Hi! This is my first Naruto ficcy so – Yay! I'm not actually fond of the Naruto pairings for Kakashi (and I'm also not a big yaoi fan) (sigh) So I decided to make up a character that would go best with him! Yay Again!

Disclaimer: Kakashi and Naruto do not belong to me! The only character that belongs to me is Tani Hikari!


Kakashi in Love?

Chapter 1: Hikari


It was like any normal morning in Konoha - the streets carpeted by people moving to and fro - continuing their busy lives.

Among the crowd was the notorious Jounin, Hatake Kakashi, who was now walking through the streets with his nose stuck, or better said glued, in his book, Icha Icha Paradise. And how he loved that book so. Such a vulgar senseless book he had read in public with pride. Such a brave man he was.

"..and so Junko approached Nina. Then, he..." He stopped reading out-loud and stopped in the middle of the street, and couldn't help but giggle.

People who passed by simply stared at him awkwardly. But Kakashi didn't mind - as always.

After getting the giggle off his shoulders, he continued to read and stroll down the street. He was so into his book, in fact, that he was too oblivious of the fact that he passed the flower stand that he always stopped by daily.

Not only that, the flower clerk, or lady, in Kakashi's flower stand destination, seemed deeply interested in him when she had first had him catch her eye. What an interesting fellow... She thought. The flower lady couldn't help but, lean over the counter just to see him walk down the street. That's until she accidentally knocked over a vase of flowers at the counter. "SHIMAKTA!" she cursed out loud banging a fist on the counter.

She cursed it out so loud, that it actually snapped Kakashi out of his "Book Hypnosis Syndrome."

"Nani?" he mumbled turning around to see a shattered vase, fallen flowers, and it's water soaking into the earth; and not to mention the reaction of the flower lady.

The flower lady flustered quietly in embarrassment. She mentally hit herself... several times. You big baka! Baka! BAKA! Look at this, everyone's staring at me because of this! Which wasn't logically true because the only person this little 'scene' has caught attention to was Kakashi himself.

The Jounin shoved his book into his pocket and scratched his ruffled grey hair. By the bright look in his eye, the flower lady could tell that Kakashi was smiling. "Ah, an accident..." He said.

"Uhm.. well..." The lady mumbled.

Kakashi took a good look at her. She was probably a couple years younger than him. She was also slim, had long beautiful dark brown hair with a gorgeous pair of hazel eyes.

'A being carved by angels,' Is what Kakashi mentally described the flower lady. But oh well... he thought. Looks can't be everything... according from his studies in the Icha Icha Paradise series.

Moving back to reality, the flower lady stared at Kakashi in a disturbed expression. But who wouldn't? He had been staring at her for some while now. It was intimidating and disturbing.

And yet, now that I mention it, he looks so tall and slender and most of his face is covered by that mask... The flower lady thought in awe. He's so mysterious...

"..oh! Gomen nasai!" Kakashi said with a low laugh. He began to scratch the back of his head again. "I went journeying into my thoughts again haven't I?"

"Eh? EHH? Oh-- Gomen, g-gomen!" she said snapping out of her thoughts as well. "That was rude of me... I've also been in deep thought as well..."

"Hehe.. don't blame yourself..." He kneeled down at the mess. "Now, I'll just clean this up." He started picking up the shattered pieces of the vase by hand.

"EH? Please! Don't burden yourself!" she pleaded with the words 'GUILT' written all over her face. "It's my fault! I shouldn't be making you clean up the mess that I made! And you're cleaning it with your bare hands, too! You're going to cut yourself! Please, let me get a a dustpan and broom and I'll clean it!"

The Jounin laughed. "Ahhh... don't worry... I'm fine. I don't mind doing it. It's no big deal. Besides, it's my fault anyway. Because of me, you were leaning out so far just to watch me walk away and then you tipped over the vase. If I weren't the center of your attention, this probably never would've happened."

Wow... he's so thoughtful and -- how did he know I was watching him? Wait - that headband! That must mean -- "You're a ninja?" she exclaimed out of nowhere.

The Jounin laughed once more. "You just noticed?"

She flinched. Gargh! Now he's teasing me!

The Jounin threw the shattered vase leftovers in the nearest waist basket. "There, all done..." He sang as he dusted off his gloved palms.

"Th-thank you... B-but you didn't have to do that... I could've done it myself. I feel like such a burden to yo--"

Kakashi cut her off by sealing her lips by pressing it softly with his index finger. "You're not a burden!" He said firmly.

The flower lady couldn't help but think... He's so charming...

After a short period of silence, his lips under his mask curled into a smile.

He took his finger off her lips.

"Besides," he took out the bouquet of flowers from the broken vase he had been holding on to for quite some time and gave it to the flower lady. "You shouldn't let such beautiful flowers go to waste..."

The flower lady reminisced a series of painful memories. She then afterwards came to the realization that the ninja was about to leave. "Ah--! You're leaving?"

Kakashi looked back at her. "Uhm... yeah... I sort of have a life... you know?"

The flower lady frowned at his sarcastic remark.

"See ya..." he said waving from behind.

The flower lady exchanged glances at the flowers and the ninja. She seemed to be stuck on an urge of making a decision. "Wait--!" She finally called out.

The Jounin turned around once again.

"I would like to know your name... you seem like an interesting guy and I was wondering if we can meet again, once more, at the Akabeko at 8 o' clock this evening," she said blushing slightly. "If it's not much trouble to your busy schedule." GAH! BAKA BAKA! I feel like I'm asking him on a date and it's not normal for girls to ask guys on dates! It's suppose to be the other way around! He's totally going to think I'm a weird-o!

"Sure... 8 is fine..." Kakashi replied thoughtfully.

The flower lady had a surprised expression on her face. She didn't actually think this ninja out of nowhere would accept her invitation.

"Oh, and my name is Hatake Kakashi..." He added. "May I know your name in return?"

Hatake Kakashi... "My name is Tani Hikari..." she said simply.

"Hmmm... well Hikari-san... I look forward to tonight!" he went the other direction and walked away, book in hand, and waving goodbye with the other. "Sayanara!" he sang.

And thus, when Kakashi walked out of Hikari's sight, she began to notice the crowds moving and the people chattering among themselves making unharmonious tunes of voices.

She felt as if time was moving again.


Kakashi stood there in front of the slab of stone wiping off the dirt on the names of his fellow comrades. He, every morning, would always come here to visit his comrades before he went off to train his Team #7 (which explains why he's late all the time).

Then, a realization hit him, and he cursed under his breath.

The Jounin growled quietly to himself. "Damnit. I forgot to buy flowers..."


Hehehe... it took me 2 hours but chapter 1 is finished! XD I hope this story isn't put to waist... Well anyway, an additional note, to those who have recognized, the Akabeko is a restaurant from anime/mange series Rurouni Kenshin. Hahaha. I couldn't think of a restaurant or bar that would be in Konoha (except the ramen shop but I don't want to put that setting into use)

And anyway, about this Hikari character... I do hope you don't find her frustrating... Well anyway... she DOES reminds me of Tohru-san from Furuba... hehehehe... Ah well... (reads manga, and eats pocky)