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Chapter Six Skipped stuff

The Titans gave the kids their presents the next morning.

The kids went back to the orphanage, and the Titans gave the caretaker four thousand dollars to keep for safekeeping.

The Titans had the government build a playground and a game room at the orphanage for the kids.

They were sixteen when the kids were there. They're now eighteen. Robin is Nightwing and Beast boy has changed to Changeling.

Cyborg has been updated so he has much more power in him then any power plant.

Raven and Nightwing did not have a kid………yet!

Nine months before Christmas…March.

"Titans," called Nightwing. "Main room stat."

The Titans ran into the room. Nightwing stood in front of the big computer screen. A map of the Serengeti shown.

"I've been told that the harsh climate of the Serengeti has a goddess that is willing to teach those who can with stand trials and the heat, some powerful moves and methods of meditation," said Nightwing. "I think it'll help us if we did this."

"Yeah sure," said Raven. "Listen Robin…" she started. "Oops sorry, Nightwing."

He was giving her look that suggested he was mad but at the same time couldn't show it.

"Sorry," she apologized. "What use do we have for all of this?"

"It'll stop the criminals," he said. "The ones who keep trying to break out."

"Ok, when do we go?" asked Cyborg.

"Tomorrow," he said. "Get packing."

The Titans left for their rooms to pack. Raven walked over to Nightwing.

"Why'd you do that?" he asked. "You know how much I hate that name."

"You'll always be Robin to me," she said. "The handsome bird that asked the darker more slender bird to be his girlfriend."

"I guess that's a good answer," he said smiling.

"Let's go Rob………Nightwing," she said.

He smiled and walked to his room with her. He shut the door and she used her powers to make sure no one came in unexpectedly.

Meanwhile in a cave………somewhere

"Wake up," said the voice. "I'm freeing you. I found out how. Now WAKE!"

The statue started to crack and the rocks fell away revealing a blonde haired girl. She had aged even though she was behind that rock for all these years.

"I'm free," she said. "I'm coming Beast boy. Terra's back. This time she's good."

In the Serengeti……

"Harsh climate?" asked Cyborg. "More like death climate."

"It's so hot," said Changeling.

"Hey there's a village," said Raven.

"Yes I see one," said Starfire. "Maybe we can stop there for the day?"

"If they let us," said Nightwing.

The Titans walked to the village. The chief looked at them and smiled.

"Welcome," he said. "Weary travellers. We have a special night tonight. Would you care to stay and watch?"

"Yes," they all said at once.

"Good," he said. "The Goddess of the Serengeti is going to be here to."

"Then we can ask her if she'll teach us," said Cyborg.

Later at night………

"We gather here today to honour the Goddess of the Serengeti," said the Chief. "She shall give us the water we need to keep our crops alive, and the water we need to keep ourselves alive."

Clouds formed overhead. Lightning flashed in the sky.

"Here she comes," said the Chief.

The people looked up as well as the Titans. A young woman, about the same age as them, flew in the sky. She wore a white outfit and cape. Her hair was pearly white and her skin was brown-tan colour. Her eyes shone like two moons.

"It couldn't be," said Changeling. "It isn't is it?"

"I think it is," said Cyborg.

She landed in front of the Village.

"People of the Serengeti," she said. "I have come to give you weeks of water for your crops. I also have water for you."

"Thank you," said the chief. "We have some travelers here, who wish to be trained by you."

"Show me," she said.

He led her to the Titans. She saw them and smiled.

"Are these the worthy ones?" she asked.

"Yes," answered the chief.

"Good," she said. "I'll need you to give your names to the chief here. He'll give you the clothes you will wear while I train you."

She turned to walk away.

"Ororo," whispered Changeling.

She turned around, anger flushed through her eyes.

"Who dare utter my name?" she hissed.

"I did," said Changeling. "Don't you remember us? Ororo please you have to remember."

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

"Storm," said Nightwing.

"How do you………Oh my god," she said. "Teen Titans?"

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