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Golden Sunlight filtered through the trees

What is "outside" and "play"?

Chapter 2

They had walked, or rather the two legged creature had walked and Corrine had held on for dear life. Still holding him the creature stopped running and folded it's legs so that it rested on the joint and lower half of its leg. The paws that were holding him drifted slowly to the ground and it was with a happy sigh Corrine jumped off of those paws and onto the ground. It was soft, and not metal, squishy, smelled nice, and there were lots of green things that were almost as tall as he was tickling his neck. He bated the long slender slip of green and it bobbed under his paw in response.

Intrigued he did so again, and it bobbed again, watching it bob and squirm was interesting so he kept at it. He bounced off the balls of his paws to hop along the soft ground and smack at the one slip of green. H hit it at all sides, tired and probably failed to just smack it out of all the other many green slips. As he moved the other green things brushed his fur with teasing green fingers. At their touch a warm bubbly noise came out of his throat, it came out as a series of sharp barks that got somehow mixed with a hiccup.

The two legged thing above him made it's trademark "hehe" noise and threw itself on the grass, content it seemed to just lie on it's back.

"Are you having fun Corrine?"


The thing rolled over, it seemed from Corrine's view on the ground a span of the earth just rolled over. Still it didn't smell like ground, it was spicy and sweet at the same time so that's how he knew it was the Sheena creature. The two legged monster squirmed, and eventually they were face to face.

"You don't know what fun is?"

Never heard the word.

"Fun's playing." The high pitched voice explained.

What is… playing?

The creatures mouth seemed to curl upon itself, but the curl went down. Corrine recognized that look, somewhat, it was the "you're being bad look" that Clark liked. Except unlike Clark there wasn't the "needle" look in the eyes.

"You've never played before?"

I've never been "outside" before, never heard the word "fun", or "play".

"That's not good, I guess the scientist are mean to you too…"

They were mean to you?

"They asked me a lot of question and were mean to Grandpa, and they cut my arm." Sheena lifted her fore paw and halfway between paw and bony joint was a bit of tape and white fluffy thing. He recognized the fluffy thing as the same thing they dipped in stinky stingy stuff to clean any cuts he got.

Did it hurt?

"It wasn't that bad." The creature's mouth curled up. "I was a big girl and didn't cry, that made Grandpa proud."

Corrine didn't quite know what to say to that so he stared at that face and tried to find the creature's snout. Plus where was the thing's fur? Was that little patch between it's ears all it had?

"I don't have a snout." The thing made it's "hehe" noise. "I have a nose and a mouth."


"This is my nose." The creature pointed to the somewhat pointy mound of flesh somewhat below it's eyes. "This is mu muph." The creature but a weird thing that jutted out of it's paw over the part that moved, muffling and warping it's speech. Corrine let out a string of hiccup barks and felt the corners of his snout curl up. The last time that had happened he was being shoved in a cage after biting Mr. Needles lover in the butt.

You're a strange two legged creature.

"I'm a human, not a two legged creature."

Oh… Corrine blinked. Are the other white fake furred monsters human's too?

"Huh? Fake furred… ohh you mean their clothes…" A small foot lifted up and kicked at the ground while the cr- human lay on it's belly. "Grandpa called them half elf scientists. I think they're a bunch of mean old Baka heads."


"It's a bad word, don't tell Grandpa I said that."

They can't hear me anyways… Don't worry, I wont tell.

"Thanks, your nice Corrine!" The human bared it's teeth, but the lips were curled up so it didn't seem all that hostile.

Not knowing how to answer that Corrine decided to try to find his green slip he'd been "playing" with, but there was so many of them he felt himself getting a little lost. The one nice thing about cages was that you knew where everything was and couldn't really lose anything unless the large white paws came in and took it away from you.

"What'cha looking for Corrine?"

The… green thing… I was batting it and…

"Grass, it's a piece of grass silly. How can you not know what grass is?"

Corrine didn't reply, went deeper in the endless world of grass, his tail whipped up so that he could be seen.

"I'll help you look, I'll go this way!" Scrambling on fore paw and the hind leg's joint the human went in the wrong way. Rolling his eyes like he'd seen the "half elfes" do so often Corrine kept his paws on the soft springy ground and sniffed for his own scent. Amongst the many hundred and one scents that didn't burn he felt himself a little overwhelmed. It was nice just sniffing, and seeing what smells there were, he really was growing to like that soft moist earth smell.

