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In space...Goku was using most of the rest of his ki to do a techinique that he had come up with that trapped air. It had been hard to focus on doing both that and taking out the device then getting away again. He didn't have the strength to teleport again and he knew the others wouldn't be able to sense him. He started to lose hope, then another mind touched his.

John had just gotten his wife and Gohan back from Brix and was about to start his plan when he froze. He hadn't tried the technique. He reached out. "Alive!" He startled everyone with this outburst, but he froze again. He thought 'Alive, but very weak, in space, close to Earth.' He sent 'Goku, how long can you keep that up?'


'Yes. How long?'

'If I don't have to worry about staying still...a little over an hour.'

'We'll be on our way.' John refocused and said "He's alive. Are the camera's still rolling?"


John went over to a camera and yelled "Goku's alive, but he still needs saving! We need Capsule Corp's fastest ship, here."

Bulma watched John on tv. She gasped, then she said "Vegeta, is it true? How could he know?"

Vegeta said "He has much stronger telepathic powers than I do. I believe him."

Trunks said "I'll get the senzus." He ran off.

Bulma snapped odut of it. "I'll go get the ship." She ran off too. They both met back with Vegeta. Vegeta then scooped Bulma up and he and Trunks took off as fast as they could.

Two minutes later they were there. It would have been less than a minute, but Vegeta had to break through some things to get in.

Brix asked "What about the plan?"

John said "We'll have to throw out the old one. Now that Goku's alive, we'll have to do things differently. Go tell the press to stand by and get everyone together away from the press." Brix nodded. John turned to Bulma. "He's drifting, but he's pretty close to Earth." He gave her the coordinates. "Come, you can take off at the testing field." He took off and they followed.

Bulma asked "Are you coming?"

John shook his head "I can't. I have to take care of things down here. Contact me if you need me." He looked at Vegeta, who nodded. Bulma poofed the capsule and they got in and took off. John ran back in to put everything into motion.

They were soon outside Earth's atmosphere. Bulma told the ship to scan for infrared. There was a small blip. They followed it, hopeful, but it was just a piece of debris from the machine. "Goku..."

Trunks said "Wait. Look that way. What's that light?"

Bulma asked "What light?"

Vegeta didn't see it either, but said "The light. Go that way." They turned. They got near and Vegeta finally saw it. The ship beeped once.

"Stop!" Bulma stopped the ship and Vegeta got out in his spacesuit. Goku saw him and was so relieved he almost let the shield down. Vegeta gave him a helmet and tank. Goku dropped the technique and put them on. Vegeta towed them back to the ship.

Back on the ship...Bulma took the gear off Goku and checked him for injuries. Goku fell to his knees. Bulma said "Don't pass out on me, Goku!"

Trunks asked "Now?"

Bulma said "No senzus yet. I have to make sure everything's clean. We don't want to have to cut him open later and take something out that got sealed in." He had some shrapnel from the device. She scanned him with a hand device and took that out. He also had several cuts and a large gash across his back. There were also some burnt patches of skin, but no broken bones. "Now."

Trunks jumped "Now?"


He ran over with a couple of senzus and gave them to Goku. He chewed them up. He felt better, but he was still pretty low on energy. It would take him a couple of days to get back to full power again. "Thank you, all of you."

Bulma said "You should thank John. He found you."

Goku smiled "I know. I already did." He then sighed "I've got a lot of explaining to do, don't I?"

Bulma said "You do, but you're going to explain at the party."

Vegeta asked "Party?"

Bulma said "The party I'm having because Goku's alive and Jhones lost and the whole gang's going to be there." Goku groaned. Bulma said "There will be food." He calmed down to a grumble. Bulma continued "And cake and you can have as much as you want."

Goku looked at her "Is John coming?"


"Ok, I'll go."

They flew back to Capsule Corp and watched the events unfold onscreen when Goku told them that's what John wanted. The reporter came on screen in a news bulletin "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the biggest unveiling in history. Mr. Jhones, the leader of the Internaional Technologies Company is exposed as he really is, a blackmarket crime leader who has blackmailed and brainwashed hundreds of innocent people into working for him while he trained their unknowing children to be dark agents using brainwashing techniques. The deprogramming of the children has begun."

