Title: Girl's Night In

Author: Buffy Rowan and Daisyangel

Rating: K

Summary: the ladies of the LVPD lab have a night in

Notes: it takes longer, but you can eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's with an infant spoon, we've done it.

"So, remind me why we're doing this again?" Sofia asked while they figured out who got which flavor of ice cream and staked out seats on the various couches and chairs in the break room.

"It's been an extremely quiet night so far, it's that time of the month for Sara and Mia, I just dumped cheating jerk #347, and you had to deal with the king of chauvinist pigs on that last case. Any other questions?"

"Dammit, why can't men ever wash their own dishes? Every single spoon is sitting here in the sink, covered in a layer of coffee and probably enough bacteria to kill a horse."

Sofia turned to point, "I left half a package of plastic spoons and forks in that drawer after the last birthday party, we can use them."

Catherine snorted, "Plastic spoon versus frozen ice cream? Ice cream wins every time." She stared at her Chunky Monkey for a moment with a look of distain, "Well, there's only two options here: either one of us washes the spoons we need, or we lift the ban on y-chromosomes long enough to get one of them to."

Mia sat up quickly, "I might have an option C. I baby-sat my niece last night; it was my sister's anniversary. My sister left the diaper bag in my car, and in that bag are baby spoons, metal ones." She jingled her keys, "Who's going out to get them?"

Sofia smiled, "GREG, IN HERE NOW!" They chuckled when Greg shuffled in with a sheepish look. Sofia motioned for Mia to toss him her keys, "Greg, go to Mia's car and get four spoons out of the diaper bag. If you're back in less than five minutes, we'll let you take the coffee maker and your Hawaiian coffee to another location for the use of all males in the area, deal?"

By the end of the five minutes, Greg had not only returned, but had also gotten Warrick's help in getting the coffee supply secured. All that was left in the break room was the ecstatic sounds of women eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and quiet conversation.

They were about half-way through their ice cream when there was a quiet knock. Nick stood in the doorway, waving a pad of gauze like a white flag. "I come in peace and bring an offering for you, oh beautiful ones."

They shared a smile as they waved him in. "A offering, sounds promising." Sara grinned as she tried to see what he was holding behind his back.

"We thought that since members of our gender had offended you that it was our duty to prove that not all males are the scum on the fleas on dogs."

"So who's this 'we' you speak of?" Mia was curious, of course.

"Me, Greg, Warrick, Grissom, and Jim, we all chipped in to get you this." Nick brought his hand out from behind his back, revealing a huge box of chocolates from a high-end candy store on the strip. He quickly and carefully set the box down on the table in the middle of them, backing up before he could get caught in the rush to reach them. He hadn't survived growing up with all mostly sisters without learning a few tricks to dealing with females. He paused in the doorway, "Unless we absolutely have to call you, we're going to leave you in peace, so enjoy your evening ladies."