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A Lost Friend

By: USA Tiger

Author Note 6-9-14: Just adding this in for new readers so they know beforehand; this will be a slash/shōnen-ai pairing, meaning there will be a relationship between two males. If this isn't your cup of tea, please exit out of this story and go read something else. Otherwise, please enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, well it was really only a few years ago that this story starts, there was this little boy named Harry Potter... Oh? You know the story of Harry Potter already? Well, I don't think you know the whole thing, some parts haven't been told yet or wasn't until now. But this part of the tale doesn't start at Hogwarts, but before when the boy who lived had just turned nine...

Little Harry Potter gulped as he wildly looked around for a place to hide. Today just happened to be his birthday, and his 'dear sweet' cousin Dudley wanted to give him a 'special' present. Which was a laugh since Dudley was neither a dear nor sweet. The slightly older boy was fat as a wild boar, calling him fat as a pig was wrong since he was much bigger than that, and was one of the meanest children in the area. He was the leader in fact of a group of boys who made the lives of the others, including Harry himself, miserable as possible.

Harry knew just what this so called 'special' present was, a sound beating from the fat boy's fist. And no doubt from the shouts he heard, there was at least a couple or so others from Dudley's little gang to help. Harry just gulped again, he already had enough bruises on him, and he didn't need any more. Much to his despair, there wasn't any place to hide in where he was at. Meaning he was going to have to chance running to the park not far from where he was and hide in the woods. Taking a clamming breath, Harry bolted across yards and the street to where maybe he could hide safely.

"Hey, there he is!" The nine year old winced as Piers's voice rang out from somewhere behind him. Damn, he had been spotted. But the worry lessened just a bit as he made it to the park. And there were the woods! Now a bit happier that he could escape whatever Dudley and his cronies were going to do to him, Harry put on a extra burst of speed. Not once did he notice the root sticking out of the ground until his foot made contact with it, the force and speed he had been running at sending him tumbling a few feet across the ground. He let out a small pained groan as he finally came to a stop, curled up slightly.

"Thought you could get away from us did you freak?" Harry groaned again, lightly this time, as he recognized Dudley's voice. The fat porker was out of breath from the running he had done to chase down his cousin and he was going to enjoy beating the living day lights out of the black hair boy. He motioned for Piers and the other boy to each grab one of Harry's arm and drag the boy into a standing position. Then, with a smirk, drew is fat fist back and slammed it into Harry's stomach. Harry let out a pained whoosh of air, gasping for breath as tears gathered at the corners of his eyes. It had hurt greatly and as the two boy's holding him captive let go, the small boy quickly wrapped his arms around his pained tummy and tried to draw in air as he fell to the ground.

Seeing their victim down, the three bullies started to kick and punch at Harry's unmoving form, calling him names while laughing all the while. Surprisingly, the beating didn't last as long as Harry thought it would. The kicks just suddenly stopped and a cry of surprise and a bit of pain sounded through the air, and it wasn't from him!


Harry looked up quickly at the sound, a bit of blood dripping from his cut lip as he watched Piers hit the ground a few feet from him, followed quickly by the other boy that had been helping. Hearing a wail from who could only be Dudley, Harry turned his pain body to see just what had manage cause his cousin to yell like that. The sight in front of him was enough to make his seemingly bottomless green eyes widen.

A boy, who only looked to be a year or so older than either of the British boys, had a hold of Dudley. Short, shaggy looking brownish black hair and eyes so dark looking they nearly looked black! His skin had a tan to it and wore a white tank top looking shirt and a pair of loose pants that were tied at the ankle. Plus a black bandanna tied around his forehead, holding his bangs out of his face. But that wasn't what was so shocking about what Harry was seeing, what was shocking was the fact the other boy was holding Dudley off the ground, at a few inches at least! And didn't seem to be having any trouble at doing it either!

" Wha...what are you doing!? Put me down!" Dudley squealed, kicking his fat legs. The boy who was holding him snarled, showing off a set of fangs.

