A ridiculous bit of fluff, but a plot bunny that won't go away. I can't seem to write Fred and George into my main story Trust Me, although I will have them eventually. So, I'll have them do a little mischief here.


"So, dear sister…."

"Will you help us?"

Ginny Weasley looked at her two most devious brothers, both wearing angelic looks. Fred and George were certainly up to something. "No."

Their faces fell. Fred started to wheedle, "But really, it's in a noble cause!"

"It would bring more love to the world….even Dumbledore would have approved."

Ginny scowled. That was a low blow. It had been two months since the headmaster's death, and they were all stuck in Grimmauld, with Ron, Hermione and Harry, doing endless research and tearing the house apart looking for something. Ginny still wasn't sure what it was, but she intended to find out.

"Not unless you tell me why you want them locked in a room for six and a half hours. Alone." Ginny was not an idiot, she knew what might happen. But Ron and Hermione would manage to screw up a perfectly excellent opportunity. They'd been fighting almost non-stop for the last few weeks, most likely due to escalating sexual tension. "They are hopeless, they would probably manage to kill each other."

"Ah, but we think we have the perfect solution…" George gave a wicked grin.

Fred gave its mirror image. "And, we can test our newest line of products."

Ginny arched an eyebrow. "Go on."

"It's a new line of candy, but it can be melted into a syrup to add to any liquid."

"We're thinking of calling it, 'Dirty Little Secrets'…."

"A bit of a mild truth serum, a bit of aphrodisiac, a bit of a punishment charm…."

"And you end up with something that forces you to confess your inner thoughts and imaginings about whoever you happen to be with."

Ginny frowned. "Have you tested it?"

"Well…" Fred pulled at his collar. "It's a might bit dangerous to do with a girl you know." Ginny was amazed that even Fred and george would have their ears turn that distinctive red in embarrassment. "And it's pretty much useless on a member of the same sex…"

"Much less a sibling…"

"Unless you are into that sort of thing…"

Everyone turned a bit green.

But, after a moment, Ginny smiled. "All right, I'll help. But on one condition."


"I get to have one of those candies….for my own little experiment."


""If you knew this room was the one Ginny got trapped in, then why in Merlin's name did you walk in!" Ron was already practically screaming, pulling at the door with his considerable strength.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "I didn't know it at the time, I just know that Ginny said we needed to see something up here on the third floor. I've no idea what she was on about, but now that we are here, we are stuck apparently. She won't remember that we are in here for a good six hours, that's how the charm works." Personally, dealing with Ron, Hermione could see why Mrs. Black had wanted to escape from the household for six hours at a time. The charm still held, years later, and the Room of Forgetting would remain hidden to the household for six and a half hours once anyone entered. Hermione jumped as her stomach rumbled oddly. She'd only had toast and tea for breakfast, but the twins had popped by for a visit, and she had no doubt that they must be responsible for her stomach woes.

"So…we're trapped." Ron had calmed a bit, and stood back staring at the door.

"So it appears. Six hours, alone together." Hermione could feel heat flush her cheeks at the images that suddenly assaulted her.

Ron turned at that, and gave her an unreadable look, and then he started walking around the room. It was rather bare, but clean. Ginny had been stuck there alone with cleaning supplies earlier this summer, and so she had occupied her time cleaning. There was a comfortable couch, bookshelves, a few closets with various functions, including some stale crackers in one and what appeared to be a toilet facility in the other, and a vanity table with a large mirror.

Ron sat on the couch and cross his long arms in front of him. Gods, but he's handsome. She shivered slightly, she'd almost said that out loud.

"I still say it's your fault that we're stuck here. You should have remembered…."

"It's charmed, you git. It's extremely difficult to remember, even when you've…"

"Merlin, you're sexy when you're angry." Ron clapped his hand over his mouth, his eyes bugging out. Hermione stared, goggle-eyed. Ron hemmed and hawed a bit, "Well…I didn't mean…well I did mean that, but…but….well, you are." He stopped talking entirely.

