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Chapter 30

Immediately after the assembly Sesshomaru and Sango retreated with a group of his retainers to another part of the palace. Sensing her fatigue, he recalled her pregnancy and took her hand in his as they walked together through the corridors. Eventually he instructed his guards to move at a slower pace, and watched his bride closely as the echoes of the dispersing crowd receded behind them.

"Sango...are you well?" he asked softly. He felt her lean her head against him and slow her pace even more. She was nearly asleep on her feet.

"Come exterminator." Sesshomaru lifted her in his arms to carry her the rest of the way.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked with a yawn while pushing a mouthful of ceremonial silk from her face. Being pregnant had so far not been the trial Sango expected but there were times she easily became fatigued, especially after experiencing stressful or intense situations.

"I'm exhausted, Sessh." She sunk into the strong arms of her beloved and nestled her head against his chest, happy to at last relax after a long day.

Out of the corner of his eye Sesshomaru could tell his servants were gawking at the sight of him cradling the human female in his arms. They had never witnessed such intimate behavior on the part of their master before and could not hide their curiosity.

'Insolent dogs, they forget their place. I will have to speak to Tamaku,' thought Sesshomaru. He said nothing and refocused his attention on Sango.

"We still have business to conduct huntress," he said softly while brushing his lips against her forehead.

"Business?" She closed her eyes and heard the footsteps of retainers following behind them along with the murmured salutations of various youkai passing by.

"If you are not overly indisposed, I intend to mate you and mark you as my bitch. I am taking you to my bed."

Sango opened her eyes and rolled them, but grinned. "You make it sound like a chore, my lord. Have I become a bothersome task?" She tightened her grasp around his neck and yawned. 'Here is the youkai I know and love. He makes it all sound so romantic,' she thought.

"Hmm," he grunted. Sango looked up to check the faint sly smirk on his face and couldn't help laughing out loud.

Mindful of her exhaustion from the evening's events and her pregnancy, Sesshomaru left Sango to rest before proceeding with the mating. He went off to meet with his council.

With Ryuchi he discussed territorial matters-- the end of the rebellion and the arrangements being made for payment of his warriors. For their success this time they could expect extra allotments of meat from the palace kitchens in addition to hard currency.

From Tamaku and Akira he sought impressions of the ceremony. It had never been seriously considered that the community might revolt at his announcement to mate a human woman, however Sesshomaru still thought it wise to guage the general mood of the palace by checking with his advisors. Tamaku's reassurance that the event had been peacefully received confirmed his intuition and satisfied him that there would be no need to put down any violent insurrections in his household, at least not that night.

After discussing a few other matters on the agenda, Sesshomaru declared his intent to retire for the evening. He stoically accepted the congratulations of Ryuchi, Tamaku and even Akira regarding Sango, and did not miss the sly smiles on their faces as he exited the conference room. 'Yes you lecherous dogs I am going to bed her,' he thought.

With Sesshomaru gone Sango had immediately felt an emptiness and wanted to have him near again but realized she would have to wait. After a light meal of fish, vegetables and milk brought to her in his sitting room by the palace cook, the exhausted girl promptly fell asleep.

Later on she awoke in the bedroom to Saki undressing her, removing the masses of silk finery that engulfed her body from neck to toe; she replaced the elaborate costume with a simple and more comfortable yukata.

After more sleep the taijiya roused at last to the soothing sensation of fingers trailing lightly over her body. 'He's back,' she thought with a smile. Laying still for a long time with her eyes closed, Sango luxuriated in his touch before finally sitting up.

"Sesshomaru. I want to discuss something before we...well, make it final."

"What would you like to discuss?" His voice was soft and calm, and he continued to caress her gently. In the days since the rebellion Sango had feared he'd lost his milder side, a trait she had come to appreciate. Now it seemed to have returned as the tender expression in his eyes and his careful touch filled her with joy.

To Sango the change had not weakened him one bit-- quite the contrary, in fact. In her mind his developed capacity for empathy only added to the formidable nature of his character. He could now be judicious without cruelty, something he had not fully appreciated in his father. But now that he had let it emerge in his own life he could see how it would help him to rule the Western lands more effectively, to perhaps avoid the sorts of problems that led to Jitsuo's rebellion.

Sango continued with her explanation. "Well, because we are so different-- I am human with a limited life span and you are youkai-- gods only know how old you are or will become..." she looked down, but he lifted her chin so that they were again eye to eye.

"I am not upset that my life will be short compared to yours, or even compared to that of our child." Their baby would be hanyou, and as such live much longer than its mother even though the human blood in its veins would also shorten its life. "I-I just want us to be together for as long as possible, and I want you to know that I love you no matter what happens."

It had always been in the back of her mind, the issue of their respective life spans. In the scheme of things Sango's mortal life was but a brief period in the many, many decades Sesshomaru had left to live on earth. Although this posed obvious problems of a practical nature it hadn't made a difference to Sango as far as her love for him was concerned, and she hoped he felt the same way.

"My dear one," he began. "I have considered this. Have you ever heard the expression that 'youkai mate for life?'"

She nodded. She savored the sweet, deliberate way he grazed her body with his fingertips. It had a pleasant, if distracting effect.

"The statement has literal significance. When a youkai male joins with a female in mating, the symbolic commingling of their blood ensures that they will pair off for life, at least in the natural progression of things. An accident or a war or some other catastrophe could take one or the other away, but all other things being equal, their life spans would be similar."

She listened carefully but could not help diverting her attention a little to admire his beauty. 'Just this morning I thought I'd never be this close to him again,' she thought, tingling at the sight of his open kimono. It revealed velvety skin, rippling abdominal muscles and the sculpted lines of his upper chest. She laid her hands on him and delighted at the way his body quivered slightly at her touch.

