This is a new story. It takes place after Trigon was defeated. Hope you enjoy!

The moon shone down on the earth, it's glow shining on the snow making it glow as bright as a pearl. The snow was coming down in large flakes, but slowly. Raven stood at the window of the Titans Tower, watching the snow falling. She loved this time of the year. The only thing she disliked was all the happiness that came with this time of year. Sure, a little bit was ok, but all everyone did was smile and be cheery, and say hello, and want you to sing and dance and talk, it got annoying. Raven was smart though. She went out only when she needed to. Of course the Tower wasn't any better, Starfire was always happy, or giggling, Beast boy was always happy, and smiling, Cyborg was usually humming to himself and always wanted to talk about the holidays, and Robin did a mixture of everything.

"Why can't I ever feel like this?" she thought. "It seems like so much fun, to be happy and to spend time with the ones you love. I forgot I'm a demon, I can't feel."

She sighed, a deep, depressing sigh. She wanted to have the same emotions as her friends did, she wanted to do all the things her friends did, but her emotions wouldn't allow it. Her emotions! Hah, that was all her father's fault. Trigon! How she hated him. Her friends defeated Trigon, but she still couldn't show emotions! She had tried, but something blew up. She knew Trigon wasn't gone for good, or maybe he was, but her emotions had an overpowering effect on her?

"No we don't," answered a voice in her head.

"Knowledge, not right now," said Raven.

"All of us need to talk," said Knowledge. "So why not come visit now? Everyone else is asleep."

"Fine," she said.


"What is it you all wanted?" asked a very impatient Raven.

"To tell you," said Courage, "that we no longer are need by you. We can finally leave and you can fight for yourself."

"Really?" said Raven. "I mean, I want you guys to stay, cause you've been with me for so long, but I want to be able to feel with out destroying something."

"Well we can stop controlling you," said Independence. "All you had to do was ask."

"Ok," said Raven. "Can you stop?"

"Of course."

Titan's Tower at 7:30 am………

"Beast Boy," said a very angry Cyborg. "I have told you to clean the pan when you make your disgusting Tofu."

"Sorry dude," said Best boy. "Forgot."

"Hey guys," said Robin walking in. "What you making?"

"Eggs, toast, waffles, pancakes, French toast and bacon," said Cyborg.

"Wow, friend Cyborg," said Starfire. "Isn't that more than enough to last us a long time?"

"Yeah," said Cyborg. "That's why it's called leftovers."

Raven walked in. She floated to the window again, and stared out of it. The other Titans looked at her. She usually wasn't this quite.

"Is everything ok?" asked Robin.

"I'm fine," she said.

"No you're not," said Beast boy. "You never come in and say nothing."

"I'm fine," she said, again.

"How can I test out my emotions?" she thought.

"Maybe doing something that goes beyond what you're supposed to do," suggested Robin, using his mind to talk to her.

"Why are you listening to my thoughts?" she asked.

"To find out what was wrong," he answered. "I have a way to find out."

"How?" she asked, aloud.

"I'm sorry Star," said Robin.

"For what friend Robin?" asked Starfire.

Robin walked over to Raven and got her attention.

"Here's how to find out," said Robin, kissing her.

Raven's eye's shot open along with everyone else's. Her emotions would have gone haywire, but nothing happened. Starfire started to cry and Cyborg was boiling over. Robin pulled away.


"I can feel," said Raven. "My emotions don't control me anymore."

She grabbed Robin and pulled him into another kiss.

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