The smell of fresh coffee was spread throughout the lab. The source of the smell was from the break room, of course. The graveyard shift, led by supervisor Gil Grissom, was sitting inside the room sipping cups of coffee, trying to wake up. At this moment, Nicholas Stokes was pacing through the room in circles. Everyone else was sitting down; Catherine Willows was reading a magazine.

"Stop that," said Sara Sidle, who was rubbing her head tiredly and looking at Nick. "You're making me dizzy," she said taking another sip of coffee. "Sorry," he said stopping. "I'm just wondering where Grissom is!" he said sighing and sitting down next to Warrick Brown. "Don't worry about it- Grissom will come when he comes," said the brown-haired man sitting next to Nick. "Hey, did you guys hear we're getting a new lab-tech?" Catherine asked everyone looking up from her magazine.

"Yeah, uh…DNA, wasn't it?" Warrick said looking at Catherine. "I think so," Nick added to the conversation. "Another one?" Sara said looking up at them. "Yeah…I heard it's a…girl from the Vegas area, just graduated sixth months ago," Catherine said. "That's kind of early to be getting a job over here, don't you think?" Sara asked taking another sip of her coffee. "Yeah, it is," said Greg Sanders, walking inside the break room. "And who found my secret stash of coffee?" he said with a pouting face. "Well, it's not very secret, we've all known where it was," Catherine told him. He looked at everyone in the room in disbelief, who just nodded in response. He sighed and sat down after getting a cup himself.

Grissom quickly walked into the break room. "Come on over here," Grissom told a person who was standing out of sight. They moved into view. The person was a young woman with red hair and small eyes. She wore glasses over her tiny eyes, which magnified them some. "Hello," she said smiling. "Hi," everyone said at different times. "Go ahead; introduce yourself," Grissom told her. She nodded. "My name is Monica Stevens, I graduated from UNLV with honors and a degree in forensic DNA analysis about sixth months ago," she told the team. "Well, nice to meet you," Catherine said standing up and shaking her hand.

"Ditto," Warrick said standing up and shaking her hand as well. "What he said," Nick said pointing to Warrick and shaking the woman's hand. "Ah, Monica? Want some coffee?" Greg asked the woman after shaking her hand. Of course, Greg would offer some of his private coffee to a new lab-tech, obviously a very attractive woman. She just shook her head, but thanked him. "And same here, nice to meet you," Sara said standing up and shaking the girl's hand. The girl just smiled at her, not saying anything.

"All right, Greg, Nick, and Warrick- 419 downtown, there's an officer there. Sara, Catherine- 419 of your own in the mountains. Have fun," he told them as he usually did, handing everyone their files. "And Monica, if you could come with me, we have some paperwork to fill out and then I'll show you around. Catherine, Sara- I'll meet you at the scene afterwards," Grissom said walking out of the break room with the new lab-tech following behind him. Sara and Catherine walked out of the lab and got into a Tahoe.

"That girl was sort of…I don't know, strange," Sara said sitting down in the car. "Really? I didn't notice," Catherine said buckling herself and starting the car. Sara fastened her own seatbelt. "Well, it's just…nah, don't worry about it," she said shaking it off. Catherine and Sara headed to the scene.

Monica had signed the paperwork. "Okay, now I just need a pint of your blood," Grissom told her. "Why?" she asked. "So many reasons," he told her and she rolled up her sleeve.

When Sara and Catherine arrived at the scene, they got out of the car and quickly turned away, gagging. The smell of an old de-comp in the morning…now isn't that something? Sara braved it and walked closer to the body. "Ugh…okay, hello David," she managed to say to the coroner at the scene. "Hey," he said grimacing as he took the thermometer out of the body. "Okay, estimated TOD was 48 hours ago," he said getting up and running off. "Alright…" Catherine said walking up to her. "Let's, um…get the body out of here and then we can process the scene…" she said coughing.

Grissom drove up to the scene two hours later. Sara and Catherine had already processed the scene. "Sorry about that, I got caught up in some stuff," he said walking out of his SUV over to Sara and Catherine. "What'd we got?" he asked. "48 hour de-comp," Sara said looking at him. She could still smell the body even though it was miles away. "Ah…try lemon-" "I know, I know," Sara said a bit aggravated, as her boss had told her that the last time she dealt with a de-comp this bad. "So, what'd you guys collect thus far?" he said looking at the filled bindles and evidence bags.

"Well…we got some foreign substances and also a worn-out shoe- size twelve," Sara said holding up the shoe. "That's it?" Grissom said. "Yeah, so far. We'll check the victim's clothing when we get back to the lab," Catherine told him. "Alright, let's head back," Grissom told them, walking over to his SUV and getting inside.


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