Seth came up on the screen. He said "I didn't know what happened. None of us did. I'm glad we got out when we did. If it hadn't been for Mr. Son, though, we'd be toast."

The reporter came back on. She said "Yes, this entire facility would have been decimated today if it were not for the heroic efforts of one Goku Son. Here's the footage." The scene played of Goku and John working on the device and Goku dissapearing with it and then the explosion. She said "I have been told that despite all odds, Mr. Son has survived and is recovering. That's today's top news. More details will follow in the evening news."

Bulma cut off the tv. Goku sighed in relief. John had pulled things off without bloodshed. Gohan and Chichi ran in. "Goku!"


They hugged him. Chichi yelled "How dare you make me think you were dead!" She hit him over the head with her frying pan.

He cried "Ow Chi, I didn't do it on purpose!"

Gohan laughed "Mom! You don't want to kill him again, do you?"

Chichi hugged him "I'm so glad you're safe!"

Vegeta thought 'Schizophrenic harpie.' The others arrived one after one and were soon all there. Goku was then allowed to go ahead and eat, which he did with enthusiasm.


Piccolo said "I thought you couldn't be as ignorant as you acted."

Krillen said "Yeah."

Bulma said "You didn't know. None of the rest of us did."

Krillen said "Yeah, you had me fooled." He laughed.

Bulma said "Now, the moment I've been waiting for..."Goku gulped and looked nervous. Bulma grinned like a cat with a mouse "We're going to see whos' smarter."

Vegeta thought 'You had better lose.'

'Don't worry. I will. I don't want a neverending contest.'

"What is the sqare root of 14,884?"

"122" They went on until they got so detailed that no one else understood what they were saying. After a while, Goku artfully messed up on one.

Bulma grinned "I'm more of a genius than you are.Ha!"

Goku shrugged "I could have told you that. You're the smartest person I know."



Bulma looked more closely at him. "Goku..."She asked sweetly, "You didn't lose to me on purpose, did you?"

Goku sweatdropped. "Why would I do that?"


Goku ran with Bulma chasing him. Everyone watched them. Tien asked "Why doesn't he fly?"

Piccolo said "He doesn't want her to get angrier at him."

"Oh...I see."

Bulma got tired after a while and stopped, panting. She said "Truce."


"For today."

Goku responded "okay," with a smile.

John ran over "Hey."

"Hey John." He shook arms with him. "I wish you hadn't done that, though."'

"Oh, they'll forget about it in a couple of weeks, but you should get the credit, Goku, you saved a lot of people."

Goku smiled "Yeah, I guess it's ok."

"So, are you going to be a teacher again?"

In the background "Goku was a teacher?"

Bulma said "You'll get the whole story in a little bit."

Goku said "I'm not really qualified, but I'd like to."

John smiled "That's what the kids thought. You know Samantha White?"

"Yeah. She was in my chemistry and gym class, a red head with good aim."

John said "Well, her father's the district superintendent of schools. She told me she refuses to go to school unless you are resinstated as a teacher at the school they're all going to."

"They're all going to one school?"

"Yeah, apparently they're too smart for the average school."

"What kind of school is it?"

"A private school. Stonewall Academy."

"Where is it?"

John sensed the excitement in his friend's voice and said "About 50 miles south of West City, in the country."

"Are you teaching too?"

"If you are."

Goku grinned "I'm in."

John said "I thought so. We start Friday."

"What! You already went through with it?"

John grinned "Yes."

Goku stressmarked "Why do you do that?"

John said "Aw, don't be mad."

Goku said "I'm not, I'm getting even." Bulma came up. Goku sent to John 'Lose artfully'

John cried "Where are you going?"

"Bye, John."

Bulma was closing in. "Goku!"

Three days later, Goku was up early getting dressed for work. Chichi said "This time, find out if it's an evil organization trying to take over the world before you almost get blown up."


"Lunch is in a capsule in your briefcase."


"I love you."

"I love you too." They kissed and he took off.

John joined him halfway there. He said "My wife went easier on me that I expected. I wonder if she already knew. The kids were excited. They think I'm cool now." He smiled.

Goku said "I don't think things will ever be the same, John."

John said "No, but I like the changes."

"Me too." They flew to the academy where their students were waiting.

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