Hi all, this is my first fan fic. so please be kind! I do appreciate any creative critisicm though, and would be grateful for any helpful tips! This is a "Supernatural" story, but it's not really about anything supernatural at first, it's more a story about something more common that happens that could turn out to be just as fatal as one of their other encounters, but I am gonna add a twist to it later on that is most definitely Supernatural. Oh, and I'm really in to the whole Dean angst thing so if be forewarned, there's a whole lot in my story, cause he's just soo darn cute!

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Title:Expect The Unexpected

Rating:T(just to be safe)

Characters:Dean, Sam, and Oc's


Summary:The Winchester brothers are made to remember that not all bad things that can happen are "Supernatural",but will one of them live to learn from this.

Disclaimer:I do not own anything or anyone related to "Supernatural"

Expect The Unexpected

Chapter One

"You see this, Sammy?" Dean asked, waving a piece of paper in his brother's face(actually a check)"This is what I'm talkin' bout. We finally got some recognition for once."

"Give me a break Dean." Sam replied, with a look of annoyance. "It's only four hundred bucks and it's not like we actually did anything for it. Oh, and for the last time, Don't. Call. Me. Sammy."

"That's not true!"Dean exclaimed."This here is hard earned cash baby brother."

"You hit a dog with your car Dean."Sam stated flatly."It just happened to be one that people had a reward offered for."

"Hey now, that pooch was a vicious killer, you heard "Old Mcdonald" didn't you?" Dean argued.

"Yeah, if you count chickens as murder victims, by the way he was all torn up over it you'd have thought he was married to one of them." Sam said, snarling his nose at the thought.

"I personally could care less if he was married to ten chickens, a dog, and two goats. All's I know is we're four hundred bucks richer, and all I had to do for it was accidentally hit a killer pooch."

"Dude, you're seriously mental. You do realize that, right?"Sam asked with a chuckle.

"Uh... yeah."Dean replied with a grin.

"So, where's the place at again that we're heading next?"Sam asked.

"Bradford, Connecticut."Dean replied, looking at the paper he held in his hand. " There's been several disappearances, with the only clues left behind being a large pile of some type of gelatinous substance."

"Sounds really... interesting." Sam replied sarcastically."How come everything we encounter lately is either bugs or blobs?"

"Hmmm...let me think.Maybe they know you'll come because you're attracted to your own kind." Dean replied, straight-faced, then added,"You were adopted you know."

Sam popped him in his head, saying,"Ha, ha. Very funny ass face."

"Hey now! Watch the hair. You think it's easy to look this good all the time?"Dean whined.

Sam groaned loudly, but couldn't help the laugh that escaped at his brothers words.

They pulled into the hotel parking lot where they were staying, and Dean let Sam out saying,"Finish packing up while I go and get this baby cashed. Shouldn't take more than a half hour, and if you're a good boy we'll stop and get you a "Happy Meal" after we hit the road. They have toys you know."

"Screw you."Sam said, while giving him a unpolite gesture as he pulled away. Why was it him who always got stuck with packing up and playing house maid?

Ten minutes later Dean pulled into one of the downtown banks, and seeing that there were several cars parked outside, started to go through the drive-thru, but changed his mind when he saw even more cars lined up there.

He parked, and whistling tunelessly, jumped out and entered the bank.

Looking back, he should've realized something was amiss when he first entered and almost ran ran into the shifty-eyed gaurd standing directly in front of the entrance door. Like how the man didn't look like your typical guard, but he was too caught up in his own thoughts to pay any attention to that, or the fact that an older woman stepped directly in his path and said,"There's a really long line young man, so maybe you should go to another bank."putting emphasis on the last part.

He looked and saw that there was a rather long line, and the people looked like they'd been standing there a while, and he gave her a grateful smile, then turned to leave,

not hearing her sigh of relief. He paused though, after almost falling when he stepped in something slippery near the front entrance, and looked down quizzically to see he'd walked into a large puddle of red liquid on the tiled floor that had a trail leading from it to a place out of his sight.