Hermione opened her mouth to respond, but was entirely shocked by the words which came out. "Is that why you disappear to the loo after half of our rows?"

Ron blushed crimson, and buried his face in his hands, but Hermione couldn't stop herself from continuing. "I wouldn't blame you. I've had to do something about it myself occasionally. You're really dead sexy when you're all riled up." She gasped, appalled that the thought had come out, escaping the confines of her mind.

Ron looked up slowly, a look of delighted awe on his face. "You mean…that you…you touch your….you think of me?" His voice cracked a bit on the last bit, something it hadn't done in quite a while.

She shuffled her feet, and turned around, facing the vanity mirror rather than look directly at Ron seated on the couch. She tried, she tried very hard not to answer him, but it was almost painful not to reply, and there was nowhere to run. "Who else would I think of while doing that?"

Ron frowned. "I don't know…Vicky maybe…" he sneered.

"You great prat! I never would think…it's only you that gets me off, you daft…" she gasped again, and closed her eyes, horrified at all she had managed to reveal. "I suppose you think of Lavender then, when you…or Fleur…or anyone at all…."

She could hear the couch creak as he stood, and she knew he took a step toward her on the other side of the room. "Actually…I've tried…I've actually tried to think of other girls when I…but I canonlyfinishifthinkyou." The last bit came out in a rush, but nevertheless, she understood.

She blushed, and opened her eyes. Ron was looking at her in the mirror, standing behind her, towering over her with his tall frame. "You are so beautiful, 'Mione. I remember I wanted to kill Krum when he danced with you at the Yule Ball. And then Ginny said he'd kissed you….did he do anything else? Did he kiss the little curls on the back of your neck?"

She shook her head, mute in the face of the look in his eyes as he stared at her in the mirror. He stepped closer, and he brushed a finger against the back of her neck. Her hair was piled haphazardly on top of her head, as she had been working in the library trying to organize books that morning, it was a hot summer day. She shivered as Ron whispered. "I…I can't stop myself, Hermione. I…I've dreamed of those little curls, ever since you wore your hair up at that Ball."

"I think the twins gave us something, I…I can't stop saying things either. I…I wish I had danced with you Ron. I…I dressed up for you, to make you jealous."

He leaned forward, and she could feel his breath hot on the back of her neck, and heat pooled in her loins at the thought of him so close, thinking of her…wanting to kiss her.

"I've dreamed that you were getting all dressed up for me, and you were standing in front of a mirror, and I came up behind you and kissed those curls….and…" He seemed to struggle…trying very hard not to say something.

"Just tell me, Ron."

"And I lifted up your skirt, and you…you didn't have on any knickers…and I…and we…and I could see your face in the mirror as I was inside you, making you come." He was breathing very hard.

Her nipples tightened, and she was sure he could see this in the mirror. She gripped the table in front of her. "Gods, Ron. I'm so wet." She gasped again, and he groaned. "Can we do that sometime?" She couldn't stop herself.

"What!" He practically yelped, and she turned around to face him, to try to explain.

"I…I mean, I've always thought that someday we would…that you would be…that we would be together…you know be together….I've had fantasies of my own…." She looked down in embarrassment, only to be confronted with the evidence of his intense interest in their conversation, a considerable bump in his trousers. Her scientific curiosity got the better of her. "Are you as big as your height would indicate?" She blushed again, "Damn, I can't stop myself from talking. I'm going to kill your brothers."

"I think it's rather brilliant actually….I was never sure you actually fancied me…made me miserable you know, wanting you so much. And here you are thinking about me too…what were your fantasies about…the library I suppose. I had that one too…"

She glared up at him, and he smirked. "Yes…the library…but…" she tried to stop herself….but it was like she was under Imperious. She had to say it, "Quidditch."

"What?" He looked shocked. "Quidditch? You hate Quidditch."

