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Expect The Unexpected


"What the heck is taking them so long?"Sam asked for what seemed like the five hundredth time, running his fingers through his hair as he paced in the E.R. waiting room.

"Will you please sit down kid?"Ben asked."You're making me want to hurl with all that walking."

"Sit down? You're kidding me right? I really think at this moment, that is impossible!"he replied in a louder tone than he'd meant to."They've been in there over four hours!"

"Four hours in which you've worn a hole in the floor."the man muttered, but decided not to say anything else about it. What was the use?

"What the heck is taking them so long?"Sam asked again.

"I'm sure they will be done soon dear."Emma said from where she sat, now accompanied by her husband, on one of the couches."These things take time, so please sit down."she added, patting the empty seat beside her.

He sighed and after picking up Deans coat that was laying in the chair, he plopped down, holding it in his lap.

He heard the soft thunk of something hitting the floor and looked to see his brothers cell phone had fallen to the carpet.

He picked it up and started pushing buttons, flipping through the phone numbers he had programmed in to it.

John Winchester popped up.

Though Dean had called their father several times to try and reach him, Sam had never done so.

No better time than the present.

"Hey, I will be right back. I'm just going to run get a soda."he announced, getting surprised looks from the people sitting with him.

He was actually going to leave the waiting room before hearing about his brother? Even if it was only for a few minutes?

"Okay dear."Emma said in reply, and he quickly ran outside, and pushed the programmed button and listened as it rang a few times, then heard a click as his fathers recorded message came on.

Just hearing his dads voice again sent many emotions through him, the previous one of anger being the most dominant of them.

Before he could stop himself he started talking angrily into the phone,"Hello dad, this is your son Sam, remember me? I just wanted to call and let you know that Dean died earlier today, but don't worry, they managed to bring him back and he's in surgery now. Not that you give a DAMN! I know you had to have seen it on the news, and yet. Big shocker coming here, you still haven't shown your face! I know you probably don't care much about me,and to be honest with you, I really don't mind that much, but I do care about the fact that you just up and left Dean. Abandoned him, when all he's ever done is try and do all he could to be what you wanted him to be. So, in closing, just let me say this, if he doesn't make it through this, I'm going to hold you responsible! That is a promise daddy."he said in a sarcastically

sweet voice, then pushed the end button, and flipping the phone closed, walked quickly back inside, and sat back down beside Emma.

"Where's your drink Sam?"Ben asked, looking at him with one eyebrow raised.

"Umm..I already drank it."he replied not looking the man in the eyes, then added defensively,"I was really thirsty alright? Is that a crime?"

Ben was about to say something in reply, but was interrupted by the sight of a doctor approaching where the small group sat.

"Sam Winchester?"he asked questioningly after reaching them, and Sam immediately hopped to his feet.

"Yeah, that's me."he said quickly in a shaky voice, asking before the man could even speak again,"How is he? Is my brother okay?"

" We have him stabilized. He lost alot of blood, and several of his ribs were broken, but that was easy to fix. The bullet also damaged one of his lungs, but I think we were able to successfully save him from losing use of it. The only 2 things that have us concerned at the moment is the severity of the infection he has and the added strain that this has added to his hearts already pre-existing condition. It stopped two more times in the ambulance on the way here, and to be honest, I'm

quite surprised they were able to bring him back both times, but like I said, we have him stabilized now and as soon as he has had time to recover from surgery, we're going to move him to a room in the ICU so we can monitor him closely."

"Hey, wait a minute. His already pre-existing condition? What are you talking about? There's nothing wrong with my brothers heart."Sam said, a look of confusion on his face, while shaking his head.

"Mr. Winchester. Your brother has congenital heart disease."he stated.

"Congenital heart disease?"Sam repeated.

"Yes, didn't you know that?"the doctor asked.

"N-no I didn't."Sam answered, stuttering slightly from the surprise at this news."What is that exactly?"

