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Summary: Rin is 17, soon to turn 18 when she suddenly seems happier, and it seems another person came into the picture.



Chapter 1: Something More


It was spring once more. The world was warming as the snow melted away. All kinds of colorful flowers bloomed in the fields, speckling grass with their happy faces. A young woman pranced among them, clothed in a light yellow kimono, a powder blue sash wrapped around her slim waist.

An ugly toad demon leaned on his staff, watching the young woman with distaste. "I'll never know what compelled Sesshoumaru-sama to take in a human such as her." He said, casting his gaze downward with a sigh. Once more he looked up, seeing the girl disappearing into the shadows of the trees. "RIN!" He squawked, shuffling after her, leaving the two-headed dragon to loll in the grass.


"Rin! Where have you gone! Answer me!" Jaken called, still searching. About 15 minutes had passed, and there was a toad, but no human. "Rin!" Screeching, he tired, falling against a trunk. "Sesshoumaru-sama will have my head for losing her." he said sullenly.

"Yes, Master Jaken?" she said, surprising the toad.

"Rin! Where were you?" He asked, leaping up.

"I was just walking around." She said, walking past Jaken and back into the field. "Sesshoumaru-sama!" She greeted her Lord happily, skipping over to his side.

"Where is Jaken?" He asked the girl, voice as smooth as ever.

"Here, Milord." He said, scurrying up to meet with the inu youkai.

"We're going back now." He announced, Rin taking up Ah-Un's reins. The dragon grunted in reply, rising to stand, heads only about two inches higher than Rin's sleek black hair. With that, they set off on foot, returning to the castle.



The girl looked up from her studies, seeing her beloved Lord. He had been much like a father-figure, and had been since she was a little girl.

"Your birthday is coming up…is it not?" Sesshoumaru looked sideways at her, awaiting her answer.

Rin smiled up at him, and shook her head. "Mm-hmmn!" She paused a moment. "I'm turning 18." she thought she should remind him, though he didn't need it.

"what do you want?" He asked, slightly surprising the young woman. She thought, for a while, staring off into the sky.

"I have everything I want…or at least everything I can think of." she spoke absent-mindedly. "I guess I'll have to think about what I want as a gift." She stood up. "I'll tell you whenever I can think of it." She said, bowing.

Shesshoumaru nodded his head and watched her leave the room. Where was she going again? He shook his head, dismissing his thoughts and returning to the stack of letters from other Lords. Though, the thought lingered.

He pictured her smiling, running towards him with a handful of flowers. She always smiled at him, and even when he did something her heart would break for doing, she forgot it, and still talked and acted towards him with utmost respect out of sincerity, not fear. Even though he had raised her like he was her father, he felt something else now, now that she was growing into a young female. Something more than love for a daughter.


"Haru?" A female voice called out.

"Rin?" a young man's voice returned. "Where are you?"

Rin stepped out from behind an old tree, facing the young man.

He was already 18, and visually appealing as well. He was wiry, with a mass of red hair falling into his eyes. Small fox ears rose from his hair, equal in color. As one would have guessed, he was a fox demon, though a hanyou. Dressed in black, his body mixed in with the fading color and light of the forest.

They stepped towards each other, offering a friendly smile to the other. He looked at her with emerald green eyes, obviously happy to be with her. In exchange, Rin was equally pleased, having a friend her own age.

"Did the toad demon follow you?" He asked, looking behind her.

"Nope, I was able to sneak out without him even noticing." she replied, sliding her hand into his. "C'mon, I have something to show you!" Excitedly she led him onto an overgrown path, walking briskly.

A pink tinge crept across Haru's cheeks, slowly fading as he noticed she stopped. "Where are we?"

"A garden." She told him, pushing a bush aside and stepping through the gap. Haru followed, looking through the darkness.

They had stepped into a secluded area, cut off by dense trees and bushes. Exotic flowers swayed in the dying sun, dancing with the untouched grass, creating a heartbeat for the area. Two red and yellow butterflies flirted with the breeze, rising and falling in sporadic, yet graceful movements. A creek snaked it's way through the grass, cattails crowding various parts of it, silver fish zipping this way and that through the water.

Haru's eyes flashed with awe as Rin advanced further into the scene…Soon they found themselves perched on a rock, toes stirring the water of the creek. They talked lightly, bonding as friends.

Haru listened carefully to her words, and replied in turn. He watched her eyes, and the way her hair swayed when she moved. The beauty of her convinced him that he saw something more than a friend in her.


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