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Chapter 37: The Final Gift

You are quite the hypocrite. The sentence repeated in his mind as he dove aside to avoid a sweeping tail. He rolled to his feet and looked on at the, currently six tailed, monster he had turned his friend, his brother, into. It's true. I am a hypocrite, but it doesn't matter. He thought as he dodged a number of other tails. Then, all at once, the tails shot themselves straight into the dirt and the Kyuubi threw a giant arm of chakra towards him. Sasuke fled to the left, but the arm turned to follow, and so intent was he on the arm that he almost failed to notice the slight vibration in the ground below him. When Sasuke finally felt the quiver he leaped into the air and a second later all six tails exploded from below, spiraling towards their prey. The Uchiha, knowing how vulnerable he was in the air, turned his back to the ground and started to form a few seals.

Sasuke - "Goukakyuu no Jutsu" The Uchiha said and spat out a large fireball, the force of which propelled him downward. Just before hitting the ground he twisted his body, hit the ground in a roll, and came up sprinting. Heh. This isn't going to be as hard as I thought. He thought to himself as he examined the destruction caused by the last series of attacks. All I have to do is avoid his attacks and he'll eventually... His thoughts were interrupted by a voice he never expected to hear again.

Sakura - "Naruto! Naruto stop!" She yelled from down the street, running towards the two.

Sasuke - "Sakura?" He wondered aloud. What is she doing here? Oki should have taken her out of the city by now. "Hey, Sakura. What are..." With the new distraction Sasuke had failed to heed the attacks of the Kyuubi. All six of the tails slammed into his side, sending him flying through the walls of a nearby building.

Sakura - "Sauske!" She screamed and ran towards him fully aware that she had become the monster's next target, but for some reason it didn't move to attack. A single lash of a retracting tail, which was easily dodged, was the only resistance the pink haired shinobi came across. When Sakura reached her friend, she turned to face the Kyuubi and found out why. The tails had formed into an odd symbol above his body, and they were drawing in energy. Sakura instinctively knew there was no way she could avoid it, especially with Sasuke still on the ground next to her. So with a steadfast determination, the pink haired shinobi faced her death head on. Then, a figure landed right next to the monster and punched it so hard it went flying more than a block away. "Tsunade-sensei!" She yelled, for that indeed who it was that just saved her. The fifth Hokage did not hesitate in pursuit and for the first time Sakura had noticed the many shinobi that had gathered area, but none of them were moving to help the situation. "Why?" She pondered aloud.

Sasuke - "They're scared." He said answering her question.

Sakura - "Sasuke!" She towards him. "You're alright." He grunted and sat up.

Sasuke - "Yeah. That was a tough hit, but I managed to mostly protect myself from it. More importantly, why are you still here?" Sakura's face scrunched up in confusion.

Sakura - "What do you mean?"

Sasuke - "Didn't Oki come to get you?"

Sakura - "Oh, her. Yes she did come, but Shikamaru stopped her and told me to go after Naruto."

Sasuke - "Damn him." He mumbled under his breath and stood up. "Alright, that's fine, but you need to get out of the city now."

Sakura - "Huh?"

Sasuke - "It's going to be destroyed, and if you're still here you will die as well."

Sakura - "But, we can help can't we? We can help Naruto."

Sasuke - "No!" He said harshly, and gave her a fierce glare. "You need to leave. Now!" He finished sternly, but it seemed to have the opposite effect that he had expected it to have, because the pink haired shinobi just returned his stern glare.

Sakura - "No!" She practically growled back at him. The two stood in silence for what seemed like minutes, but really no more than ten seconds had passed when the Uchiha turned away from her.

Sasuke - "Damn stubborn woman. Fine, stay." He forced the words out of his mouth and started back towards the fight. "I guess I have to kill him then." He said louder than he intended to and the words clearly caught Sakura by surprise.

Sakura - "What? What do you mean kill him? I thought we were going to help him?"

Sasuke - "Do you know any other way to help him!" He yelled back to her without turning around. "He's no longer in control, that monster is. It won't stop until it is satisfied, and I guarantee you that just one small village will not be enough to sate it's hunger." Sakura didn't respond. She only watched the cursed seal moved over his body as he hurried towards the fight. By the time he arrived Tsunade was holding a wound on her right arm and heavily favoring the same leg. "Greetings madam Hokage. You fought well, but you can just leave the rest to me." She shot him an angry glare, but the anger changed to confusion, almost fear, when she saw the second stage seal release.

Tsunade - "" Was all she managed to stammer out.