"It is one of the most common types of heart disease. The easiest way to explain it is that it as a defect or malformation that can take place in either the structure of the heart or the blood vessels before birth. To be honest, I'm quite surprised you didn't know about it before now. Surely you must have noticed the fact that your brother has had to go to a heart doctor regularly throughout the years and taken medicine for it haven't you?"he asked in an almost accusing manner.

Walking up behind Sam, Emma put her arm around his shoulders and addressed the doctor sharply,"Thank you very much doctor. You've been most helpful. Now, when can he see his brother?"

The doctor blinked, caught off guard by the woman's biting tone and glaring eyes, then swallowed and cleared his throat before speaking again,"Umm. as soon as we get him moved to a room, we will let you know and then you can see him."he answered, and with a quick nod of his head turned and walked briskly away.

"Oh my god."Sam stated, still in shock over what he'd just learnt about his brother."I am such an ass. How could I not know about something like this?"

"Sam, I've only known your brother for two days, but that is long enough for me to think that the reason you didn't know was because he didn't want you too."Emma said matter-of-factly."He's not exactly the type that wants people to fuss over him, now is he?"

"No, but still. He should have told me! What if he'd gotten sick and I didn't know what it was and he died or something because I didn't know what to tell the doctors? He can be so stupid sometimes!"he exclaimed angrily."And I'm stupid too! I even found a pill bottle one time of his, and when I asked him what it was he just answered that it was nothing but some medicine for acid reflux. And I believed him. He takes it all the time you know. And now I guess I know where he goes when he disappears for a couple of hours a month. As soon as he gets better from this bank stuff I'm going to kill him!"

"Look kid, I'm sure he has good reasons for not wanting you to know about this."Ben said sensibly.

Yeah, Sam thought to himself, chuckling bitterly, like the fact we go around hunting down monsters while looking for our piece of crap father.

After that, Sam sat silently, lost deep in thought until the doctor finally returned again.

"You can see him now Sam."he said, and with an apologetic look on his face added,"I'm sorry if I came off as being an ass earlier. It's been a long day, and nothing gets to me more than seeing a young person like your brother come in here in the condition he did."

"No, its alright. You were right. I should have known about this already."Sam replied with a small smile at the man as they walked towards his brothers room.

"So, tell me something please doctor. Will it kill him?"he asked after a moment.

"I'm not going to say that it won't eventually do so, but if he keeps taking his medicine and taking care of himself he has every chance of living as long as you or I."he replied."This bank incident has put extra strain on his heart, but if there are no further complications he should recover some from it. He'll never be 100 again, but hey, look at it this way, he never was 100"he added in a lame attempt to make Sam feel better.

"Um..okay then. So what does this cause exactly if it gets out of hand? Like a heart attack or something?"Sam asked quietly.

"Worst case scenario, yes. It can lead to Endocarditis also, which is basically an infection in the heart valves. There are less serious effects to, like loss of energy, shortness of breath, and things like that. Well, here we are."he announced as the reached a closed door."I'll be back in a bit to check on him, and I'll warn you ahead of time, he might not wake up for a while, but if he does, don't do anything to upset him okay? I'm sure you'd like to throttle him about now, but save it until he gets a little better."and with a smile the doctor walked away.

Taking a deep breath, Sam reached out,opened the door, and entered his brothers room.

Sam was shocked at his brothers appearance, and all of the machines hooked up to him. It had an almost surreal quality to it.

Dean just didn't seem right laying there so pale, with large dark circles around his eyes.

He looked fragile, and Sam didn't like it.

Dean wasn't supposed to be like this,if anyone it should be him in that bed. He was the one who always got hurt and had to be rescued by his big brother.

He pulled a chair close to the bed, and took Deans hand in his, squeezing it tight.

His mind once again went back to the horrible events that had taken place earlier that day, back to his brother dying in his arms and him being able to do absolutely nothing about it. Thank god for EMT's.

They had given him back the most important thing in his life, and crying softly, he laid his head down on the bed beside his brothers arm and before he knew it had fallen asleep.

He was jerked back awake by a sharp pain in his head, and sitting up, rubbing where he'd been struck, saw his brother was awake, grinning mischievously at him.