"I would like nothing better than to beat you three to a pulp for ganging up on someone smaller than yourself," The boy bit out, an accent coloring his voice thought his English was very much understandable. It should be noted at this point, Piers and the other boy had long since ran off, leaving Dudley to his fate. "But I'll let you go this time. But if I see you again..." The threat was left hanging in the air as he easily tossed Harry's cousin a few feet away. Now released from what he saw as a crazy boy, Dudley quickly got off the ground and turned tail to run away. The boy that had saved Harry from a worse beating that he would have gotten turned to him after giving another snarl in the fat boy's direction.

"Are you alright?" he asked, holding his hand out to Harry, who noticed it was dirt smudged, but grabbed it none the less, hoping who ever this was didn't plan on taking over the job his cousin and lackeys had started.

"Err…I guess," Harry said, wincing a bit as his bruised muscles was pulled at when the stronger than he looked boy picked him off the ground. He then looked up at the taller boy, watching in wonder as the dark color eyes suddenly lightened from their near black color to a green that was much darker than his own. "Tha-thank you for stopping my cousin."

"That gaki was your cousin? I truly feel sorry for you then," the other boy said, giving Harry a wince. Harry sensed the older child really did feel sorry for him and smiled lightly.

"Thank you, most people don't say that usually. Umm... not to be rude, but who are you?" Harry asked, clasping his hands in front of him as he looked up at his new found savoir from his mean cousin.

"Oh, Watakushi no namae wa Hibiki Ryoga, desu," with this, Ryoga bowed, hands clasped at his side. He looked up, seeing the confused look on Harry face, realizing that the other did not speak Japanese, understandable since this was England and not Japan. The foreign boy just blushed lightly and rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. "I mean my name is Ryoga Hibiki," he tried again.

"Alright then, my name is Harry Potter," Harry introduced himself, not quite sure what the bowing was about but tired to copy it anyway. He was nowhere near as smooth as Ryoga's had been but the light laugh that passed over his ears made him smile which in turn made Ryoga blush harder.

'Kawaii,' was the thought that passed through Ryoga's mind before he shook his self out of it.

And this ladies and gentlemen was the start of a very good friendship. Ryoga was around for several days, Harry always coming to find him in the park when he didn't have chores or had finish with them for the day. Harry had found out pretty quickly that his new friend didn't seem to have any sense of direction, which saddened and made Ryoga blush hotly when his younger friend asked him about it. It was something passed down in his family and was worse in him since both of his parents suffered from the same thing and was passed on double to him. But Harry, who didn't have any friends at all and felt just a little bit sorry for Ryoga who didn't seem to have any real friends himself because of his problem, vowed to always be Ryoga's friend which brought a happy fanged smile from the other.

Harry gasped as he woke up, blinking sleepily for a moment in confusion. It was now about 6, nearly 7 years afterward. He was getting ready to start his 6 year at Hogwarts at the end of the summer. The dream had been somewhat surprising since it had nothing to do with Voldemort, the events that took place after the Tri-Wizard tournament or Sirius's death. Which he was grateful for but still felt a pang of hurt when he thought about his beloved godfather. But still, the dream memory made him a smile sad smile. He had thought about Ryoga a lot the next two years before he got his letter for Hogwarts. After all Ryoga had been his first friend other than Hagrid. The small teen felt bad for nearly forgetting the older boy like that.

The day Ryoga had left had been very saddening for the boy who lived, he didn't even get to say good bye to the older boy. One morning he was just gone, a small box with Harry's name carved out on top left behind where he had been. Inside had been a letter and one of Ryoga's black bandannas. In fact, he still had all three items, sitting in his trunk, which his relative's allowed him to keep in his room this year. Thinking of the letter made him move out of his uncomfortable cot of a bed and to his school trunk, lifting the lid and taking out the wooden box at the bottom. He lightly traced his fingers over his name that was craved in the top before opening in and taking out the bandanna, lifting the black cloth to his cheek. Behind him, Hedwig made a small curious sounding noise, wondering what her master was messing with.

