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Elizabeth spilled into the infirmary and put a hand up to her mouth as she surveyed the sight before her.

Mckay was writhing about on the bed in what seemed like agony to her ears. He had his hand up to his throat but his voice sounded muffled, as if it were constricted.

Beckett was sitting on a gurney with his hand up to his head and shouting orders at a nurse to get Sheppard back on theVentilater.

Sheppard was unconscious but she could hear the sounds of machines beeping and letting them know that his condition wasn't great.

Her eyes finally came to the floor and she saw Doctor Clarke lying down, covered in blood, one hand outstretched.

"Oh my god," she said running over and leaning down to pull him over onto his back.

A restraining hand pulled her back and she looked up at Ford, "Leave him ma'am," he said standing up straight and placing his hands over the butt of his weapon.

"He's bleeding," she said looking down in horror.

"He's dead," said Teyla stepping up behind her and turning her away.

"Get a team to take him away," said Elizabeth closing her eyes to try and calm her frayed nerves, "And I want somebody to tell me what the hells going on. I got a call to come down here immediately."

"Doctor Clarke was collaborating with the guy who let the wraith in," said Ford casually, "He tried to kill Doctor Mckay and Sheppard."

She turned back to Ford and put her hands on her hips, but found herself distracted by Beckett shouting out another order.

"Intubate him," he shouted. He was getting up and going over unsteadily to the major's bed.

The nurse stood behind Sheppard and put his head straight, but as Beckets fingers reached out to touch Sheppard's face his eyes came open and he managed to choke out, "No."

Beckett was feeling increasingly dizzy and took a step backwards into Elizabeth.


"He was intubated before. Clarke blocked the tube so he couldn't breathe."

Sheppard was straining against the woman's grasp in his neck and started to thrash his hands out.

"Restrain him before he does himself more harm than good," shouted Beckett and four hefty marines stepped forward to pin down his legs and arms.

Sheppard continued to strain against them, grunting out, his eyes rolling in his head.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Elizabeth and she stepped forward to grab for his hand.

His fingers wrapped around hers and held them tightly.

"Okay," said Beckett leaning into the Major, "If you calm down, I'll put you on a nasal cannular," he said.

Sheppard stilled and his eyes fixed with Becketts. They seemed to speak volumes and Beckett could understand that Sheppard would comply.

"But…" said Beckett ushering everyone to let him go, "If you don't improve, you will have to go back on it."

Sheppard's eyes widened again and he tried to talk through his bruised chords.

"I know you don't want to," said Beckett patting him on the shoulder.

He turned to the nurse and spoke quietly, "Give him something to sedate him and then give him oxygen." The nurse nodded and hurried off.

Elizabeth guided Beckett back over to an infirmary bed and she could see that he wasn't going to relax.

He pushed her away from him and strode over to where Mckay was lying back on the infirmary bed, oxygen mask over his face, and staring up at the ceiling with blank eyes.

"How are you doing?" asked Beckett. He could feel blood beginning to trail down his cheek and he fought the urge to wipe it away and smudge it on his face.

Mckay could only nod.

"You were given the adrenaline in time, so just relax and things should start to feel much more normal."

Mckay bought a hand up and waved it at Beckett.

"You'll be feeling tingly for a while and your heart will be racing. Its all normal." He gave McKay's shoulder a squeeze and was thankful when strong arms caught him as he stumbled back against a burst of bright light. He looked up meekly at Ford, "Thanks," he said.

He was helped over to his bed and was made to sit down, "Get yourself treated," said Elizabeth watching as men came into the room with a black body bag.

Beckett nodded and swallowed the lump ion his throat, "They'll be fine," he said seeing her worried look.

"And you?" she said sitting up on the bed beside him.

Beckett considered the question for a moment and scanned the carnage before him, "I could be better."

"You will," said Elizabeth and she jumped up off the bed, "I need to see if my city is okay. You get that cut looked at."


Six weeks ago Sheppard had woken up in that infirmary to the sounds of two voices.

"He's waking up."

"He is?"


"How can you tell?"

"I just can?"

"Why isn't he opening his eyes then?" the irate voice asked.

"Probably because he can hear us too," someone said in a strong Scottish brogue.

The sound of movement, a hand on his arm and Sheppard rolled his eyes open.

He bought his hands up to his throat and could feel that thankfully he only had a nasal cannular in.

If memory served him, and it did unfortunately, he could still feel the bruising in his windpipes and the vague remembrance that Doctor Clarke had tried to kill him.

Beckett was stood over him. He had a nasty bruise on his forehead and a gash across his cheek which had been stitched up. Next to him was Mckay, his face was pale but blotchy and his neck looked somewhat swollen.

"How do you feel?" asked Beckett adjusting the bed so Sheppard could sit upright.

He swallowed to try and soothe his sore throat, "Better than you two look," he rasped.

He scanned the room, letting his eyes roam lazily and could see that there was a soldier sat by the door. His eyes came back to Beckett and Mckay and he looked down to see that both men were dressed in scrubs.

Sheppard creased his brow and was about to ask about their attire when a nurse scuttled into the room and pursed her lips together angrily as she approached them, "What are you two doing out of bed?"

Beckett looked to Sheppard and then back to the nurse, "We were just…he's woken up," he stuttered guiltily and then raised a hand to his head, "I'm still his Doctor," he muttered as she ushered them both back to their respective beds.

The nurse shook her head and laughed quietly, "You need to rest."

"Listen to her Beckett," said Mckay not missing the chance to aggravate him further,

"I would if we weren't short on staff," he sighed and settled back under the covers, "Clarke was a good Doctor."

"Yeah shame he turned out to be a psycho," said Mckay.