"What the hell Dean?"he asked angrily, then it hit him, Dean was awake!

"Sorry about that Sammy, I tried to wake you up by just saying your name, but it just had no effect. So I did what I had too, you were cutting off the circulation in my arm."he said, his voice sounding weak, but at least he was talking.

"Well, I'll let it pass this time, because it would just be too easy to kick your ass right now, and what would be the fun in that?"he replied, with a huge grin, then he suddenly jumped up and hugged his brother tightly.

"Ok, Ow."Dean said, with a grimace."I have a hole in my chest you know. Squeezing probably isn't a good idea right now."

"Oh. Sorry."Sam said, reluctantly releasing him and grinning sheepishly added,"My bad." and sat back down in his chair, keeping his hold on Deans hand.

"So, was I dreaming or did you really come busting up in the bank all Dirty Harry like and take out those guys in less than a minute? Surely I was dreaming, you would never have the balls to do that."Dean said slowly in a teasing tone.

"No, you weren't dreaming Dean. I am now officially the most bad ass Winchester brother."Sam replied proudly, puffing his chest out as he spoke."And I like to think of myself more along the lines of Arnold Shwartzneger, than Dirty Harry."

"One little act doesn't compare to my many times of saving your ass."Dean said sarcastically, then added,"Even so, I'm still the hunk of the Winchester brothers, and you'll never take that position away from me baby brother."

"Whatever."Sam said, not even annoyed by his brothers words in the least. He was alive, and that was worth hearing his self bragging all day.

"Thank you."Dean said, looking at him with a serious expression on his pale face.

"You don't have anything to thank me for Dean."Sam said with a shrug, as he squeezed his hand again.

"You saved my life Sam. I'd say that's a pretty damn big thing to thank you for."he said emphatically.

"How many times have you saved mine Dean? Like thirty just in the last two months?"Sam asked.

"Yeah, but this is different."his brother said in a shaky voice, and Sam looked up and was surprised to see his brother was on the verge of crying.

"No, its not Dean. And I didn't really save you."he admitted, hanging his head shamefully.

"I'm here now aren't I?"his brother asked."And if it wasn't for you, I could still be in that bank. Dead, like that poor guy that got killed."

"Yeah, well. You're not, and that's all that matters to me."Sam said truthfully.

"Did dad call?"Dean asked suddenly.

Sam thought about lying to him, but decided against it and answered,"No, haven't heard anything from the bastard."

"Don't talk about him like that."Dean ordered angrily."He's probably wrapped up in something and didn't even know what was going on."

"Whatever you say Dean."was all Sam said in reply. Why did he always jump to defend their father, even when he obviously didn't give a crap about them?

Then Sam turned anger filled eyes on his brother, who was shocked by the ferocity behind his glare.

"Why Dean? Why didn't you tell me?"he asked, in a tightly controlled voice.

"Tell you what Sam?"he asked, a look of confusion on his face.

"Don't play dumb with me you asshole. Why? Am I not important enough for you to trust with your problems?"he asked angrily.

"Oh."Dean said, all the energy disappearing from his voice as he layed his head back on the pillow, and turned it away from Sam, realizing what he was talking about."It's no big deal Sammy. So I didn't want to worry you with it."

"No big deal? Worry me? I had to learn from an ER doctor that my brother has had a heart condition since birth, and you don't think its a big deal, huh?

You are so lucky that you're hurt right now, or I would kick your ass!"Sam retorted.

"I'm sorry Okay? It really hardly ever bothers me, and I take medicine and stuff for it. So it's nothing to worry about Sam."

"Hardly ever bothers you."Sam repeated."That means that it bothers you sometimes right? So it's something to worry about in my book Dean. Does dad know?"

"Of course he does stupid. The big mouthed doctor told you I've had it since birth. So how the hell couldn't he know?"Dean snapped in reply.

"And he still let you go out and risk your life every day knowing it?"Sam asked incredulously.

"No one lets me do anything Sam, and you be real sure to remember that."he answered angrily.