Harry looked behind him and gave his beloved owl a smile before standing up, putting the box back into his trunk and grabbing a book out. He had a feeling he wasn't going to get any more sleep this night so settled in to read a book on Animagus. The young wizard really wanted to become one, hopefully his form would help either fight or hide from Voldemort when he had to. Plus he wanted to do his father, who was a stag Animagus, and his godfather, who turned into a big black bog, proud. Harry absently wondered if his mother Lily had been one as well and tried to remind himself to ask Remus later. But for now, he sat in his small borrowed room, reading the book and turning the black bandanna that had been left behind by a very good friend around in his fingers.

A couple hour later, with dawn having come and flooded his room with light, Harry licked his lips, wondering if he was ready to try and take up his own animal form. There was several ways to go about being an Animagus from spells or using potions but seeing as how his aunt and uncle wasn't about to let him make any of the potions mentioned in any of the books he had read before or that was in this one, and since he was still underage, the spells were out of the question. This left the last option, focusing his mind and finding within himself the animal that would best suit him then using his own inner magic to make the change into his Animagus form.

This was very difficult and the book said only witches and wizards with a high rate of power or with a very focused mind was able to pull this off. Harry had always been told he was very powerful and he hopped it was enough to pull this off. Setting the book to the side and getting as comfortable as he could on the sorry cot his relatives gave him, Harry gave a shaky smile Hedwig's way.

"Wish me luck Hedwig," he said softly before closing his deep green eyes. Hedwig hooted, ruffling her feathers and watching over her master. The teen took a deep breath, trying to clear his mind and look into himself for his animal self. It was a while before anything happened, a slight warm tingle that seem to spread up his spine and down his arms and legs. And even up his neck, making his ears seemed flushed. Harry gasped, green eyes snapping open a bit surprised at the feelings. He looked down at his arms, a bit shocked to see them covered in a light covering of black and white fur from the back of his hands and up to his elbows. "Wow."

Harry quickly climbed off the bed and over to his wardrobe, pulling open the door and looking into the mirror on the inside. He grinned, noticing his ears had taken a slightly pointed cattish look. It wasn't a full body transformation but it was a good beginning and enough to fuel him into keeping at it. As he watched the mirror, the parts that had changed on him slowly changed back to normal.

"I think I did it girl," Harry said, grinning at his owl. Hedwig lifted herself up off her perch and flew over to her master, settling on his shoulder and nipped at his ear.

Encouraged by his success with his first try, Harry practiced every chance he got; doing what little chores his aunt gave him, letters every three days to the order and his summer homework when he wasn't. And of course nightmare filled dreams with the occasional vision mixed in thought it seemed Voldemort was holding back mostly. His project mostly kept his mind off what happened to Sirius. Despite what Ron and Hermione wrote in their letters, Harry did know it was his fault that Sirius ended up through the veil, though he also knew it wasn't completely his fault, Professors Snape and Dumbledore also had a good bit of the blame as well, along with that blasted house elf Kreacher. Plus Harry was still convinced that there was a way to bring his godfather back, a feeling in his gut and this was going to be his next project after he conquers his Animagus from. Of course the Gryffindor kept this to himself, telling only his loyal owl his plans who hooted encouragement.

At the moment, Harry was standing at his bedroom window looking down onto Privet Drive, trying to spot the Order members that had to be there. After what had happened at the end of the school year, there was no way they were going to leave him unattended.

"I wonder if they know I'm trying to become an Animagus," he mused, turning away from the window since he didn't see anyone and once again seated himself on the cot. He had a feeling something was going to happen today and he just hoped it wasn't something bad. Harry sighed slightly before closing his eyes and focusing on his mystery animal form. This time, the warm tingle came a lot quicker than all the other times and seemed to heat up his from, making Harry gasp out in slight pain. Just as he thought he was going to faint from the strange heat, there was a slight popping noise and Hedwig blinked down at what her owner had become.

"... Mew?" Was the soft questioning noise that escaped Harry's new form. He looked down, trying to figure out just what he had turned into. From the mewing noise he had, the boy who lived assumed he was a cat, but the hind legs he was looking at was large and much longer than a cat's as well as flatter, reminding him more of a rabbit than an feline. Then of course, he also noticed he was balanced straight up, bringing his front paws in front of him. The arms were a bit on the short side but the paws looked like they could be used as little hands somewhat.