Sasuke - "Don't worry. I won't let him destroy Konoha." He looked back to Sakura, who was now running to him. "I can't let him destroy Konoha." Walking past the Hokage and focusing solely on the monster in front of him, he noticed that there was a seventh tail swinging above his head. Oh. You released the cursed seal have you? Are going to stop running? "I'm not running away anymore." He said unemotionally. So you've finally accepted your final fate then? A ball of lightning form in his right hand. "Not hardly." The lightning grew and shaped itself into that of a fist blade. In a sudden, but quick, motion, Sasuke launched himself. Just before he hit, the Kyuubi leaped backwards and sent all seven tails in a spear like motion towards the cloud of dust. In the tails went and out came the Uchiha, speeding towards his opponent with a fury burning behind his red eyes.

The Kyuubi knew the Uchiha would follow him into the air and he sent an arm forward to return him to the ground, knowing he couldn't dodge it, but he did. With a single beat of the powerful wings on Sasuke's back, that the Kyuubi had failed to anticipate for, he moved away from the giant arm's trajectory and continued towards his target. Frustrated, the monster sent out the other arm, as well as several more that branched off the other arm. Sasuke didn't pay any attention to the arms moving up behind him. His only focus was the arm coming from above, and when it got in close enough he thrust his lightning blade into the palm of the chakra. To the Kyuubi's horror, the chakra arm was being split by the blade. My chakra cannot be cut! He roared in defiance to the seemingly impossible act. A second ball of lightning started to form in Sasuke's left hand, and it quickly shaped itself into a spear. You cannot cut my Chakra! He screamed again just before the Uchiha thrust his spear forward.

The Kyuubi's body, not believing his own words, shifted to the right. Which caused the spear like weapon to only puncture its shoulder rather than the chest. In a rage, the monster grabbed the man who was now close enough to attack and threw him back down into the ground with a force greater than that which Tsunade could have ever hoped to produce. His wings, beating fiercely against the fall, saved him from the deadly impact. The Uchiha pulled himself out of the impact crater that he had just created and watched his opponent land several yards away.

Sasuke - "Did that hurt oh great and terrible monster?" He said mocking the pride of his enemy. I have felt far worse in my time Uchiha, but only once before from the hands of a human I will admit. "You're going to feel much worse than that soon enough." Don't think I'll ever let you get that close again. He finished and shot all of his in a curved manner over his head, forming two condensed balls of chakra. Feeling the immense amount of chakra in the spheres, Sasuke began forming every kind of barrier he could think of to put between himself and the Kyuubi. The chakra spheres moved into each other and then shrank enough from him to swallow. "Raiton, Raijin no Kanmon." He said and formed a dome like shield of lightning around himself. The Uchiha quickly moved the majority of the barrier's power to the front. None too soon either, because, a second later a powerful blast exploded throughout the area. The ball of chakra ripped through the other barriers Sasuke put up like leaves, but the blast seemed to halt when it reached Sasuke. The blast didn't even veer around him when it hit. He held all the power of the blast in that one spot, and after a few very long moments it dissipated.

Sasuke was breathing heavily and sweat could be seen all over his face after he released the barrier. Most impressive Uchiha Sasuke. He said with sincere admiration. Very few of the beings in existence, let alone a human, could fully block an attack such as that. It is shame that I will have to rid your race of such a champion. Another ball of chakra formed in his hand and it quickly formed itself into a blade.

Sasuke - "We'll see who loses a champion this day." He grinned and charged forward again, but the Kyuubi made no move to strike at him. What's he planning? He wondered, and as if on cue the Kyuubi's body bloated again. What? Another one? He stopped and formed several seals fast than any camera could possibly catch. "Raiton, Raijin no Kanmon." He said and got the barrier up just before the blast hit him. Only this time he didn't get to focus the strength of the shield. The wave moved around him, destroying several buildings behind him, and soon enough his barrier gave out and he was thrown back with the wave. Luckily for him, the attack was at its end by the time he lost control of the barrier, so the damage was minimal, but still severe. The Kyuubi did not hesitate to follow up on the kill.

Kakashi - "Naruto!" The monster heard yelled behind him. Annoyed at the interruption he face off against the new opponent who also had a ball of lightning in hand, but he was not nearly as effective as the Uchiha. After only a few short moves, a tail slammed into the Jounin and sent flying away from the battle. Satisfied that the human would not bother him until he was finished, the monster continued to Sasuke.

