone, you would be safer there."

"I guess that depends…"

"Yea, true. Seems like you have enemies on both sides, you just don't seem to get along well with… people and ghosts."

"Nope… but that's ok, cuz all I need is you."

"Nice Danny, trying to sound romantic?"

"Umm… yea?" I said confused, it felt a little weird being romantic to her, but hey I was her boyfriend now, wasn't that my job?

"Did it work?" I asked her, we were never going to be the type of couple that would totally be all over each other, after all we loved to joke around with each other, it just wouldn't be right if we gave that up. After all, we could be best friends and lovers at the same time, that's kind of why it has the word 'friend' in boyfriend and girlfriend. I never wanted to get rid of having fun, all I did when I decided I wanted to go out with her, was I added being able to love her as well.

"Yes, it was sweet," she said and we both looked over at each other and smiled. There was a knock on the door that interrupted our chat with each other, I was actually enjoying myself and had forgotten about everything until I heard her voice again.

"Ok Danny, now you take my keys? You're not scared of me, are you?" She screamed at the door. This in a way was kind of funny because I could just imagine all the people out there staring at her yelling at a door. I wasn't going to reply, she should have figured that one out. The next thing on my to do list was to try and get a new room so she wouldn't know which one we were in, but they were all taken, we had picked out a booked up time to go.

Sam and I both stared over at the door, but none of us really cared, she couldn't knock down the door or anything with all those people around, so she wasn't getting in. Both of us remained quiet though, we didn't want to give in and just say, "Yea, hi! I'm here!" After all, why did she need to know where we were?

She stopped trying to open the door, but we still remained quiet. I looked out the window hoping to see her appear out there again, but it was only Tucker out there messing around with some other girls. That was nice, they both shouldn't have been relying on each other, guess that's why he was trying to stick to her to make things look less suspicious.

"Anyways…" I said, I didn't want to bring anything up, or try and turn things around to having a discussion about all the bad stuff going on in life right now. I just wanted to try and enjoy myself while I had the chance; I had all ready gone through enough stuff for one day.

"What do you wanna do?" She asked me, obviously we couldn't go far, I would be too afraid to run into them anywhere we went outside the room. Not only that, but Sam probably shouldn't get up an walk around, her head was probably still hurting and it was going to be the best for her to just lay low for the rest of the day.

"I dunno. Not much to do."

"Yea, not really. We could leave this whole area for a little while. Go to the town closest to here and just have a fun night without all these people."

"Yea, we could do that, are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"All right," I agreed and walked over to her bed. I picked her up and went flying off into the sky, I was happy when I was no longer in the presence of Lakeside, and could no longer see it either. We had passed one town so far, but it was small so I continued on, I wanted to go somewhere where we had things that we could do.

"This town big enough?" I asked her, it was huge, buildings stretched out for a few miles at least, and there was tons of people walking around, so I was taking it, it had to have been some place worth going to. That or these people just had nothing better to do but to waste their lives walking around town.


"Good, cuz I don't think I'm gonna be taking us much farther than this, or we might not find our way back."

"Oh, so Danny can be a failure huh?"

"As far as directions, yes."

"Knew there was something imperfect about you," she said and squeezed me slightly, and soon we were in a back alley. I changed back over, and we walked out into the streets, tons of people were walking around, and there were a million and one places to go shopping at, that must have been the attraction.

"Shopping, huh?" Sam asked looking at some stores as we walked by, "Never really done it before. And never really cared to."

"Me either…" I said and she rolled her eyes and nudged me playfully. We kept on walking, all the stores were pretty much clothes places, there weren't even any worth going into unless you were willing to spend over a hundred dollars on a pair of pants.

"I can't believe this is all we came here for; shouldn't it have something else here?"

"Yea, that," I said as my ghost sense went off, why would there be a ghost here? Of course, I guess that I had been followed before, so it was possible again. But along with that, I saw Valerie in her stupid uniform coming down and people were screaming as Technus appeared from around the corner in yet another new look. This time just a giant robot made of tons of different things, but hey, it looked different than any of his other jumbles in the past looked.

"I am Technus, master of all things…"

"Boring?" I asked coming up from behind as Danny Phantom, I knew it was a mistake because now Valerie knew me and Sam were here, but I couldn't trust her to get rid of him before he did any damage.

"Should have known you would have been around," Valerie said ignoring the fact that Technus was around and she shot at me instead of him.

"Hey, watch where you're aiming!"

"I was aiming right where I wanted it to go Danny. You are the…"

"I don't have time for you!" I said and shot at Technus, trying to ignore her, but it was hard when she seemed to be on Technus' side.

"You had time to ruin my life, you have time now."

"How many times do I have to tell you, I didn't do that!"

"As much as you want, because I'm never going to believe it! Why did you do it? Because I was popular and you weren't? You figured you could make me fall down to being a looser as well because you felt so bad for yourself? Why me Danny?"

"I didn't to it! It was the dang dog, can't you ever get that?" I said and still was aiming at Technus attacking him every now and then between words. Sam was still on the ground watching it all, but she knew she had to try and do something about it. I watched her go get a Taxi and leave; she was probably going to get Tucker.

"Why not Paulina? Or Dash? They have hurt you more than I ever would have."

"Why can't you help me and we can discuss this later?" I pleaded, but she aimed at me and fired again and I fell down to the ground. I changed back over to human on accident from my loss of power, and that was all the proof that she needed to be against me.

"Danny, Danny, Danny. You never learn, do you?"

"What do you mean by that?" I said changing back and she came up closer to me, now Technus was the least of my problems, all these people could just deal with him right now, it wouldn't do any good if the only person that could help ended up dying.

"You never hit me, ever. Are you afraid to kill me?"

"I don't kill people."

"You're half ghost, you could kill me and just blame it on one half of yourself. Afraid to loose the only people that actually care about you?"

"That, and I'm not like that Valerie, can't you just understand I never meant to hurt you?"

"Even if not, your still the only one I can take it out on," she said and shot another beam at me, this time I found myself in complete darkness…