A/N: I'm not going to go through everything about how I shouldn't be starting a new story, blah, blah, blah, blah. Besides, it's a new genre for me. So it's an experiment of sorts. For the purposes of this story: Lavender and Hannah are Muggle-borns and Seamus isn't one. I think his mom is a Muggle or something or I might have just made that up but in this story they're both wizards!

Summary: Eleven students are randomly requested by Dumbledore (…he's not dead) to come to the school over the summer after their seventh year. But it turns out he wasn't the one to invite them and they're all trapped in the school with a killer on the loose. Original, huh?

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"You still don't know why you're being asked to go?"

"No, Mum, but I suppose it's for a good reason if Dumbledore's asking me up there after graduation, right?"

Hermione Granger didn't understand why her mother was so confused. Dumbledore had just asked her to go back to school for a week without much of an explanation. It was sort of odd, but Hermione was mostly used to Dumbledore's occasional odd requests. Harry and Ron had both been asked to go as well, so she naturally assumed it wasn't that huge of a deal.

"Remember, I'm coming back in a week so you don't need to be concerned," Hermione assured.

Her mother nodded and hugged her daughter goodbye.

"Tell Dad I said bye."

Her mother nodded once more as Hermione disappeared into the green flames illuminating the fireplace.

They had been told to simply yell "Hogwarts" into the fire and they would be taken to the correct place. Hermione momentarily found herself stumbling out of a large fireplace set up in the middle of the Dining Hall. The room looked rather bare because the only thing in it was a table set for eleven in the center of the large room. Two people were already sitting at the table facing her. They were Hannah Abbot and Dean Thomas.

"Hi, Hannah. Hi, Dean," Hermione greeted, approaching the table and carrying her bag with her.

"Hey, Hermione," the two replied. They were sitting somewhat awkwardly with a seat in between them.

Hermione saw place settings at the table and a note on her plate. "Please place your bags at the foot of the stairs. They will be taken up to your dormitories shortly," it read. She did as was told before sitting down. When she was gone, Lavender Brown arrived.

"Hi, Lavender."

"Hi, Hermione."

Soon the four were all seated at opposite sides of the table each with one place between them.

"So, does anyone have any idea why we're here?" Hermione asked after a momentary silence.

"I was wondering the same thing," Hannah voiced.

"And does anyone know where Dumbledore is?" Lavender questioned.

The other three shook their heads.

"Who else is supposed to be here?" Hermione asked.

"Pansy, Seamus, Harry, Ernie, Ron, Blaise, and Draco," Dean listed. "I got here early so I looked around the table," he added after a few odd glances.

"Well… that should be an interesting group," Hermione said, trying not to sound to negative.

At that moment Ron stumbled through the elaborate fireplace.

"Hey, Ron," the group greeted.

"Hey," he said, brushing himself off. "So has anyone figured out what this is all about yet?"

"Nope," Hermione responded.

And they continued to be clueless. The rest of the group arrived and the eleven of them were only puzzled about the random selection of graduated students. The food magically appeared on the table and they all began to eat quickly, not being able to sit there with food staring them in the face. When they finally finished, the conversation rolled back into why they were all there and where Dumbledore could possibly be.

"So what are we supposed to do now?" Draco Malfoy asked, wiping his mouth with his napkin.

"Wait?" Pansy guessed.

"I knew I shouldn't have come here," Draco said, leaning back in his chair. "This is probably some sort of prank from the new seventh years."

"How would they forge Dumbledore's handwriting?" Hermione questioned. She wasn't too pleased at the idea of spending another week with Draco after leaving the school and thinking she never had to see him again.

Draco shrugged.

"Well why don't we go up to our rooms or something? I mean, he hasn't given us word to do otherwise," Dean suggested.

The eleven stood up and walked toward the doors to the Entrance Hall.

"That's funny," Hannah stated. "I didn't notice the doors close."

Ron reached for the handle and pulled. The door didn't budge.

"It won't open," he said.

"Thank you, Weasel, we've noticed," Draco said obnoxiously. "And I still think this is fake."

Hermione rolled her eyes and stepped forward. "Give me the handle, Ron." She took the door handle from him and easily pulled the door open. The others couldn't help but snicker quietly.

Draco was in the front of the group and he noticed something on the ground. It was a medium-sized, L-shaped metal instrument of sorts.

"What's this?" he wondered aloud, picking it up off the ground.

"Draco, don't –!" Hermione started, trying to push his arm out of the way.

It was too late. He pulled the lever on the metal thing and a loud "bang" shot through the room. Pansy fell to the floor, screaming.

"Draco!" Hermione cried. "That's a gun! It's a Muggle weapon! You use that to kill people!"

He looked down at the gun in his hand, trying not to turn red.

"Does anyone have a handkerchief or something?" Hannah asked, bending down at the sobbing Pansy's side. Draco had shot her in her upper arm.

"I have one in my bag," Hermione said. "Let's go upstairs."

The two girls began to lift the wounded one up when suddenly the lights went out.

"What's going on!" someone shrieked.

"Where did the lights go?"

Another loud bang could be heard throughout the room and the sound of a body dropping.

"Draco!" someone screamed.

The lights suddenly came back and it took a nanosecond for the ten of them to see Ernie Macmillan's corpse lying in a crumpled heap on the ground, blood spilling out about him.

Chaos erupted.

Pansy screamed and her tears became more abundant. Ron, who was standing next to the body jumped aside. Hermione started shaking uncontrollably and Lavender started crying in fear. Draco was still holding the gun.

"Draco! What did you do?" Harry cried accusationally.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" Draco retorted, holding his hands up by his shoulders and dropping the gun to the ground.

Ron stepped forward and pushed the blonde boy back. "What are you doing? Are you crazy? First you shoot a girl and then you kill someone! Did you bring us all here to just play stupid and kill us?"

"Whoa, calm down!" Draco said, shoving the livid redhead away from him. "I swear I didn't do anything. Why would I shoot someone? I promise you I didn't even know what this thing was when I saw it!"

Seamus cautiously approached the corpse and bent down next to it, peering closely. He then lifted up his wrist and took his pulse.

"Yeah, he's dead," he quietly informed the group.

Pansy's cries became louder.

"Oh my God," Hermione said, putting her hand to her forehead and standing up. "What is going on here? If you are serious, Draco, that you didn't use that gun, then where is the gun? And who did it?"

The ten of them looked back and forth at each other. It was as though it wasn't until then that they fully realized the situation. They were supposedly alone in the school with a dead body and a gun.

Draco was the first to the door. He pulled vigorously on it but it wouldn't open. "What the bloody hell!" he shouted.

Blaise whipped out his wand and pointed it at the door. "Alohomora!" he commanded.

Draco tried the door again but it was still locked. "Oh my God," he moaned, collapsing against the door.

"Wait a minute." Hermione pulled out her wand and recited a simple spell. "Lumos." Nothing happened. She took her shoe off. "Wingardium leviosa," she spoke calmly. The shoe remained still. She put it back on and then turned toward Hannah. "Stupefy!" she shouted. Nothing happened. "Someone's messed with our wands."

Just as everyone began to pull theirs out, a strange smell seemed to fill the hall. The sound of ten limp bodies falling to the ground echoed through the marble room.

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