"Look Dean, maybe we should stop looking for dad for a while. To give you some time to recuperate from all this. We can go back to my place and stay."Sam said slowly.

"No. As soon as I'm cleared, I'm going, with or without you."Dean said in a voice that left no room for argument."Now, I'm tired, so if you wouldn't mind too much, how about getting the hell out of here and letting me sleep."

"Fine Dean."Sam said, he knew his brother would do what he wanted, so what good would arguing do?"But I just want you to know, Where you go. I go."and squeezing his hand one last time left the room.

"Damn doctors and their big mouths."Dean thought as he angrily swiped at the tires now flowing openly from his eyes.

What right did they have to tell Sam about his personal stuff without asking him.

He's your brother genius, they probably figured he knew it already, why wouldn't he?

Because I'm a horrible brother and didn't tell him myself, but why?

I didn't want to worry him, he thought, but then shook his head.

That's not the truth Dean and you know it. You thought it would make you look weak in his eyes, and you were right. It has.

Letting his eyes close, he fell asleep, thinking how he was just going to have to work all the harder to prove differently.

(4wks later)

"Woo Hoo, get me the hell up out of this bitch!"Dean announced happily.

"Watch your language young man."Emma ordered, looking pointedly at Katie, who was staring at him with adoring eyes, as her mother and father looked at him disapprovingly for his little outburst.

He was getting to leave today, and he was ecstatic. Sure it was nice to have all the hot nurses wait on him hand and foot, and they were very upset over the fact that their favorite patient was leaving. He had collected several numbers, two of which had belonged to women he found out were married from the doctor, who was more than a little jealous of Deans luck with the women he had been trying to unsuccessfully hook up with for the past three years he'd worked with them.

Yep, he'd miss the women, but he was more than happy to trade them for being back out on the road again. There were plenty of women in every town, so Dean wasn't too heart broken.

Speaking of women.

"Hey Katie, come here."he said, reaching to get a small bag his brother had brought him earlier.

"Okay Dean,"she chirped happily, skipping over to stand in front of him.

He pulled her into his lap and handed her the bag.

"I got you a little gift. Just to insure that you didn't forget me and all."he announced as she reached in and pulled out a little box.

Opening it up she let out a happy squeal when she saw a little ring in it.

"Cant let my future wife not have an engagement ring."he said, winking at her parents over her shoulder.

"Oh, thank you Dean!"she said, and hugged him, before hopping down and running to show her mother and Emma the little ring.

"Oh, what a sweetheart."Sam said sarcastically."Dean got his girlfriend a ring."

"Shut up Sammy."Dean warned.

"You know though, by the time she's old enough to actually marry you, you'll be what,50?"he continued on."I guess you'll be lucky to have someone who wants your wrinkled old ass then."

Emma. who had walked over to tell Dean how sweet he was, swatted Sam in the head."What did I say about talking like that?"she asked chidingly.

"I swear, what is people around here's fascination for hitting me in the head?"he whined rubbing it and pouting.

"Look at it this way Sammy. There's nothing in there to hurt, so what's it matter?"Dean stated straight-faced.

Sam opened his mouth to say something in return, but seeing Emma staring at him menacingly, quickly closed it before the ugly word that was on the tip of his

tongue could slip out, and just smiled instead.

"Now Sam, I want you to take good care of your brother."she announced, putting her hand on Deans shoulder and smiling at him affectionately.

Dean was beaming under all the attention he was getting and Sam rolled his eyes.

"But, don't take any crap off of him. If he trues to pull anything, put him in his place."Emma continued, and Sam laughed at how quickly Deans smile turned to a childish scowl.

She was referring to the fact that though the doctor had cleared him to leave, he had given strict orders that Dean was too take it easy for a while, and he didn't like it one bit, but as quick as he'd frowned, he smiled once again.

He could handle Sam after he got him away from here.

"Not a problem Emma."Sam stated firmly, looking at Dean."You don't have to worry about that a bit."

Several nurses had shown up to see Dean off, and as they wheeled him down to the lobby, Katie walked up to them and said in a taunting tone,"He gave me a ring. So you better all just back off, bitchs."smiling sweetly.

