Highschool in Hell

Summary: After Kagome's parents are killed she is sent to live in a rundown city of crime with her brother. Can she and her sisters survive the Highschool? When 3 men are added it doesn't seem that impossible.

The unfortunate call

"No, no, no. It's back flip, somersault, and spits. Then you smile. Is it that hard? Or are you just too stupid to get the concept. Next!" Ayame walked off the stage to her waiting friends.

"Don't worry, what does Ms. Queen Bee know? She has her head too high in the air that she can't even see talent. You were great." Kagome said comfortingly. Ayame smiled at Kikyou, Kagome and Sango.

"You guys are the best friends a girl could have." She said happily as pieces of her auburn hair fell from the two pigtails she wore, her emerald eyes sparkling happily.

"No problem. I mean, no one ever notices that you are nice just because Kouga dumped you to ask Kagome out. If they..." Sango was immediately kicked in the shin.

"Hey, which one of you did that?" She asked angrily, her dazzling brown eyes shimmering with anger as she looked at her two twin sisters. But that all faded as she realized what she had said in front of her red headed friend. Ayame was really sad that her boyfriend of three years had dumped her to ask out her best friend. Kagome had of course said no and Ayame never blamed her but she is still hurt by the episode that day.


"Hey Kouga! Guess what today is!" Ayame was really happy that day, it was her and Kouga's three year anniversary and behind her back she hid a little box with his gift inside.

"Ayame, I was just looking for you. Can we go somewhere more uh, private?" Kouga was also really happy, but unknown by her it was for a very different reason.

"Sure! Oh, the closet!" Before Kouga was able to answer she pulled him in.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" She asked curiously.

"Uh, Ayame. I don't think we should be together anymore. It's not you, it's me, well, it is kind of you. But not in a bad way. It's just that I have kind of liked Kagome since she moved here, and I'm going to ask her out today. Sorry." With out waiting for a response he left, leaving a girl about to cry. She slowly fell to the floor, her present still firmly held in her hand as if this was all a nightmare, and she would wake up soon to Kouga at her house making her breakfast and telling her he loved her like on their first anniversary.

She opened the box, a silver bracelet with the engravings of 'Kouga and Ayame Forever' was in it. She started trembling, though it was very warm in the closet, feeling so deserted. The love of her life had just dumped her for her best friend, and he had liked her for half a year. She started sobbing uncontrollably for about ten minutes.

"Ayame? Where are you? Ayame?" The door swung open to reveal Kagome Higurashi. She looked like an angel in faded jeans and a pink shirt with sparkles on it. Her chestnut brown hair contrasting perfectly to her pale complexion, her gorgeous blue eyes shined with worry and her naturally red lips slightly parted as she came to her friend. But Ayame turned away, she didn't want to see the one person who had ruined her perfect relationship.

"I said no, thought you should know." She said, unhappy that her best friend was mad at her.

"How? We were perfect...sob...together. How could he...sob...betray me?" The rest was inaudible among the sobs that came from her mouth, her voice so hurt and scared. Kagome hugged her fiercely as Ayame cried.

"I will never let anything happen to you. I'll always be here. No matter what."

"Get away from me! You ruined it…your so perfect… go back to heaven and leave me alone."

Kagome let Ayame do this, but started crying too. They cried and hugged, and Ayame eventually fell asleep, her face tear stained, her hair messy and knotted, her haid resting on the lap of the girl who her boyfriend fell for.

End Flashback

"I'm fine, it was in freshmen year, I'm over it." Ayame said bravely.

"It was half a year ago. You need time."Kagome lectured.

"No I don't! Just leave me alone!" she practically screamed as she ran out the door.Kagome was about to follow her but Kikyou stopped her.

"Don't follow her. She's still hurt." This was one of the only times that Kikyou ever spoke. Though Kikyou was as beautiful as her twin sister she did not contain the same aura. She was quiet and brilliant, sad and calculating while Kagome said everything she thought, didn't think before she acted, wasn't brilliant and had a fiery spirit.

The only physical traits that you could tell them apart with was their eyes, Kagome had blue and Kikyou had grey, and Kikyou's hair was bone straight while Kagome's was wavy and bounced every time she walked. Just then Kagome's cell phone rang.

"Hello. Huh! Mom! Can you go to the market today, there is no good food in the house. I can't be home tonight, I'm sleeping over at Ayame's…yes, Kikyo is coming too. No, Sango isn't coming. She's got a date…Sure you can talk to her…Sango."

Sango glared at Kagome as she was handed the phone. Kikyo and kagome were cracking up as Sango was lectured about guys and how evil they could be. Sango tried to argue with her, but in the end wasn't allowed to go.

"Alright mom, I won't go with Mike. I'll go over to Ayame's house too then. You alright with that. Love you mom, bye."

"Thanks Kags, now I can't go. You are so unfair." Sango said

"Oh come on. I was joking. I didn't expect her to not let you go."

"Yeah right. Well, I'm still going so don't tell mom." Sango asked.

"Of course I won't." Sango walked off to be with Ayame. "That girl has the worst taste in guys. She'll end up heart broken before the school year ends." Kagome said sadly.

"I know. That Mike character is a total creep. He freaks me out. Did you know that before he asked her out, he asked me, and the entire cheerleading team to go 'have some fun in the boy's locker room?" Kikyo said, very upset that her sister would sink so low as to date a creepy perv.

Again the cell phone rang, and this time it only took one ring to get it.

"Yes! What…alright. We'll be there soon." This was one of the only times Kagome's face was stoic, and Kikyo got worried.

"We need to go to the Hospital." Her voice was weak as if she was about to cry.

"Now." They found Sango and ran to the hospital and up to the room they were supposed to go to. When they got there they saw their older brother Souta, who had just turned twenty one.

"What are you doing here? Don't you live in America now?" Sango asked.

" I was going to visit you all here. Then I got the call." He said unhappily. Just then the doctor came out.

" I'm very sorry to inform the four of you that your parents were in a car crash with a drunk driver, they will not make it. Would you like to see them?" He asked.

Kagome went to see them first. At first all she saw was the blood, the blood that was still coming from her mother's bandaged head.

"Kagome, you need to be strong. Take care of your sisters. Be strong." She said quietly.

"Kagome, listen to your brother. You are going to go to live with him, along with your sisters. Don't forget the most important thing." Her father said, his wound was his arms and legs had been badly broken.

"What's the most important thing dad? Daddy? Daddy?" She was about to start crying.

"Don't forget that...don't forget... I... love... I... love...you." His last words hit her more powerfully than anything else could have.

"No dad, wake up...sob...wake up...please." She was begging him to wake up for hours before the nurses took her to the waiting room.

"No, let me see daddy. No!" She screamed.

"No...daddy...wake up...please..." They were all huddled in the waiting room crying when the doctor came back.

"I'm so sorry. Your mother, she died." And just walked away. As they walked out of the hospital at nine at night, Kagome thought of what they asked of her. She would protect them...at any cost.