"I can't find it!" Sheena whined.

There's a lot here… A lot of… grass it must of got lost.

"I guess so." Sheena sighed, there was a thump some ways off, she must have gotten farther in her search, but then she was bigger so she probably saw more then he did. Everything except the grass was bigger then him(and sometimes it was bigger then him!), and that idea was a little scary. In the cage the only things bigger then him were the monsters in white fake furs, but then the cage didn't have grass or wind or anything…

Despite being scary he decided that the outside was nice.

And being outside meant he wasn't alone either. Turning on his paws he followed his snout and ears. It took a while, every step caused the grass to rustle and run it's slippery green fingers through his fur, but he found a lump of purple and jumped on said lump when it was in front of him.

"Oww… for something small you're awful heavy!"


"It's alright, you aren't that heavy."

But you just said I was heavy.

"Well you aren't now." The human Sheena growled. "Stop being so… I don't know just stop it."

Alight… Not quite understanding what he was supposed to stop being Corrine tucked his tail to his side and moved it so that the fluffy blue and green waves would rest under his chin. He winced when the human patted him with a forepaw, and cracked open an eye to show his annoyance.

"You're pretty."


"Nice to look at." The Sheena creature said with a calm authority that was near laughable due to it's high pitched squeakiness that it was delivered in.

Oh, well I guess you are too.

Anything non-scientist or cage was pretty in his mind. The human smiled at his words, pleased with the word. Happy enough to be quiet and close his eyes for a bit Corrine nestled his head amongst the softness of his tail and let the "outside" noises run over his ears. Sheena seemed less inclined to do so, she squirmed and fussed, and it was really uncomfortable being on someone when they squirmed he learned.

"What's it like walking on four legs?"

Corrine snapped his eyes open and stared at the human in confusion.

Umm well… It's like walking on two I guess except you do it on four.

"Have you ever walked on two legs before?"


"Well it must be interestin' walking on four legs… you get to see the ground really close and stuff."

By far I imagine walking on two is better, after all you are taller and see much more around you.

Sheena frowned, her dark sunset colors fading on cloud eyes were distant. Corrine returned the look, his eyes vacant as his mind was pre-occupied with it's own thoughts.

"How about I help you walk on two legs and you teach me how to walk on four?"

That sounds… fun

"It'll be fun, I gotta get up to do this so…"

Corrine hopped off of the Sheena human's mid-section and it tucked both it's legs under it and sat on it's haunches and rump.

"Okay, now put your paws in my palms."

Corrine stared at the two offered forepaws, blinked as they were both completely turned over. That was amazing, he couldn't turn his paws over like that! He stared at the wiggling ends, stared at the big line covered expanses, and wondered what the heck the palm was. He didn't have to explain as Sheena seemed to hear his confusion and explained.

"These are my fingers." Sheena made the wiggling ends wiggle. "And these are my palms." She stroked the big flat area with the wig- fingers. Corrine put his paws over her palm, not quite knowing what to expect. He squeaked in terror when she gently wrapped her fingers over his fore limbs and pulled up.

"Don't worry you wont fall, I wont let you fall, I swear you wont fall, alright?"

He knew what being stretched out was like. The scientists stretched him out a lot, back in the cage, so they could really poke and prod. It was all he could do to keep himself from curling into a ball in response to being stretched. She held him up, then gently eased him down. His hind paws touched the ground, but his fore… His fore were quivering in her grasp.

I'm doing it Sheena, see, I'm walking like a two legged human!

"See, I know you could do it, and you haven't fallen yet! What'd I tell you?"

This is interesting! Corrine chirped into the human's mind. I think this is fun… He took a step or two and she scooted back while holding his forepaws so he could walk some more two-legged like. Wow, I'm taller now, I like being tall!

"Hey I have an idea." Sheena grinned.

She let go of his paws and he sank down once again short. Before he could protest she knelt down and told him to get up. He stared at her shoulders, considered her, then remembered her promise. With a happy bark Corrine hopped up onto the offered shoulder, and when she stood it seemed like he could see the whole world.