Sheppard groaned and bought a hand up to his head, "Would you to quieten down?"

"No," said Mckay, "You've been unconscious for days, so join in the conversation." He crossed his arms across his chest.

Sheppard admitted that it was nice to finally be free of drama and disaster. He allowed himself to be dragged into the conversation and cleared his throat. "So it was Clarke?" he said reaching out for a glass of water as the nurse took his OBs.

"Yes," said Beckett with a sigh.

"He tried to poison me," said Mckay hooking a thumb at himself, "Can you imagine if he had succeeded?"

Sheppard found himself smiling, "Yes. Yes I can."

"Funny," said Mckay with a mocking laugh.

"I guess he cracked under the strain of being isolated out here," said Sheppard rubbing at his eyes in an attempt to evade sleep. "Seems easy enough," he said considering the events of the past few months and suppressing a shiver.

It was enough to make anyone crazy.

"Its not unheard of," said Beckett, "Just a shame I didn't see it sooner."

"Doc!" Sheppard warned.

Beckett shot him a look. "Well I personally selected the man."

"You couldn't have known."

"There was nothing questionable about his mental state. He graduated from the best medical school in…" he paused and rubbed at his nagging headache, "I'm going to have to start interviewing my medical staff and find a suitable replacement."

"Yeah just don't chose anyone with an evil glint in his eye," snarked Mckay.


Now six weeks later he was standing where he had previously fallen.

They were back on the planet where they had discovered the strange sect of wraith worshippers.

It was well documented that the wraith did not return to site which was culled, not for a long time anyway until any survivors had bred and produced more food.

Elizabeth had allowed them to go back to retrieve the dog tags of some of their fallen men and purely for research.

They trudged through the deep undergrowth in a single file line. Beckett was in front, McKay's behind him, Ford behind him and Sheppard bringing up the rear.

It was raining again, but Sheppard looked up at the sky as he walked and let drops fall onto his face. It certainly was good to be alive.

"How are you doing Major?" he heard Beckett call out in front of him.

Sheppard side stepped a fallen log, "I'm fine Doc. You don't have to keep asking me that every five minutes."

Beckett was stopping and waited till Sheppard was beside him before he started walking again, "You had major surgery," he said with a sigh, "How's your breathing?"

Sheppard slapped his hand away from him, "I'm feeling great."

"You look a bit pale."

"Pale? Doc you gotta be kidding me. I've been in the infirmary for weeks. No sun, no tan. Of course I'm pale." He walked a little faster and heard Beckett stumble behind him, "You okay Doc?"

"Yes," said Beckett as he walked behind him.

"I know why you're doing this," said Sheppard, "But you don't have to. You made a good call with the surgery."

"Which one?" asked Beckett breathing heavily behind him.

Sheppard thought and smiled, "All of them."

Beckett grabbed him by the shoulder, "I'm touched, really," he said, "But I never doubted my abilities as a medical professional."

"Oh yes you did," shouted Mckay from the front.

Beckett readjusted his back pack on his shoulder and looked down, "Okay so maybe I…..was a little concerned about my judgment." A branch caught him in the face and he spat out bits of leaf.

"It all turned out good," said Sheppard patting his side, "See no pain, no lasting effects, even my scar looks happier."

Beckett wiped the rain from his hair and nodded, "Well thanks all the same."

"Don't mention it," shouted Mckay from the front and both men looked at each other and raised an eyebrow.

"Are we getting any closer?" shouted Sheppard as he walked over to Mckay.

"Yes we are," he said looking at his scanner, "Just a few more minutes."

Sheppard found himself feeling uneasy the closer they got to the village.

The last time he had seen it, the view had not been an engaging one. Wraith sucking the life out of men and women, screams in the air and the smell of burnt wood and flesh.

When they finally cleared the trees, the sight before them made them all gasp.

Where the village had once stood was flat ground. Houses had been burnt down and all life ceased to be visible.

There were graves they noticed as they walked into the debris and stared around.

Beckett knelt down and read the plaque, "Here lies the family of Greyas," he said and stood up, "Who did this?"

"I guess there were survivors," said Ford holding up his P90.

"Rodney, Any life signs?" asked Sheppard looking beyond the burnt city and out towards the horizon.

"No nothing. Whoever was here has left."

Sheppard continued to fan out and look for any sign of life. There was nothing.

Whoever had been here had left quickly.

He was saddened that he couldn't find any remains of his team members who had gone down in the fight.

"There's nothing here," said Beckett looking around nervously.

Sheppard looked up instinctively and thought he could hear the distant buzz of a wraith dart in his ears. It turned out to be a distant memory and he turned to his team, "Lets leave."

"Wait," said McKay stepping over to a large board that had been erected near the towns entrance. It appeared to be the roof of one of the old houses and it was stood vertical.

It was written in wraith.

"What does it say?" asked Sheppard his hands coming to rest on his P90.

"I'm looking," said Mckay and he scribbled something down on a pad of paper.

"Well?" asked Beckett.

Mckay looked up and gave them an exasperated sigh, "One second……got it…..oh."

"What?" asked Beckett and Sheppard in unison.

"It says the wraith are false gods," he said swallowing thickly.

"I guess the message got through to them," said Sheppard with a shake of his head. It was a shame it had to get through to them in such a horrifying manner.

"Why is it in wraith?" asked Ford.

"I guess they wanted any other believers to see it was written by a fellow worshipper of the wraith," said Mckay.

They all stood and stared at the board in silence and listened as the rain fell onto them.

"We should go," said Sheppard, "There isn't anything here."

"Nothing but the truth," muttered Beckett and with a final glance over their shoulders, they set back to the gate.

Back to Home.


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