Dawn TVS

DISCLAMER: I do not own Dawn nor Buffy nor Spike nor Angel nor Giles nor Tara nor Willow. They belong to Joss and his people… and the people behind him. Rick, Mary, Katarina and Nikon are characters I created to fit in this world. I guess I can say they are … well… you know.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The story is far ahead of where I am now in my writings. I wrote it because I love Buffy. And the fact that Dawn is Buffy's most priced relative, made me take a long pause on other projects.

As few people know, all my stories are linked. I like that. It keeps me sharp in remembering things. But I had to take into consideration that this story would end up individually in a Dawn message board or a Dawn fanfic site. That is why it is written so that the link is maintained with my work, but it can be read individually.

The story is very weird and somewhat far fetched. It leaves a lot to think about, and it does not describe the obvious. Some characters in this fic have been mentioned in other places. Still, there is enough for the reader to get used to his presence.

The story contains some Buffy violence. I had to hype it a bit because of the tournament theme. But it is not gory.

SUMMARY: Dawn discovers that she has slayer powers. Unfortunally so did an 2000 year old vampire. She is reluctantly put in a situation in which she may have to battle for her own life. Takes place between Season 5 and Season 6. Minor spoilage on Buffy's rebirth.


Dawn rubbed her shoulder to ease the pain that surged through it. At least it is not broken she thought to herself. Here she was, sitting in the corner of this dark cell, waiting for Rick to come and escort her into the circle. She at least had her sister's black jacket for comfort. It was Buffy's favourite. Dawn considered it lucky. And it had worked. That is… two months ago.

Dawn looked at her heeled black boots. How the hell had she gotten into this? Sure… she had dusted a few vampires. But that was no reason to kidnap and make her participate in this event. But no. The vampire somehow arranged it and now she was stuck.

At the moment in the event she had killed three demons and a vampire. Still, they had done some damage to her. The last demon had twisted her arm and almost snapped it in two. Somehow, she had managed to get away from him and ram an axe across his chest. It killed him. But not before he launched a back hand slap across her face. It had hurt her. Not really hurt, but made her uncomfortable. If only I had not opened that envelope, Dawn thought to herself.