"Katie!"her mother and father said in unison, shocked looks on their and Emma's faces.

"You apologize right now young lady."her father ordered, giving her the trademark parents look.

"Sorry."Katie said quickly, then asked Dean in a whisper,"What am I apologizing for?" causing him to laugh.

"I don't know. You know how parents are."he whispered in reply, but the girls parents, and Emma heard him and glared at his remark.

"I'm sick, remember? That means, I can say stupid stuff and no one's supposed to notice. Right ladies?"he asked the nurses who were with them.

"Uh huh."one of them replied, smiling."No one notices, whatever you say."

"See."he said, grinning."Nurses never lie."

They had reached the front where their car was waiting, and seeing his true love, Dean hopped up and actually kissed the top of his car.

"How's my baby been?"he asked."Did you miss me?"

"Um, excuse me nurse, but are you sure he didn't get any brain damage or something that maybe slipped by unnoticed?"Sam asked, watching his antics.

"Positive."she replied.

"Then I guess the brain damage was always there."

After Dean told the nurses bye and they were walking away, Sam heard one of them say,"I for one could care less about his brains. Its the rest that I like."

"You got that right."and they disappeared around the corner,giggling like teenaged girls.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye."Dean said, standing in front of Emma, Katie, and her parents.

"It's goodbye for now."Emma corrected him, "Because you better get that little butt of yours back here to see me when you can. Both of you."she added looking at Sam also.

"You can count on it."Dean said, and hugged her."Thanks for everything Em.", then moved aside as Sam hugged her too.

"And I'll be seeing you around too little lady."Dean said, crouching down to Katie's level."So you be a good girl and do what your parents say until then, okay?"

"Sure Dean. I'll be good just for you."she said, and then hugged him, and kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear."I love you."

"Right back at you kid."he said in reply, and stood up, shaking her dad's hand and hugging her mom.

Sam told them bye also and even got a hug from the little girl, who afterwards said,"You're cute too Sam, and when you come back I want ya to meet my cousin Becky, she'd really like you. Maybe you could marry her."

"It's a date."he said, smiling at her."If she looks anything like you, she will be perfect for me."

Giggling the girl and her parents walked away from them, and as Dean and Sam went to get in the car, Dean said,"Dude, you need to back up off my woman." as he got in the passenger seat.

Sam laughed and was getting in the drivers seat when he heard someone yell out his name, and looked up to see Ben walking quickly towards him.

"Hey Ben, what's up?"Sam said, shaking his hand.

"What's up man?"Dean yelled, waving from the car.

"Hey Dean, how you feeling buddy?"Ben asked leaning his head in the car.

"I'm leaving here. so I'm great."he replied, smiling.

"Well, you take it easy, and try not to give Sam too much trouble."Ben said.

"Me? Give trouble? Please."Dean said, and Ben laughed.

"I am glad I caught you guys before you left, so I could give you this Sam."he said, handing the young man an envelope.

He opened it and found a check for 3 thousand dollars inside.

"Whoa! What's this for Ben?"he asked, looking at him with a look of confusion.

"Think of it as a reward for your services from the police force, after all you did single handedly apprehend a bank robber and a murderer."he replied shrugging.

"Hey, what's going on?"Dean asked.

"This, is what's going on."Sam replied, handing the check to his brother, who let out a low whistle after seeing it.

"Well, I'm due at the station in half an hour, so I guess I'll be going, but I wanted to give you that personally kid."he said, and on impulse Sam hugged the man quickly, saying "Thanks."

"Don't mention it."he replied, turning red, and leaned in again to shake Deans hand.

"Take it wasy man."Dean said, "And thanks for keeping an eye on him for me during all that crap."he added, nodding his head at Sam.

"My pleasure, You've got a great brother Dean, who cares alot about you. So be careful and don't give him anything else to worry about, at least for a while." he replied, and then saying bye to Sam again, walked to his car and left.

