Title: Final Straw
Beast BoyxRaven
Romance, humor
Obscenities, sneakiness
There are very few canon pairings in Teen Titans, and none of them are slash. You think this would be the case if I owned it?

A line had been drawn, and he had just crossed it.
Vaguely inspired by 'Dirty Little Secrets' by All American Rejects. Which, in case you were confused, I don't own.
That was it. That was the absolutely final fucking straw. He wanted to kiss her? Fine. If anyone, including her common sense, asked, she could write it off as a specialized form of meditation, learning to control her powers under all sorts of situations.

He wanted to keep a secret? Whatever. She could live without Star's squeals of joy, and she knew that talking about it made him feel like he was betraying Terra.

He wanted them to keep it contained to his bedroom, since she could phase in without anyone noticing? Okay. It made sense (eerily enough) and the last thing they needed was for Robin to notice what they were up to.

But when something, somewhere in his piles of junk growled at her, it was time to go.