She rolled her eyes, mortification swamping her. "Not when you play….and I kept thinking about catching you alone in the showers afterward. You'd be all sweaty, and I'd help clean you up." She bit her lip, miserable that he would know all this, and taunt her with it for years.

"Gods, Hermione…I…I have to kiss you. Please?" He sounded like he was in pain.

She held his face in her hands. "You better do more than kiss me!"

Their lips met, and in moments they were locked in a deep, wet kiss. It was apparent that Hermione had had no where near the experience that Ron had in snogging, but she was a fast learner. Lips and tongues and teeth ravished each other. Ron groaned as her small hands wrapped around him, darting under the hem of his T-shirt.

Ron moved his kisses to her jaw, and whispered against her skin. "Can I touch you?"

She couldn't withhold her answer, no matter how embarrassing, "Stop asking, Ron. I'll let you do everything. I want you to do everything!"

He growled, a low sexy sound that she was shocked came from him. It sent a frisson of fire up her skin, and suddenly she was very aware that Ron was a man now, not a boy. She pushed away from him suddenly, and started to pull off her T-shirt, hoping that she wasn't making a ruddy fool of herself and that he would be disappointed. She didn't have Lavender's assets after all.

He was not disappointed. "'Cor, Hermione. You're beautiful." His blue eyes glowed as he looked at her, and his big hands rested hesitantly on her ribs, just under her bra.

"They're not much…" she bit her lip. "Compared to others you might have seen."

His eyes when back to hers. "I haven't seen any others, Hermione. At least not in real life…up close." He blushed again, and she was filled with happiness at the thought that this was a first that she could give him.

He brushed a finger against her already hardened nipple through the silky fabric, and she pulsed with warmth, rewarding him with a small moan. His fingers brushed her shoulder, pulling down on the bra strap, eager to get to her skin.

"Oh…this is ridiculous…are we wizards or are we not!" She fumbled for her wand and before she could stop herself, muttered, "Divesto!"

And they were naked. She let out a screech at what she had done, dropped her wand, and her hands reflexively covered herself. Ron was not much better, staring round eyed as he covered his manhood protectively.

"I can't believe I did that."

"Blimey…I can't believe you did either. But I'm not complaining." Ron ran his eyes over her, and she felt her skin grow hot in response. He stepped forward, and leaned down to kiss her again, first a light brush of lips, and then a full, open-mouthed passionate kiss. Soon, his hands were tangled in her hair, loosening it from its precariously messy knot on the top of her head. Her hands fell from their protective stance, and she pulled him closer, caressing the hardened muscle of his backside.

They were lost in sensation. The ravenous kiss; her breasts pressed against his chest; hardened nipples tickled by curly red chest hair; the hardness of his cock against her abdomen; the softness of her skin. He backed away slightly, his breathing hard, his hands dropping to caress the smoothness of her shoulders.

"I can still stop, Hermione. If it's too fast, or if you are scared. I've wanted you forever, but I'll understand…." She reached up on tiptoes, and weaved her hands in his long red hair, pulling him down for another kiss. His hands roamed to her breasts, and she gasped, the sensations of his Quidditch roughened hands on the soft skin of her breasts overwhelming.

He wretched himself away from her, and bent to the floor, sorting through the pile of clothes there and swearing under his breath. "Blasted thing…I can never find it when I really need it!" He stood, triumphantly holding his wand, and she was more impressed by the sight of him naked than by his discovery. Her fingers itched with the need to touch the planes of his chest, and she gulped at the glimpse she had had of his cock before he turned toward the couch, and muttered a spell.

The couch morphed into a bed, complete with trademark orange sheets, and Hermione couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Ron! I didn't know you actually paid attention in Transfiguration!"

He arched an eyebrow, and she found the look utterly endearing. "When it is useful, my dear, I am able to pay attention." She squealed as he bent again, swooping her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, dropping her on it and following her down, covering her face with light kisses.