"Well then. Off we go."Dean said, happily as they pulled from the hospital parking lot."I'm free!"

"Can you believe they gave me 3 thousand bucks dude? That is alot of money."Sam said.

"You're right, but you know what? I'm glad your name is on the check this time, cause I don't plan on going in another bank for possibly the rest of my life."Dean replied.

"Hey, I'm not going in one either dear brother. That's what they make drive thru windows for, and I plan on taking full advantage of one of those."

"I hear you."Dean agreed.

"So, where we off to next? And it better be something that I can pretty much handle alone."Sam said, and added when he saw Dean start to protest,"And I

don't want to hear a word out of your mouth, because I'm still pissed at you for not telling me about being sick and all. The least you owe me in payment for that is humoring me for a while, and taking it easy. You can help with research and such. Just let me do the other stuff for a while. Please?"

Dean sighed, and knew it was useless to argue with Sam, so he'd let him think he'd won this one for once.

"Fine. Research duty for me only."he conceded, and Sam smiled happily.

"Good, so what do we have planned?"

"There's a town not far from here, called Red Hook. I found an article in their local paper while I was using Emma's lap top at the hospital."Dean replied.

"Did you think to actually rest while you were recovering from a gun shot wound at the hospital?"Sam asked sarcastically.

"I was bored, and the nurses I liked weren't always there to keep me company, and neither were you, so I asked her to bring it so I could make some use of my free time."Dean said, shrugging.

"Free time, that I will once again say, you were supposed to be using to rest."Sam said.

"Just shut up Sammy and listen. I was resting. Anyway,how much energy does it take to use a lap top? Now, back to what I was saying. In Red Hook, there have been three murders in the past month that are a bit suspicious so I thought since we're close by we can check it out."

"Suspicious how?"Sam asked, looking at Dean warily.

"The people's body's were mutilated and the papers said it looked like they'd been chewed on."

"Okay, so what suspicious about that Dean. People die from animal attacks all the time. Maybe one got loose."Sam said, shrugging.

"Well, I kinda hacked into the local coroners office and read the autopsy reports."Dean started and noticed Sam's look of surprise upon when he said he'd hacked in, and said defensively,"What? You think just because you went to college and I didn't that I don't know how to do something simple like hacking into a government office computer system. It was a piece of cake."

"Hey, I didn't say a word bro. So please do tell me what you found that leads you to believe that might somehow fall in our line of specialty."Sam requested.

"Oh, just the small fact that the bites were not from animals Sammy. The coroner measured the bites and analyzed the saliva on all three victims. They weren't killed by escaped animals Sam, they were killed by people."he answered, looking satisfied when shock registered on his brothers face at his words.

"Ok then, how do we get there?"Sam asked, and after giving him directions Dean, leaned back into his seat, and acted like he was sleeping so he wouldn't have to discuss it or anything else with his brother for the time being.

After all, he'd left out one important factor on their trip to Red Hook. All three murder victims had been at the time of their deaths been members of a popular local band there, called "Cranked." and the last to die had been the current drummer of the band.

So now the band had an opening and Dean had every intention of filling it.

There was alot Sam didn't know about him. One thing being he'd dated for quite some time a girl who was a singer in a band, and she was really hot, so Dean had taken the time to piddle around with drums so he could spend more time with her when their bands drummer had quit suddenly, and he had taken over for him for a while, until he'd met a new girl who was into motor cross and had quit.

He wasn't worried about "Cranked" not giving him the job, he was really good at the drums, actually he was great at them.

What he was worried about was his brothers reaction when he found out his plans.

Sam looked over at his brothers pale face worriedly.

He just hoped Dean wouldn't try and pull anything, he wasn't trying to tell him what to do.

He was just worried about him. They were all each other had left, and he was going to try his best not to let anything else happen to his brother.


So unless you didn't pick it up. I was toying with doing a sequel, so I kinda left it open for it at the end, and I know the whole Dean having some secret illness has been kinda played out recently since the spoiler on the Supernatural Website for "Faith" but I'm gonna add my own spin to it if I do a sequel.

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