Sakura - "Naruto! Stop!" She screamed at him. Damn these interruptions! He yelled in a rage and sent all seven tails to skewer the annoying woman. Sakura didn't move. She knew the tails were coming at her, but she didn't move. He won't kill me! Naruto wouldn't kill me! Her mind screamed at her. She fell to her knees and closed her eyes, not wanting to witness the falsity of her belief.

Sakura sat their for several seconds and felt nothing, but she didn't open her eyes out of fear. Then something dropped on her head. That didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. She mused to herself, thinking she had died, but then she felt another drop hit her head, and another. Against her own better judgment she opened her eyes and looked up to see a person standing in front of her, a man in fact. His face was sad, but at the same time happy. His skin was an ashen gray color and he had a pair of wings coming out from his back.

Sakura - "Angel?" She mused to herself in disbelief.

Sasuke - "Sakura." He weakly said. A small trickle of blood escaped from his mouth. At that moment Sakura saw that which her eyes did not take in before. Five orange spear like objects had pierced his body, and the other two went through each wing. "Are you alright?" Sakura could only nod in affirmation. "Good." His body started to tremble. "Sakura, I'm sorry." He said just before the tails retracted themselves. He fell to his knees, with Sakura there to catch him before he fell over.

Sakura - "Sasuke!" She yelled as fell into her arms. From the distance she heard a vicious and terrible laughter. That fool! He's the only person in this pathetic village, the entire country, who could even consider fighting evenly with me, and yet he gave his life to protect a single woman who's going to die anyway! HAHA! Sakura cast an angry glare at the monster, but her expression changed when she saw what looked like an expression of shock on its face. Now. Time to end this pathetic little town. He said evilly, but didn't move. Huh? He said and tried to move, but nothing did. What's going on. He said angrily to himself.

The moment Sasuke leaped in to protect Sakura from the Kyuubi, Naruto became aware again. His mind was taken back to the day he learned that he had a monster inside of him. He remembered how Iruka had jumped in front to protect him much the same way Sasuke just did. He remembered Iruka saying that he wasn't a monster. Not a monster. He mused to himself. I am not a monster! He screamed at himself and pushed his will against the Kyuubi's.

The monster backed up a few steps, stood on its hind legs, and let out a deafening screech of pain. He scrambled trying to do anything to clear his head, destroying everything in its path. You damn brat! Get out of my head!

Naruto - "It's my head! My mind! My body! You go back to your hole and stay there quietly!" Never. I no longer need this body. I will rip myself free from this accursed prison! "You will not! I won't let you destroy this village. I won't let you kill anymore people!" You cannot stop me brat! You do not have a strong enough will to hold me anymore with the seal completely gone! I will be free! "No! I won't let you!" Naruto's voice screamed out and every shinobi in the area was watching the struggle for power in awe. The chakra surrounding Naruto began to disappear, and soon it was completely gone. Leaving a battered and bloody Naruto lying on the ground with his clothes all but torn to shreds. Sakura rushed up to help him, but before she got there he shot up in pain. He rolled onto his belly and began to crawl to his friend, with each movement sending waves of pain shooting throughout his body.

Sakura - "Naruto!" The pink haired shinobi screamed when she reached him. She fell to ground and picked up his body so that he was on his knees. "Naruto, what's wrong?" He just continued to convulse in agony. Sakura started to use some medical ninjitsu on him, but he grabbed her hand to stop her. He had a look of immense desperation in his eyes.

Naruto - "Sakura, help me." He managed to whisper.

Sakura - "How? Tell me how to..."

Naruto - "!" He growled between his teeth. Sakura stopped and thought about the implications of what he had just said. "Help me!" He screamed this time so forcefully that tears started to well up in her eyes. "Help me! Please!" He screamed at her again. The tears were starting to flow down her cheeks now, her hands clasped around one of his.

Sakura - "I...I can't." She said between sobs, unable to control herself at her friend's desperation.

Naruto - "Please!" He yelled again, and this time it was answered. His body lurched forward as a fist exploded through his chest, splattering Sakura with his blood. The three of them sat there for moment, not moving. Then the gray on the arm began to disappear and reveal Sasuke's real body. Sakura looked up at him to see seal had gone entirely. He was smiling. Not like the smile he had used to goat Naruto into a rage earlier, but a simple smile shared between friends.

Saskue - "My gift to you." He said before pulling out his arm and falling to the ground. Naruto smiled too.

Naruto - "Thank you." He said, and managed to stammer out one last word, "Sakura." as he stroked her cheek, before falling backwards over his dead friend.

