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- - - - -

A week had passed since I had joined Sesshomaru. When my wounds had healed enough he set me to doing menial tasks, such as gathering firewood and getting him food. The food part was difficult, seeing as he didn't eat human nourishment. Otherwise it was all easy labor.

He didn't really speak to me either, merely grunted most of the time. The few times he did say anything he had me completing some other little chore. The entire time though I would constantly feel him staring at me, and he didn't turn away either when I would turn to meet his gaze. It would always be me turning away first, and I can almost hear the smirk as he eventually turns away from me himself. He's playing games with me, without explaining the rules. When ever I try and confront him about it he merely grunts yet again and disappears for a few hours.

"Mika." he summoned. I had been at the waterfall's edge washing myself as much as I could while being modest. Next time he leaves I'm taking an actual bath, I tell myself.

"Yes, Sesshomaru?" I asked him quietly.

"We're leaving tomorrow. Be ready to go at daybreak." he didn't say anything else but merely stood and left.

It was a little surprising, but mostly not unexpected. I hadn't really thought him to be the type to stay in one place for a very long time, but he had stayed here for quite the while. Watching his back, I realized I wouldn't see him again for some time, as he was leaving again like he usually did.

Seizing the chance I went back to the water's edge and stripped, feeling the cold wind on my skin. The water was pretty frigid as well, but I wanted to be clean. I stepped carefully in and slowly made my way towards the center of the spring, where I would be standing in water up to my neck.

It was like an ice bath, but I stayed where I was, enjoying the numbing feeling it was giving me. With a little hop I put myself to floating in the still water. I just stayed like that for awhile, watching my eye lids while I thought about everything that had happened so far.

Sesshomaru was an odd man to say the least. He just sat there watching every thing, mostly me, and going off to who knows where on his own.

I sighed and sank myself in the water, swimming around freely beneath the surface.

When I resurfaced to breathe I stopped, shocked at who was now standing in front of me.

"So you won't strip when asked but will when you want to swim? Which is less embarrassing, naked to one or the world?"

I growled at him, glaring. My upper half was out of the water, but at the moment I tried to make myself not seem embarrassed so he wouldn't feel the satisfaction of knowing I was indeed self conscious at the moment.

To my horror, he started to strip himself, and walked over to where I stood, now thoroughly rooted to the spot. He was smirking at me again as his hand rose up to my face.

"Such fragile looking skin... I'd never have believed it possible for a demon to look as weak as a human, even though I know you are far more powerful than what meets the eye..."

His fingers grazed my cheek as he trailed them down my face, slowing down as he came in contact with my throat.

I couldn't suppress the shiver that went down my spine. "Sensitive? I never would have guessed..." he growled, a smirk evident on his face.

This was so unlike what I pictured the man to be like. Before I'd thought him to be one of few words, and one to stay away from contact with other people. Yet here he was, defying both of those self images I'd associated with him.

The hand so gently caressing my throat was going lower, now to my collar bone and still on the descent. When he first came in contact with my breast, another shudder went down my spine. Slowly still, he splayed his fingers to fully capture the mound, resting his palm against the peak. He squeezed, and I gasped yet again. "You've never been touched like this, before have you?" he asked.

"No." I should be slapping this man. I should be running! I shouldn't be just standing here, arms at my sides as he fondles me!

I tried to step back from him but he squeezed my breast harder, painfully. "Stay put, Mika. You are mine to do with as I please, so just enjoy it." he took his hand from my breast and passed it down my stomach, circling to go to my hip. With a slight amount of force he manipulated my legs into moving towards him, to where I was pressed right up next to his body.

He lowered his hand once more to land it on my rump, further propelling me against him. There was a lump pressed into my stomach, and I could only blushingly guess what that was supposed to be. "Aren't you curious?" he asked. "Curious as to what all my body has to offer?"

"I can control my urges better than you give me credit for, Sesshomaru." I gasped again, as he slightly nudged himself against me.

"Are you so sure?" I blushed again as he lowered his mouth down to my neck, his body leaning ever so slightly away from mine. "As much as you don't seem to realize it, your body craves mine. Your very being wants what I have to offer." his lips traveled up my neck, barely caressing my skin as he spoke. "I can smell it so clearly even though you have no idea why..."

He ended with his lips a hair's breath away from mine before stepping back.

"Get some sleep." he departed the water, never once turning back to face me again. He merely stooped down to pick up his clothes as he went back behind the waterfall.

I sank down in the water, allowing it to cover my face as it cooled down my flaming cheeks. When I could no longer hold my breath I resurfaced, but dreaded going back into the cave where Sesshomaru would no doubtedly be waiting.

- - - - -

"We've been searching for a week now, and we still haven't found that little idiot." InuYasha growled, notably ticked.

Kagome nodded. "I'm worried. Usually Naraku would have set a trap for us to try and get her back from him, but he's being even more elusive than Mika."

"Maybe she's not with Naraku at all. She might have escaped and is searching for us." Sango interjected.

"She's right. If Naraku has been silent for this long then he does not have her, or so I am inclined to believe," Miroku added.

The group were all getting worried, knowing much longer and they'd have to be wondering if she were even still alive.

A rush of wind met their ears as they looked up, seeing the familiar whirl wind announcing the arrival of Koga. It slowed to a stop in front of Kagome, and a sweat drop was noticeable on her forehead.

"Hello, Kagome..." Koga drawled, taking the girl's hand in his own.

"Hi, Koga. This really isn't the best time to have a social chat." she said, softly taking her hand away from his.

He looked seriously around at the group. "Where's Mika?"

"That's what we want to know." Sango told him.

"The idiot ran blindly into battle despite knowing how bad her chances were without me and Kagome. We haven't seen her in a week." InuYasha spat.

"Has anyone noticed InuYasha hasn't called Mika by anything besides 'idiot' since she ran off?" Shippo said, bouncing onto Kagome's shoulder.

The irritated dog demon just growled again. "She deserves it! We're a team, and she needs to get it through that thick skull of hers already."

Everyone nodded. Half of them had tried to do the noble thing of sparing the others worry over themselves and gone through the same thing with InuYasha. Mika was the only one to continuously run away from them for the same reason without realizing just how foolish the attempts were.

"What battle are you talking about? Did she try to fight that new incarnation?" the wolf demon leader asked.

Kagome looked up at him, surprised. "Yes, that's the one. Have you had to fight it now, too?"

InuYasha growled. "If he had he wouldn't be standing here right now, would he?"

It was Koga's turn. "Better than you, you mangy mutt. I know when not to go into battle unlike a stubborn somebody."

"At least I tried to fight it, you coward!" Inuyasha countered.

"Enough, both of you! Arguing isn't going to help us find Mika! Koga, please, can you keep an eye out for her? We're all really worried."

Koga nodded. "Anything for you, Kagome. I'll let you know if I find anything. Where do you think she might be?"

"We're not sure, but we thought Naraku had captured her. But he hasn't set any traps for us but to confirm it."

"On the contrary. You've all just fallen into it." A smooth voice had interrupted them.

"Ryuumi." InuYasha growled, bringing out the Tetsuaiga.

- - - - -

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