As Dawn got off the car, she looked at her home. It was a lonely place to be. Dark and deserted. She felt Angel and Nikon get out of the vehicle. But only Angel accompanied her to the door. "What am I supposed to do now?", Dawn asked the vampire.

Angel looked at the sky. "Wait", he said. "Your time will come. And when it does… we will be there for you".

Dawn looked at Angel sadly. "What about Giles and everyone else?", Dawn asked. "What are you going to say?"

Angel looked at her and than at his friend that waited by the car. "I think we should wait on that", he said. "We think things can get more complicated. You accelerated something. It was before your time. Let's just keep this a secret for a while. According to Nikon, you are no ordinary slayer. Other powers will be shown to you in due time. Give your body time to get used to them. Our friend here will stay in contact with you. Any doubts… he is the one you should consult".

Dawn smiled at the cursed vampire. He cared for her. "Ok", she said as she hugged him for the final time. "Hope to hear from you soon"

Angel smiled and walked back to his car. Dawn turned around and pulled out a key from her pants. "Dawn", she heard Nikon call. The teenager turned around and saw a knife heading towards her head. Her body instantly reacted to the danger. Her hands moved upward and caught the knife an inch from her face. "Fantastic!", Nikon exclaimed. The vampire looked at Angel who gave him a enraged look. Nikon got in the car and looked back at the teenager. "Read your sister's diary", he said. "I will contact you next month".

Angel shook his head disapprovingly. He looked at Dawn and gave her an 'I am sorry look' before he boarded his car and drove off.

Dawn held the knife in her hand as she opened the door. She looked inside and saw the dark rooms one by one. Nothing was there. She ran up the stairs and went directly to Buffy's room. Everything was in it's place. Just like her sister had left it. She walked up to the dresser and pulled out the prized book. She looked at it for a while. It seemed strange holding it in her hand. It had things. Important things.

Dawn walked out of Buffy's room and headed towards her own. She placed the diary on her night table and fell on her bed. Dead tired. Things were bound to become very interesting.