Hello, and thank you very much for reading my first FF X-2 story. I'm very proud of my work on this story, and I hope you enjoyed it. For all of you who've stuck with me until the very end and had to put up with my evilness in cliffies, I congradulate you for your effort. Not a lot of people can do that.

Anyway. But, if you all liked this story, you'll be happy to know that there is a sequal to it. All you have to do is scoot yourselves over to my personal profile, and then find the link for 'Til Death Due Us Part.' (Yes, I started it already.) Just read it. Please? And review for me?

Just thought you'd all want to know, since I can't personally contact all of you at once without doing this. Anyway, just so you know, 'The Thin Line' is over... so sad to see it go. But I'm hoping that some of you will actually stay with me. Like I said, in the ending chapter, there is the story after this, and the story after that. So, there will be about a total of three FFX-2 stories. Maybe four, if I'm up to it.

Thanks again, and read my new story!