'So I can guess I'm a bit cattish yet a bit of a rabbit at the same time. Did I turn into a cabbit?' Harry thought, narrowing his still green eyes a bit before discarding the idea. Muggle cabbits were Manx cats with long rabbitish looking hind legs, still walking on all fours. Magical cabbits looked more somewhat like a rabbit but they too tended to walk, well hop anyway, on all fours. Plus the shape of his ears from all the other practical transformations leaned more on the cat side. He also ruled out Kneazle from the list. So deep into his thoughts, Harry didn't notice the long tail waving about behind his small body until the end of hit nearly hit him in the head.

He leaned his head back, looking at the very long tail that was waving and twisting above him, a large bulged at the end. It completely knocked out the theory that he was a cabbit of any sort and completely confused him as well since he still had no idea what his animal from was. What he needed was a good look at his new form and slowly started walking toward the wardrobe on the other side of the room, taking a few minutes to figure out how to walk with his large feet. It took a bit of effort to open the door, both his little hands and tail pushing it open wide enough for light to spill in to the space inside and allow him to climb in.

Harry looked back at the image in the mirror, taking it all in and trying to figure out what to make of it. He had to be some sort of cat, thought his snout was a bit longer than any feline he's ever seen and the only way he could see his mouth was to tilt his head back. He was covered in black and white fur, his face mostly white with patches of black. His lightning bolt scar must have been white in color as well since he didn't see any of it on his forehead except a very small part of the top as it mixed in with the black. He also had a small tuff of hair/fur that fell down into his still green eyes and the long tail he discovered was somewhat like a monkey's tail, meaning it could grab onto things like another hand.

All in all, Harry looked like a cute kittenish creature, still having no idea what he turned into. There was no way whatever he was a muggle animal meaning it had to be magical which spoke once again of the power coursing though his veins. After all, only truly powerful witches and wizards ever turn into a magic animal of some sort, now if only he could find which one he was. Harry climbed out of the wardrobe, closing his eyes and focusing on his human form, smiling as a faint pop was heard and he body returned to normal. Then he dove for his trunk, looking for his 'Fantastic creatures and where to find them' book. Surly his animal must be in here.

Harry growled in frustration as he slammed close the book and threw it to the end of his bed. He had been forward and back in his book, looking for his Animagus form and it wasn't in there. There wasn't even an animal looked close to what he was to give him a clue. Either he was some animal that the magical world had no idea about or he really was a muggle animal. Though there was the chance that it just wasn't in that book but it would be a while before he could get to Diagon Ally to look for books there since he couldn't send Hedwig out for any. He signed, closing his eyes and turning back into the cattish form before lying down on the cot and looking out the window.

His tail thumped against the bed as he thought about what he should do now to keep his mind off of unpleasant things since he finally gotten his Animagus form and his homework for the summer was done. A mewling sighed escaped, gazing at the clouds and wishing he could take out his beloved Firebolt and go flying. But one, the headmaster still had his broom and two; he couldn't go flying out in a muggle area. Harry slipped into a day dream, turning onto his back as he continued to gaze out the window. He dreamt of flying out the window and floating among the clouds, feeling the cool breeze on his face. Hedwig watched Harry, wide gold eyes watching as the boy's small form started to float above the bed slightly, rising higher bit by bit.

The snowy white owl hooted, catching her master's attention. Harry looked over to where his pet was, absently wondering why she looked like she was almost eye level with his from. Knocked out his day dream state as Harry realized that he was floating above his bed, he lost what hold he had over the abillity and fell crashing to the space below with a startled sounding mew.

"Mewwwwww... Mew mewmew," Harry, well... mewled, his paws holding at his head. Definitely not a muggle animal. Now if he could just figure out how to do that again.

Edit 6-9-14: Fixed some spelling mistakes and worked on making some of the parts flow a bit better. One reviewer told me that 'cabbits' weren't discovered until sometime after 1996 but after looking it up, the 'cabbit' was discovered in 1977 so Harry would have heard of Cabbits by this point. I also find out that sometimes Lionhead rabbits are nicknamed Cabbits.