1Till death do us part

Prologue: To take one's own life

Rating: M

Summary: After the violent deaths of the remaining seishi, Suzaku has granted his children a new life...But is it that much different from the first? Chichiri has found Tasuki again- but its up to the former monk to get the other to fall in love with him once again. And there are those who would stop that from happening...

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This was a dream. It had to be...A nightmare that had managed to invade its way into his usually peaceful sleep. There was no way this could be real. Not this...anything but this! It had all happened so fast, barely a moment in time, but to him it seemed to go in slow motion...It would have been so easy to move away from the path of the deadly attack; would have, but didn't.

"TASUKI!" A shoulder slammed into his chest, causing him to stumble backwards, tripping over a corpse that lay on the bloodied ground. He hit the dirt on his butt, wincing, managing to look up just as the attack hit exactly where he had been standing not seconds before...and found himself drowning in the beauty that was his lover.

His face was turned so that only the perfect profile was shown, smooth, flawless skin, a pair of perfect lips that were parted slightly, and a single, warm chocolate brown eye narrowed slightly in rage. He was crouching, the torn shirt he was wearing pulled tight across his torso, outlining his muscles and washboard abs.

His gentle blue hair had come loose of its chord and now lay upon his shoulders and down his back like a waterfall of silk. The few strands of his gravity defying hair had drooped down to hang over his face, a strand falling just over that mahogany iris.

A soft light shone on his face, an ethereal light that made it appear he was glowing when indeed it was just...


He didn't even have enough time to cry out as the attack slammed into the other so hard he was flung into the air, the resulting explosion sending pieces of earth in every direction, striking Tasuki so hard he was forced to shield himself even as he tried desperately to make it to his lover's side.

Where is he...? WHERE IS HE!

Eventually the blinding light began to fade, revealing the devastated land. But no blue-haired figure lay among the wreckage. Gods...no...please no...

A soft thump caught his attention and he turned slowly, knowing what he would find yet somehow praying it wouldn't be so. A dream, that's what this was...There was no way Suzaku would let this happen to him...not now...not so soon...!

Even bloody and broken, he was so beautiful. The attack had torn the clothes from his body so that he was naked except for the hair that spread out behind him, a fallen angel...his fallen angel. "C...C..." He couldn't get the word out past his trembling lips.

Don't let him be...please don't...

"Chichiri...?"He finally managed to whisper as he crawled forward, one hand at a time. He had to get to his side...HAD to. "Chichiri?" His voice got louder when no reply came.

"Chichiri!" He was on his feet, running, even before he knew it. He stumbled, nearly fell, but it didn't matter. Someone could have stabbed him in the back over a hundred times before he finally got to the other seishi's side. But he didn't care. All that mattered was...


He moved! Praise Suzaku- he MOVED!

Cracked and bleeding lips opened slightly to release a moan as his head tilted to the side. Blood began to pool underneath him, turning the sky blue of his hair to a matted crimson. Tasuki swallowed to keep his nausea at bay as he gently lifted the other so he was cradled in the bandit's arms as much as possible.

"Tasuki...are you...all right?" Chichiri murmured, his eye roaming over the other, looking for injuries.

"N-No, you baka...What were you thinking!" His voice was soft, tears starting to stream down his face. His lover's life was fading away, he didn't need to touch the link that connected them to see that- his heart knew it just as well as his mind did.

"Had..to protect you..."

"I don't need you to protect me!" He hissed before realizing it. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he regretted them. What kind of beast was he!

Chichiri flinched as if he had been slapped, his eye closing wearily. "I see." He whispered.

"Chiri! That's not... I just don't want you...koi...I...don't leave me!" Tasuki felt the other's heart skip a beat and he clutched the other to his chest. "Don't leave me Chichiri!"

"Baka...I could never...leave you." He raised a shaking hand and cupped the bandit's cheek gently. "I love you, Tasuki... If you believe me... then believe I'll never leave you."

"Gods, I love you too! So much!" He pulled back just enough to lay his lips against Chichiri's in a soft and loving kiss...just as the body in his arms fell limp.

