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"What's that you've got there, Sakura?" Naruto asked as he ran up to Sakura, who was holding a small slip of paper with writing on it.

Sakura gawked at the note and held it to her chest, as tears streamed from her eyes. "Sasuke wants to come meet me!" she exclaimed, happily. Sasuke was still under the weather. I guess.

Don't even ask me what happened to Ino because um… I don't know.

"That's GREAT, Sakura!" Naruto lied enthusiastically; he was taking a different approach to winning Sakura's heart.

Sakura glared at Naruto. "YOU PERVERT!" she screamed as she threw things at him with her crazy cool Inner Sakura powers (again). Except Inner Sakura isn't cool.

"Owchies!" Naruto cried in woe as he was once again, beaten up and called a pervert for no reason. And he was a woeful, steaming heap once more. Bad, Sakura! BAD!

"SASUKE!" Sakura cried merrily as she skipped over to where they were gonna meet, right around Shino's house (um… I just picked somewhere random for them to meet.).

"OUCH!" Sakura exclaimed because she stupidly ran into Sasuke while she was skipping and singing Sasuke's name. "What is it, Sasuke? Have you come to admit your undying love for me?"

"Um… no."

"OH! So you DO have an undying love for me but you just don't want to admit it!" Sakura tried.

"Uh… no."

"Oh.." said Sakura in a dejected fashion.

"I think I've let this go on longer than I should have."

"What? What are you talking about, Sasuke?" Sakura got a little scared as Sasuke gave her a creepy stare.

"Your life."

Her eyes widened. "What…?"

Sasuke pulled out a chidori from behind it back (SURPRISE!) and killed her.

Well, not really. That's what Sasuke would have LIKED to do. That would be a silly way to end this! Anywho-- back to reality.

"What is it, Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not sure how to say this…" Sasuke began. "But here goes."

And Sakura was like, "?"

"Sakura, I sort of… hate you. I hate how you and Ino obsess over me like I'm some sort of object. Do you even CONSIDER MY feelings at all? After all this time, do you STILL not GET IT? I'll never fall in love with you, EVER. I can only think of you as a teammate, if THAT even. Find someone else to obsess over, like Shino or something."

And he walked away.

And Sakura's face was like… O-O!

And she was left by herself.


And ever.

And ever.


And then she um… I dunno. Died.


Haha, what a gay ending. OH WELL! A stupid way to end a stupid story. But atleast Sakura didn't end up with Sasuke, and we all know THAT'S a GREAT ENDING!

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