His eyes grew wide as he said,"What the...?

The woman approached him again with a strange expression on her face, and put her hand on his arm, mouthing the word "Leave" but he knew someone must be hurt and in if there was a chance he could help them then he would, so shrugging her hand off, he pushed past her to follow the bloody trail to where it ended beside one of the many cubicles and was shocked to find a man in a guard's uniform stuffed in a corner, very obviously dead due to the large bullet hole in his back.

"Shit."he said in a whisper, and looked up to see that the people who were standing in line, were staring at him and now that he looked closer he could see that quite a few of them were very upset, some of the women even crying, and it dawned on him what was going on.

He'd walked in on a bank robbery.

Looking up at the teller cubicle up front, he saw a man leaning over the desk area, holding a very frightened clerk by her shirt, barking orders out loudly, and realized that the man hadn't noticed his arrival because he paid no attention to him whatsoever.

Maybe I should just leave. I'm a demon and ghost hunter, not a policeman, he thought, but when he heard the teller let out a small yelp he knew he couldn't do that.

Me and my hero complex he thought with a small smile as he carefully approached the man, holding his finger to his lips so the other people wouldn't speak.

There was a middle-aged man who looked like a one of his old high school teachers who shook his head at Dean furiously and a teenage boy who kept mouthing the word "No" at him, but Dean was confident that he could sneak up on the man unnoticed, and gave them a reassuring smile.

When he was finally directly behind the man, the teller who he held's eyes met Dean's momentarily, then shifted to a place behind him as her eyes grew wide and she yelled, "Watch out!" and he whipped quickly around to find the guard from the door standing behind him, holding a gun.

"Wai..."he started to say in protest, but before he could even get one word out, the man had pulled the trigger, sending him flying back into the teller cubicle, where he landed.

Several people screamed, and the man resembling his old teacher moved to walk towards where he'd fallen, but the man who'd shot Dean said,"Get back where you were buddy, unless you want to end up like Captain hero here."looking at him menacingly.

"What the fuck Johnson!" the man who Dean had been creeping up on yelled angrily, releasing the woman he'd had hold of."You just killed a fucking kid!" he added, bending down and looking at Deans face.

"He was sneaking up on you Roy, I had no choice."the man replied, then added lamely, as if it justified his actions,"He ain't no kid anyway. Looks about 20 something to me."

"20 something is a kid you moron!"Roy replied.

"Well, you killed that guard, so I don't think you have any right to say shit to me!" Johnson yelled.

"That guard had a gun pulled on me!"Roy hissed.

"Well, he was going for something in his pocket, and I thought it was a gun, okay?"Johnson said, nodding at Dean."I had to kill him or he'd have shot you."

"You're a damn liar."the teenager piped in angrily."His hand wasn't anywhere near his pocket!"

"Be quiet son."A elderly man in the front of the line said calmly to the boy."What's done is done, isn't any use in getting yourself added to their list of murder victims."

"But that asshole shot him! And he didn't even have a weapon or anything, hell, he even tried to tell the jackass that!" the teen argued.

"Listen to pops you little shit, and shut your pie hole!"Johnson ordered.

Roy sighed and looking at Dean once again said,"Well, I guess it's a moot point at this point to argue with you Johnson, so we'll continue this discussion later. Now get the body and put it near the other one. I don't want to look at him."

"Why should I do it? Think you're too good to move him yourself or something?"Johnson asked, adding"You know I hate the sight of blood."

"You're the one who killed him, so you arethe one who's moving him. Understand?"Roy asked with a fake smile.

"Fine."he muttered angrily, and knelt down, putting his hands under Deans arms , preparing to drag him.

Johnson jumped in surprise, almost falling, when Dean opened his eyes and groaned.

"Holy shit!"Johnson exclaimed."He ain't dead Roy."


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