The Chronicles of Naruto

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This story is set in the current time line of the manga, however none of the events have occurred as they did in the manga

Chapter 1 The Beginning of a New Journey

It was a beautiful morning in the village of Konoha. The sun was shinning brightly, the birds were singing their song, and the streets were buzzing with activity. Like any other morning in the village over the past month and yet it was so much more than the rest. For this was the day after the completion of the chuunin exam. All around the village various shinobi and lords from their separate countries were moving about. Most preparing to leave for their home country, some simply doing their morning exercises, and others just waking up as the first rays of sunlight came through the windows. One of the people who were just waking up was Uzumaki Naruto, and this day was a very special day for him because he was one of the 2 genin to pass the chuunin exam, the other person shall remain nameless as they are not important to this story.

For the first few moments of consciousness he moved slow and sluggish, that is until he remembered what day it was. After that his body sprang to life and his eyes became very focused on the green vest that was hanging right in front of him. Naruto smiled and then let out a cry of cheer loud enough to wake the neighbors 3 blocks away if they were not already. Several people outside even looked into his window only to see a young man jumping up and down screaming " I did it!" and " I'm a Chuunin!" over and over again. Some smiled and laughed as they continued walking while others scowled and mumbled to themselves.

When Naruto had finally calmed down he looked at the vest again smiled with genuine happiness; which soon turned to a look of confusion as he noticed a note sticking out of a pocket. He took it out and read "No this is not a dream. You are now a chuunin. I need to have a little chat with you. Meet me at the baths at 10:00 AM. 'The Great Frog Hermit' ". Naruto folded the note back up and looked at the clock. "WHAT? It's 9:45 already? Damn, I slept too long". With that he through his clothes on, put on his head protector and vest, and went charging out the door.

Sigh. Did it have to be at the baths? Couldn't he have chosen a more convenient spot like right outside? He's probably just doing some of his "research". Jeez, why do I always have to do things by HIS terms? It was like this the entire 3 years too. We never once did anything the way I wanted to. Well, that's not exactly true i guess. Awe screw it,he's still going to get it for this. growl ugh. I should have grabbed and instant ramen on the way out. Oh that's a good way to get him back. I'll make him pay for ramen, but then again knowing him he'll probably just leave after he finishes talking and leave me with the bill. Grrr. There has to be a way to get back at him. On the way down Naruto had thought of several different ways to get revenge on his perverted teacher, but when he saw him doing his 'research' he got a new one and threw the rest away.

evil smirk appears on his face

When Naruto was sure he was close enough he shouted "Oi, PERVERTED HERMIT! I'M HERE WHAT DID YOU WANT." This, of course, cause Jiraya to panic and his 'stealth jutsu' was thrown off a bit. He turned around to see the annoying blonde boy running at him screaming about the meeting they were supposed to have. "Damn you Naruto!" Suddenly Jiraya felt a large amount of danger surrounding him. He slowly turned to find several young women with towels wrapped around them starring down at him. Each had the usual 'KILL' look in their eyes and all of them seemed to be cracking their knuckles for some reason. Naruto just cringed and laughed as he watched his teacher receive yet another beating from a pack of women at a bath house. He recognized a few of the girls as participants from the exam. They look cooler in their uniforms. he thought.

After the beating was finished Naruto received the usual lecture about how he shouldn't interrupt a man while he is doing research. Naruto had heard this same speech several times over the years, and had learned to just tune it out. He also knew exactly when and what to say during the entire ordeal without even listening to what he was saying. The lecture concluded with "Good." from Jiraya and Naruto mumbling "Like clockwork.". They then proceeded to the nearest ramen stand since Naruto would not shut up until they did.

Jiraya - "Hey, Naruto. Now that you have been granted the rank of Chuunin you will have a lot more responsibilities pushed on you."

Naruto nodded in confirmation. "Another bowl."

Jiraya - "You will be expected to act like an adult and a rational leader of shinobi. The missions that you will be receiving will also be harder from now on. All of these things come with the new title that you have been given. Do you understand?"

Naruto – "Yes." he said in a slightly annoyed tone. "You do know that I got a very similar speech for old lady Tsunade right after I finished right?"

Jiraya - "Yes, but I could tell then that you didn't really understand what was being. You had the look of an idiot who just agrees with everything so you can get what you want."

Naruto - "You mean like the look you get when you are talking to the women in the red light area of those towns we visited?"


Naruto - So was I "Well, anyway I do understand what is to be expected of me with my new title."

Jiraya stopped for a few seconds to study Naruto's reaction.

Jiraya - "Good. I wanted to talk to you to confirm that for myself."

With that Jiraya got up and started to leave.

Jiraya - "Oh yeah. Naruto, Tsunade said that she wanted to see you at 3:00 today she has your first assignment as a chuunin already lined up."

Naruto - cough "What? already?"

Jiraya - "Yep, and if I could suggest something." He moved back towards Naruto and whispered "You may want to be a little more serious about this one than the previous missions that you've done with me. There are a lot of people who are opposed to you becoming a chuunin and they are just looking for a reason to put you back where you were. You must understand Naruto that because of this promotion you have begun a whole new journey for yourself. You will be tested like few others simply because there are many people who don't like the fact that you exist, let alone that you are moving up in status. Another thing you will have to watch for is Akatsuki. I have heard reports of several Akatsuki sightings in countries right around the same time as various shinobi abduction cases, and I doubt that it's just a coincidence. They have probably already gotten wind of your new title, as well as the ease in which you got it. They may come at you harder and sooner than they would have otherwise. They fear your growth, as do many in the village You must be more careful form now on."

After finishing he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, smiled, and left. Naruto sat there for a while pondering over the new information that he had just received. After a few minutes of contemplation he payed the owner and left. The owner frowned and looked down at the near full bowl of ramen that was left on the counter. "Did he not like it?" he wondered.

Author's Notes:

Well this is my first attempt at writing a story and I would appreciate any comments you have (helpful only please). Thanks.