No...no...oh suzaku this cant be happening...

Chichiri lay in his arms, head tilted back, his eye closed. He...He looked peaceful...content. A hitched sob ripped itself from Tasuki's mouth as he started to shake.

"Don't go, koi...DON'T GO!" He bowed his head over the lifeless body, wailing his grief to the dark sky.


The seishi in heaven could only watch down in sorrow as their brother warrior screamed so loud his voice began to crack, streams of tears falling down his face and neck as the skies opened up and rain began to pour down upon the scorched land.

"I cant believe this..." Nuriko whispered in horror as he hid his face in Hotohori's chest, "I cant!"

"You two truly deserved each other." The emperor said gently to the man that suddenly appeared in their midst, dressed in a flowing dark blue robe with matching sash and his ever-present staff in his hand.

"I never meant for it to happen this way." Chichiri said sadly, trying not to cry himself as he gazed upon his suffering lover. "At least now he will have life."

"Oh, you think so?" Taitskun asked from where she sat floating in the air not a few feet away from five of the seven seishi. "Do you really think your lover will just sit around? You forget whom you were up against and what kind of person Suzaku no Shichiseishi Tasuki is.."

Chichiri's eye widened in shock, "He wouldn't!"

"He is your lover. You tell us."

"SEND ME BACK!" Chichiri screamed at the creator. "SEND ME BACK RIGHT NOW!"


"And now...little bandit...you are all mine."

Tasuki gently laid the monk's corpse on the ground, wrapping it carefully in his own jacket before standing to face the one responsible. His eyes were hard as they gazed upon the beauty men had, literally died for, over the centuries.

Raven black hair cascaded to well past her thighs, high sculpted cheekbones, full lips painted scarlet. She was perfect, an epitome of the carnal desire known as lust. She was curved in all the right places, her chest high and full, her legs long and shapely. However...

She killed Chichiri. She KILLED him.

"Last little seishi..." She drawled, her blood red eyes sparkling as she advanced upon the seemingly unarmed man, "Your lover left you, yes he did...Left you for me...You are mine now..."

Tasuki's head was bowed so that his fiery red hair hid his eyes from view. A tear dripped off his chin and his fists clenched at his sides. "Oh...You think so, do you...?" He gave a humorless chuckle as he knelt swiftly to pick something up from the ground.

Blood-stained metal glinted in the dim light.


"CHICHIRI, HURRY!" Nuriko yelled, spinning on his heel and nearly charging past Mitsukake and Chiriko who were struck silent by the present situation.

Chichiri grabbed one of the many nyan-nyan's Taitskun had just materialized and shook it back and forth until it agreed to let him borrow its body. He was just about ready to go back when there was a startled gasp from the rest of his star brothers.

Freezing where he stood he turned slowly to look behind him, horror etched on his face. Tasuki stood by his body, both hands holding the hilt of a sword that was imbedded in his chest.

Blood was running down his hands but he hardly seemed to be caring. Rain had soaked his body and his hair stuck to his forehead as he turned his face to the heavens, his eyes closing even as he collapsed to his knees in the mud.


"NOO!" The monk screamed, his voice hoarse as he sprang at Taitskun, grabbing her collar, "DON'T YOU DARE LET THIS HAPPEN! DON'T YOU DARE!"

"It is regrettable, the fate Shichiseishi no Tasuki chose for himself, however, it is not in my power to change what has already been done." She caught her pupil as he collapsed, sobbing and crying out in denial.

"W-What does this mean...?" Chiriko whispered.

"It means, Suzaku no shichiseishi Chiriko... That your fellow seishi will not be joining you here." The creator spoke over Chichiri's cries, her own voice tinted with sorrow.

"But...why not?"

"He took his own life. Such an act is hypocritical in the eyes of the gods. The rule is that one who commits suicide...is doomed to spend an eternity in the abyss."

The seishi exchanged looks of downright horror before turning as one to look at the huddled mass on the floor of heaven that was Ri Houjun...celestial warrior Chichiri. His sobbing reached all new heights as Taitskun finished her explaining and he suddenly threw back his head to scream.



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