Grissom left the hospital. He went straight to the lab to see if he could find Monica Steven's address. He found it, and he quickly got into his SUV and drove to the address. To his surprise, he found a car out front and the lights on inside the house. He drew his gun and walked around the house cautiously. "I'm with the Las Vegas crime lab, open up!" he said holding his gun in front of him. No answer. He kicked the door down and looked inside. He saw Monica and her brother standing next to each other.

"Monica Stevens, you are under arrest for assaulting an officer and attempted murder," he said, his gun still in front of him. "And you," he said looking at her brother. "Are going right back to jail," he told the brother. "Says who?" Monica said, obviously not planning on going anywhere, especially not jail. Grissom looked down to see her hands covered in blood- she hadn't washed Sara's blood off of her hands. This made Grissom angry to see her blood on over her.

"Me," he said moving closer. "Sara Sidle- name ring a bell?" he said looking at her. "Yes, as a matter of fact," she said calmly. "I took care of her; she was the reason my brother went to jail," she said simply. "No, you're brother had a choice and he chose poorly," he told her. "That's just what that bitch told me…" she said angrily. "Take care of him," she told her brother who grinned and took out his own gun. An all-too familiar voice was heard outside, and it soon came into the building. "Sara, what the hell are you doing here?" Grissom asked turning her attention to Sara, who had just ran inside the house.

"I was worried," she told him, holding her own gun in her hands. He sighed. "You're supposed to be at the hospital!" he told her. Sara didn't care where she was supposed to be; she wasn't about to let him go into the house alone. The brother, seeing his opportunity, fired a round at Grissom. "Grissom!" Sara grabbed his arm and they ducked. The bullet hit just above Grissom's head. Sara fired a round and the brother ran further into the house. Grissom turned to Sara. "Stay here," he told her and ran off to find the brother.

Sara wasn't too keen on the idea, so she ran after him. She ran only to bump into the brother who was startled as she collided with him and pointed his gun at her. Grissom heard the collision and quickly shot the man before he could pull his own trigger. He ran over to Sara. "Are you okay?" he asked holding both her shoulders. She just nodded. He sighed a bit aggravated.

"I told you to wait," he said. "I know, but I'm just too stubborn to listen- remember? I have a problem with authority, and besides- you've always been a little more than a boss to me," she said smiling, quoting her past speeches. He smiled as he led her out and Brass came in arresting Monica Stevens.

"I'm going to take you back to the hospital," Grissom told her, helping her inside his car. She sighed. "Okay." He got inside the car and drove her to Desert Palms hospital, and led her inside. As she got situated in her old room, he said goodbye and walked out, smiling to himself. He made a quick shop at the gift shop before leaving- it was closed, but they opened it up especially for him. He went inside and found a nice plant.

"How much for this plant?" he asked pointing to said plant. "I know a girl; she likes vegetation."

The End