Till death do us part

Chapter two: Genrou

Rating: M

Summary: After the violent deaths of the remaining seishi, Suzaku has granted his children a new life...But is it that much different from the first? Chichiri has found Tasuki again- but its up to the former monk to get the other to fall in love with him once again. But there are those who would stop that from happening...

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"All right now - I see the head...Push!"

The young woman strained against the dark leather straps that held her down to the cold metal table, eyes glinting with rage and a good bit of insanity, doctors rushing around shouting orders even as she tried to snap at them with blood flecked teeth.

She felt someone shove something in her mouth so she couldn't bite her tongue anymore, not that she felt the pain in any case. Snapping her wrists forward, she tried to get off the table. They were saying things to her, things she didn't and wouldn't understand.

"There we go...Once more, just one more push and its over. It'll be all over." The man in the scrubs tried to coax her, but she wasn't going to have it. Any of it. This baby was evil and she did NOT want it!

"We're losing him!" A woman's voice cried out over the rushing, horror filled. "If she keeps this up, she'll kill the child!"

"Knock her out." The man stared down into her dark amber eyes and felt no pity for the woman who would dare do this, purposely. Who would intentionally try and kill her baby. That was murder in his eyes. "Knock her out. We can birth him ourselves."

"NO!" She screamed, managing to spit the leather strap from her mouth, snapping at anyone who came close enough to her teeth. "NOOO! I don't want it! I DON'T WANT IT! LET IT DIE - LET IT ROT!!"

Years later, and Kou Shun'u can still recall a sterile white room and a woman's voice, twisted in hate, and the first he ever heard...screaming. Screaming out, "Kill it! KILL IT OR I WILL!!!"


"Hey...Shun'u?" The quiet, and yet...almost commanding? Voice roused the boy from his daydreams, and the small redhead bolted up immediately.

"Koji!" The seven year old smiled, "How have you been?" His amber eyes sparkled happily. You see, it had been years since he had last seen the rowdy brown-haired kid and even longer since he had actually been allowed to play with him.

"I'm all right." Koji looked over his shoulder warily, as if waiting for someone to leap out of the bushes at him. "Look, I have to get back before my mom sees me here."

Shun'u's face fell. "Oh..." He wasn't sure why Koji was never allowed to play with him, or why none of the other kids would either. He figured it had something to do with him. After all...Why would they all play together and never invite him?

"But...I, uh, wanted to give you this." His friend held out his hand, where a gold chain dangled between his fingers.

Blinking, the seven year old reached out gently, "What's...this?"

"It's a present. I thought it was, kind of, like you.." Koji dropped it into his palm, before giving him a small smile. "I gotta go."

As he sprinted off, Shun'u picked up the chain, blinking again at the small charm he found dangling at the end. It was a wolf, grinning with fangs not unlike his own. Okay, maybe they weren't fangs, exactly, but he liked to think they were.

He touched the tips of one of his canines with his finger. Is this what Koji meant? It reminded him of Shun'u because of the fangs? Something on the back caught his eye and he flipped it over to read what it said.

'Genrou.' or 'Phantom wolf.'

"Genrou, huh?" He grinned softly to himself, looking over to the small dot that was Koji, walking in his front door.

"Thanks buddy."

For one split second, the other looked back, met his eyes...

And smiled.


Eventually, and that was said in the most sarcastic of terms, the authorities moved Shun'u to a foster care service and he spent quite a while in an orphanage before a young couple took the chance and adopted him.

It was odd, usually the younger people wouldn't dream of adopting a male in his teens, much less adopting a teenager at all, and yet at 13 he found himself with a family only a couple years older then himself.

The wife, Marissa, was a pretty blonde thing with wide green eyes. She liked to cook and usually supplied the ever growing youth with wonderful home-cooked meals for lunch. He had the money to get food at school, but why do that to himself?

The husband's name was Eric and he was hardly ever home, having chosen a career as an up and coming construction manager that kept him on the job more then at home. In his eyes, he supplied the money they lived off of, they could do without him for at least a bit.

Until he got things under control.

Marissa, however, didn't really seem to mind that her husband never came home and opted instead to spend her time with her adopted son. That was the first sign something wasn't right in this family.

The second sign was spread out somewhat, and was so subtle he nearly missed them every time. A hug here, a kiss there. It wasn't until she actually...put her hand where it didn't belong...did the teen realize what was going on.

He had pushed her off of course, face red not so much in anger as embarrassment. He was confused, and didn't quite understand what his mother could have been thinking. This family had adopted him for heaven's sake! And here...she was...

However, it kept happening, and every time he let it go. Excuses ran through his mind. She would stop, it was just something she needed to get out of her system. Maybe he had misunderstood her, and she wasn't trying to do something...wrong.

Then there was the one that plagued his dreams at night, one that kept him up to all hours as he tried to find the answer. He needed the answer, because it was the question with no answer in sight.

Maybe that was what a mother's love was.

He wouldn't know.

His own mother was insane.

The next night, when she came to him, the wind whipped outside his window, throwing the room in sharp relief, sending the tree limbs outside into a frenzy, until it almost looked like fingers were trying to get in, scratching against the glass.

"Shun'u?" Her voice was soft, as she slid to his side wearing nothing more then a nightgown. "Love-"

He reached up with one finger, placing it over her lips as he sat up in bed. His amber eyes, suddenly wolfish in the dark, nearly glowing, looked straight at her and his lips curled up into a small smile.

"Call me Genrou."


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