Okay this story is short and silly. If people actually enjoy it, perhaps there will be more.

(okay there already are).

Disclaimer, obviously in the real world I'm not a mouse, vampire or

otherwise. There just had to be a story to go along with my avatar ;)

(Which ketrya was so kind as to make for me)

I've read enough other people's stories to know the drill, James

Parriot and Barney Cohen created the series and now a bunch of big

scary corporate people own it (sony-tristar, paragon, etc).

And just in case there are still copyright concerns this entire series

is parody

The mousepire including the term is my original creation as are these

stories...blah, blah, blah

If I have managed to inspire you with this silly little mouse, just give me credit and ask nicely...oh and my pet likes cheese :)

Forever Mouse

Introduction to the mousepire series



Mouse lives in nightclub, vampires all around. One day, silly vampire

gets very drunk on bloodwine, grabs little mousey by the paw and

dangles her in air. Mousey is scared and bites the nasty vampire.

Other vampire laughs, at first vampire, calling him Carouche. Vampire

is very drunk on bloodwine, big fight happens. Little mousey gets

crushed and would have died...but for landing in puddle of vampire

blood. Mousey starts drowning in puddle, wakes up and finds blood much

more yummy then cheese. New vampire mouse scurries back into walls

with complete first meal, but misses cheese, glorious cheese.

In the raven there is always enough blood for the small appetite of a

vampire mouse.

She was brought across

In some human year

Preys on vampires

For thier crumbs

Now she wants

To find the door

To emerge from

Her world of nightclub

From her endless

Forever Mouse

The mousepire series in order so far

Intro: Forever Mouse

Mousepire: The quest for blood


Escape from the Fan monster

Of mice and Rats

Little Mousepire, Big Problem

Mouse House (Working Title)