At first Sakura just stared in disbelief. Not wanting to accept the reality of what just happened. She shook their bodes to revive them, but to no avail. Tears began forming in her eyes again as she looked on. Soon enough she threw herself over the their bodies, wailing helplessly into them. The many shinobi looking on, including the Hokage, could do nothing, but pity the poor girl.


Sakura walked out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her as she headed to the bedroom where she got dressed. The pink haired shinobi moved out to the kitchen and finished the breakfast that she left there before going to the shower. When Sakura was done she went to the sink and started washing the dishes. Outside the kitchen window Sakura watched the birds happily singing on the power line. She watched as children ran down the street playing their shinobi games that she so often used to play with all her friends when they were young. She watched how everything had seemingly gone back to normal, as if the events that occurred in the city only a month prior had never occurred.

There were obvious signs to show that the events did indeed occur. Most notably of which was the vast section of houses being built were many had fallen during the Kyuubi's rampage. However, despite all of this everyone in the city was going about their lives without any regard to those incidents that had so shaken the town.

Sakura - "As it should be." She whispered to herself as she finished putting the dishes away. At that point she heard a cry coming from down the hall. Sakura gave a weak smile and made her way to the room where a fussy Jeros was laying in a crib. The pink haired woman picked up the baby and cradled him in her arms. "Shhhh. I know. I know. Let's go see him." She said softly and grabbed a bottle on the way out.

Sakura moved down the hall, back through the kitchen, and into the living room where she opened a sliding glass door. She stepped out into her new back yard and quickly made her way to a large stone slab that sat in the middle of the lawn. There, Sakura got down on both knees so that she was sitting on her heels, and turned Jeros, with bottle in hand and mouth, to face the slab of stone.

Sakura - "Here Jeros. This is where your father is, along with his closest friend. I tried to get your mother to buried here too, but Hyuugas would not permit it. Saying that she would be cremated and tossed into the wind as per their family tradition. Your father was a great man Jeros. Throughout his life, he faced many hardships, including a loneliness that very few people in the world could know of, and a monster so vicious that he had to fight daily just to keep control over it. But he fought through all of those hardships and came out a far better person than anybody could have believed possible."

"He pushed forward when everybody else lagged behind. He stood tall when all of his allies had slumped in defeat. He bled for each and every person in this village, just so that they would recognize him for what he was. He did so much more for this country that anybody and yet, because of his limitations, he was always looked upon with fear, even hate by a few. It is because of this fear that he was buried here, rather than in a grand cemetery where he belongs. It is because of this fear that myself, Tsunade, and all his friends, including even the Kazekage himself, had to practically plead with the town just to get his name written on the stone of heroes."

"Even still, I know he would not have complained. Well, not openly anyway. He would have just shrugged it off with a smile and walked away. That is why I am willing to leave it as it is, without complaint. Because I know that he would be content with the end result. Still, I find it strange that there was so much opposition to crowning him the hero that he was, but during his funeral precession, far more people that I would have ever expected showed up Even the older members who so sternly opposed the carving of his name showed up to pay homage to the young shinobi that did so much for his people. This may sound a bit odd, but it was an absolutely beautiful funeral. One worthy of a Hokage that Naruto used to try so hard to obtain." The woman was silent for a long time, until she looked down at the babe in her arms, bottle now empty, looking up at her.

"Sorry." She said and smiled again. "I guess I got lost in my thoughts. Just know that your father was a far better man than he got credit for, and if you have even a fraction of his will within you, then you are far better off than most." She turned back to the headstone. "I can only hope that our child will have as much." She finished and started to get up, but stopped when she heard a call for her from a familiar voice.

Kiba - "Oi. Sakura. Are you home?"

Sakura - "Yeah, I'm in the back." She yelled back to him and after a few short moments the Inuzuka came through the door behind her.

Kiba - "Here again?"

Sakura - "Yeah. Same time every week, you know that." The man reached back and scratched his head.

Kiba - "Yeah, I guess I do." He said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, which only made Sakura smirk.

Sakura - "Don't worry about it." She said, stood up, and turned around to face him. At that point, Akamaru walked through the door and Jeros started to squirm.

Jeros - "Doggy!" He exclaimed happily as he futilely tried to reach for Akamaru. Both Sakura and Kiba laughed at the amusing spectacle.

Kiba - "Well, come on. They're doing the seating for the wedding, and the couples are supposed to arrive together."

Sakura - "Alright." She said and followed the Inuzuka through the house. Couples huh? She thought to herself as she closed the front door behind her.

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Goukakyuu no Jutsu / Grand Fireball

Raiton, Raijin no Kanmon / Lightning Element, Barrier of the Lightning God