"Really?" squealed Dawn excitedly.

"No way" snapped Xander. "Tell her Giles"

"You don't understand" sighed Buffy. "We, alright I already kinda told the social worker that he was"

"Why?" asked Xander frustratedly.

"Well, she sort of saw all the boxes, and Spike, and concluded that he was my boyfriend and that he was moving in"

"And what gave her that idea?" screeched Xander.

"Me" said Buffy quietly.

"Well I think it's great" smiled Tara supportively.

"Yeah" agreed Anya. "Now Buffy can have all the orgasms she wants all the time" she beamed.

"Annnnnn" screeched Xander at the mental image.

"What?" she asked innocently. "It's not as if she doesn't already"

"Huh?" asked Xander.

"How did you know?" asked Spike, rather amused by this.

"Oh come on, it was obvious that she was getting some" sighed Anya like it was well known.

"Ok, that I didn't need to know" squeaked Dawn.

"This is completely irrelevant" said Giles, cleaning his glasses. "Buffy, there is no way that Spike is moving in with you and that's final"

"I'm afraid not, Giles" she said sadly. "As you already said, it's not really your choice to make. Since it's my house, it's my decision. Spike will be moving in, whether you choose to accept that or not is up to you". Spike looked at her proudly and she clutched him like a life line. Her anger was building and she wanted to keep calm, at least till Giles had left.

"Then I think its best that I leave" said Giles sadly. "If I cannot change your mind, then I'm afraid that till you see the error of your ways, this is goodbye".

"If that's the way it must be" agreed Buffy, shocking Giles to no end. He had thought that by asking her to choose between the vampire and her father figure, she'd have chosen him, he was obviously wrong. "I'm sad it has to be like this" she admitted.

"Buffy" asked Xander. "You're not seriously choosing Spike over Giles are you?" he asked shocked.

"Not just Giles" said Buffy sadly. "I'm afraid that if you can't accept Spike either, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave too"

"Are you serious?" he asked gob smacked to which she nodded.

"Spike, what have you done to her?" growled Xander.

"I haven't done anything" defended Spike.

"Xander, just leave" sighed Buffy.

"Fine" he snapped. "Come on Anya"

"I want to stay and talk orgasms some more" wined Anya.

"Fine" yelled Xander as he stormed out of the house.


Ok, sorry guys but this is as much as i've written. I'm now suffering from major writters block, so unless anyones can give me some good ideas about where to take this story from here, this could take a while!