Chapter Thirteen

By the end of December, Jason and Kat moved to Reefside so that they could be closer to their friends. That and Jason got a new business deal.

A year later, they had a son, Kyle Lee Scott.

Zack and Trini remained in Angel Grove and came to visit Kim and Tommy like everyone else on New Year's Eve. They brought their daughter, Hannah Ann Taylor with them.

Adam and Tanya, moved back to Angel Grove in January. They were going to have a baby and wanted their child to be raised in the founding town of the Power Rangers.

In July, Nathaniel Anthony Park was born.

Kira and Trent became engaged in December and married when they had finished school.

Trent worked for some advertisement agency and Kira had her first album a year after she, Conner, and Ethan traveled forward in time to the time of the Space Patrol Delta Rangers.

Ethan was working for Billy's technical company and Conner was busy with his soccer camps.

Rocky and Aisha were expecting their first child and later they found they were having twins.

Rocky quit the law firm and started his own dojo with Adam.

Aisha still worked with animals, just on a lower scale and decided when the twins were born she would wait until they started school before she decided to work full time again.

Billy and Hayley became engaged a year after Hannah was born and married nearly too years later.

A couple months passed and Tommy and Kimberly were getting pass Michael death.

Their relationship was growing stronger and by Thanksgiving, they were engaged. Kimberly announced her pregnancy at their New Year's party.

They married before James Jason Oliver was born.

Kim never found a job other than the one at Hayley's Cybercafe and she was happy about that and Tommy continued teaching.

All in all, the rangers were finally living normal lives. Well, until it came time for their children to be chosen.


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