Golden Sunlight filtered through the trees….

There were needles, pain, and a scent in the air that made his nose burn. Whimpering, covering his black eyes the creature cringed back from the white clad creatures on their two legs. When they came so too did the needles. And the needles hurt, and the nasty stings and burns that the needles brought were even worse then the needles themselves. When it wasn't needles and stinging and burning it was boring. The walls were white, and there was that horrible smell and those even worse walls that let you look but not touch. There had been a time he had tried to break that see through wall… that translucent expanse had proven too hard for his head to break through, too slick for his teeth to bite through, and when he scratched at it with his claws….

It made them wince, cover their pink stubby ears and cringe, and while that was very satisfying it made his ears hurt more then there's and left him with a headache. So he only did that when he was in a really bad mood. A span ago, when the circle thing with it's annoying tap tick tock limbs were pointed at the upper left hand black things he had scratched and scratched at the glass. He had barked out laughter at their pain, trying to laugh off his own, and they'd finally gotten mad and come in with a needle. One of them, the one with a patch of brown fur on it's head, had pinned his legs and drawn out a needle…

He recalled nothing else after that, just a bit of pain and darkness.

Shadows, long two legged things in non-white fake furs were in the room. He pressed his nose to the cage, stared at them. They were coming for him, he had been bad, he knew now that they were really going to punish him… A white covered hand pulled aside the glass, and lined up this cage with another hand held one. Hissing, backing up on four paws the Spirit recalled with a pang the time he had danced across the heavens, had traveled amongst the stars. Now the most travel he got was from one box to another.

"Come on Corrine…" Came a sickening sweet, serum slick voice. "Come on Corrine, in the cage… be a good girl and…" The speack was punctured with a whistle.

"I think…" Came a new voice, not one of their voices. "The spirit is a male."

The cage that had been his den for so long was now lined up with a new smaller cage. While it wasn't white he did not like how it bobbed up and down. He was not stepping from this cage willingly to go to another, to go to another set of rooms, with more needles and more white clad things that walked on two legs!

No, no leave me alone!

Hissing, fur bristled on end, small teeth gnashing together, Corrine told them without words he was not coming unless they drugged him.

"Corrine? Is that the spirit's name Grandfather?" Was the strange high pitched voiced thing's question.

"Yes Sheena, it is."

"You have a visitor Corrine, now come out like a good… spirit and…"

Please… just go away… don't hurt me anymore!

"We have a visitor for you Corrine." Came an exasperated voice of the needle holder, the one who liked using needles all the time, the brown head furred one! "Come out right now!"

"Scientist Clark-san…" The high pitched new voice said hesitantly. "Maybe Corrine does not wish to go in a cage.

"Really little girl, what do you suggest we do?"

"You will speak to my granddaughter with some respect." Came a harsh sounding male voice that was all scratchy.

"Can I try something, please?"

"Be my guest." Clark snarled, tossing the cage aside in disgust.

"Hello." A small two legged creature poked its head in the space where the cage had been. Corrine stared into those light purple eyes; it made him think of the one time when he had seen the sun set and the fluffy wisps that the two legged things called clouds had turned that color. "Could you come out, please?"

Corrine stared at the thing, not quite grasping what a "please" was. He knew "come out", but the tone wasn't an order, it didn't have a promise of needles laced through it… Despite himself Corrine sat on his haunches and stared at the purple eyed, black head furred creature before him.

"You are Corrine aren't you, I'm Sheena, it's nice to meet you, but it's hard to talk all like this…"

Considering how tall the creature was, and how low the cage was, it must be bent over double to be talking to him now. The image if Clark in that position, right in line for having a painful bite on the butt made Corrine smile. In all the tick tock click limbs spins he'd been here he'd only managed to bite Clark once. Perhaps if he went with this small creature he'd get another chance? There was no cage that would be nice if he knew that there would never be a cage ever again…

I can't trust you. Two legged monsters just hurt me

Laying down, staring at the small creature before him Corrine wondered why there were wet sparkles in those dark eyes.

"I won't hurt you."

Corrine blinked, stared at the small creature (small being based off a comparison of this creature to it's others, after all it was bigger then him).

No cage?


"Ms. Sheena… who are you talk-" Clark began.

"Shhh," The hard voice interrupted the scientists. "Let them talk."

Swear it.

"I swear I won't stick you in a cage unless you want me to."

As if that would ever happen.

"You're silly…" The thing made a high pitched "hehe" noise that Corrine didn't recognize. "Will you come out now?"

I gave my word.

The four legged creature heaved a sigh and found his paws. Slowly he padded to the front of the bare cage, and right when he was going to jump out the small creature caught him in two paws. Still carrying him in its two paws the "Sheena" turned to Clark.

"See, just say please next time."

Clark turned a different color, red, it was an entertaining phenomenon to watch and so Corrine did from the safety of this "Sheena" creatures arms. Corrine twitched as the two legged creature's forepaw tugged on his tails. At the second tug Corrine winced. That really hurt, he was losing fur to the creature's clumsy tugging!

Please stop that!

Blinking, the girl muttered a new word, "sorry", having no idea what it meant Corrine didn't quite know how to respond, but the tugging did stop.

"You're supposed to say "thank you"."


Corrine blinked, then realized that the creature was reading his thoughts, that was strange none of the other two legged monsters ever even bothered to do that!

"Fascinating…" One of the two legged things with fake white furs on them were staring at the creature that held him. It was the "needle" look. Whimpering in remembered pain. Feeling pity for the creature who didn't understand, Corrine felt the small creatures confusion and put the image of needles and the things in white with those needles… Poking and prodding and…

The response his action garnered was completely unexpected.

"No!" Sheena sill holding him tightened her grip, not so that it hurt, but that it was a little restrictive. "No needles! Leave Corrine alone! Corrine doesn't like you and your needles."

"Oh come on little girl…" Clark snickered. "It's just an animal, it's no like it has feelings or…"

"You wanted to know if it was a true spirit and not some monster, you now have your answer." The hard voice said calmly. "Sheena possesses the blood of summoners. She is of the Summoning Linage. The fact she can telepathically communicate with Corrine is all the proof you need."


"Grandpa, what does "telepathically" mean?"

Looking at the "Grandpa" creature, a tall, thin, winkled two legged creature Corrine didn't quite know what to make of it. The girl felt warm and bubbly around the thing, but Corrine didn't quite feel the same way.

"When you speak to him dear, we don't hear what he says, but you do."

"Oh." Sheena blinked.

The people and white were all excited, all talking, and every pair of eyes screamed "needles" and Corrine hated it. He wanted to go back in his cage where it would be quieter, but if he did then they'd stick him with needles and hurt him. But the noise hurt too… The creature holding him winced, and then went to the "Grandpa" wrinkled thing.

"Grandpa, can I go outside for a little bit?"

"Of course Sheena."

"Leave the test subject in the lab." Clark snapped, "Here… this cage."

"No cages, I promised." Sheena protested, holding Corrine a little too tight, as the Spirit was now having some problems breathing. "We'll be back in a little bit!" With a wide grin Sheena ran off Corrine still in her arms.

Seeing the room fading away, that room of white and burning smells Corrine felt his heart lighten. He was scared, because the room was all he'd known, but maybe, just maybe, he'd never have to go back ever again. Maybe this "outside" thing would be better then the cage.

Anything was better then the cage, even being held by this two legged creature and bobbing up and down in its strange paws grip as it ran. He'd just have to hold on to this creatureand see how much better "outside" was.