"Yes, I remember my father explaining that to me years ago. But that is for youkai, not humans, isn't it?" She looked at him in a way that spoke volumes about desire and love, and leaned in to lay soft kisses along his collarbone. She revelled in the elegant spiciness of his scent and ceased her attentions briefly to wrap her arms around his waist.

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed.

He sighed also and stroked her hair, wanting nothing more than to take her then and there but continued. "When we mate and complete the ritual-- you will live with me, Sango."

"Live with you? Of course I will."

"No, I mean we will actually mate for life. You will not age as a human woman normally would."

She pulled back, shocked. "What? How can that be?"

"I do not unerstand the process, but if the ritual is performed correctly you will no longer live a human lifespan. You will live with me, my love."

Sango tried to absorb this new information but frankly found it a bit difficult to wrap her mind around the concept of living a near immortal life. Among the swirl of events in which she'd been swept up that day this was one more incredible fact that would take some time to assimilate. After a while she let it go, reasoning that whatever else it meant it seemed she could be with him.

"This pleases me," she murmured, playfully imitating his rich voice. He slid his hand between her legs, causing her to jump. "Sessh!" she cried, surprised.

"You mimick me, woman?" Unable to hold back any longer, he dove into the flesh of her neck, kissing and sucking her tender spot. He then began to tease the area where she would eventually be marked, nipping and kissing it with his lips.

"Is consuming your mate a part of the ritual?" She welcomed the deep, soulful kiss he gave her and let out a loud gasp when he began to stroke her most intimate place with his fingers.

"It can be," he breathed.

He brought her to climax, and watched with satisfaction as his name fell repeatedly from her lips in strangled cries. Kissing lips that trembled in delight, he then lay down next to her.

After a while he grasped her hand and sat them up. "It is time," he said.


He rose from the bed and put on his robe. "Come, Sango."

Wordlessly she collected herself and followed him to another part of the room.

They knelt facing each other. Several tall white tapers were grouped around them, each flickering, amber light its own island of illumination. Between the couple an exquisite lacquer tray lay holding an onyx vase filled with rice wine and two matching cups, also deep black in color.

Sesshomaru began solemly. He spoke with firm resolve.

"I give my life freely to you Sango, and promise to protect and cherish you with all that I have. You will share my earthly fortunes as well as my trials, though I will work to ensure the former prevails over the latter."

"You are the most important presence in my life, and I promise to treat you with the respect and love that you deserve as my wife and mate. I will honor our children as I honor you, cherish them as I do you. I can say without reservation that I love you, with my entire mind and body." He poured rice wine into the two cups and offered one to her. They both took sips.

He nodded to encourage her. Sango felt the butterflies in her stomach but finally gained her voice.

"For so long I have dreamed of this, of you and I together, able to love without restraints or bounds. I am utterly blessed to have found you, Sesshomaru. You are my strength, my hope and my love. I promise to support you, respect and give my best to you. The thought that we may live together for the rest of our lives fills me with indescribable joy. The knowledge that I will have your children is something that I feel deeply humbled by, and will strive to raise them as individuals worthy of your favor. I love you with all of my heart, my soul and my body." She lowered her eyes, and they drank again.

"Stand," he whispered. She did so, and he approached. "Now I will mark you. It might hurt somewhat, but I will do it quickly."

She nodded, trusting him and stood still. He then walked behind and lowered her yukata on the right side to expose the fine, smooth skin of her shoulder and neck. Brushing her hair aside with his fingers, he gently tilted her head.

"When you are ready, tell me."

She took a deep breath. "Alright. Go ahead."

A sudden knifelike, stabbing sensation stung her flesh. Sango yelped in pain, and felt a trickling stream of warm blood flow over her breastbone. Sesshomaru lightly caressed her back while licking at the small wound marks on her neck and shoulder.

"I am sorry dear one." He then hugged her close, expressing his remorse at having caused her pain.

Acknowledging the apology with a gentle kiss, Sango next felt a warm sensation within like an emerging lightness of spirit. It grew and grew, and eventually became so powerful that she thought her entire body might rise from the ground in flight. Sesshomaru's arms around her body seemed the only things tethering her to the ground. Sensing panic, he whispered in her ear in a soft, calming voice.

"It is alright, what you are feeling is normal. It will pass in a few moments. I will hold you until it is over."

Sango closed her eyes. Lights, colors and even sound rushed through her mind all at once. It seemed to take her away deep into some alternate plane of existence, perhaps inside a dream or a mirage. Piercing eyes, claws, fur, numerous canine bodies and heads rushed past her field of vision like ghosts. Deep growls and barking, loud howling and other sounds of the dog also relentlessly invaded her consciousness. Next she experienced the sensation of racing through the forest, of scenting a trail and pursuing prey. In the midst of it all Sango wasn't exactly afraid, but bewildered and lost, as if she'd been set loose in some unfamiliar land and left to wander on her own. But in fact she wasn't alone. Even in her dream state Sango could sense Sesshomaru beside her, guiding her along the way, calming her fears. Her grip on him tightened.

After a few minutes the adventure came to an end and Sango opened her eyes to meet his rich amber ones studying her.

"Have you returned?" he asked softly and cradled her against his shoulder. They now lay together in bed. Sango reached up to touch her neck-- a strange tingle played at the spot where it met her shoulder.

"Yes, I think so. What happened? It was so strange. I remember you marking me and then...then I saw something, I'm not sure what."

He nodded. "You went away with me for a while. What you felt was the collective spirit of the inuyoukai. In mating I took you as one of our pack, and we are now joined even closer than before. The visions you had were an after effect."

He watched as she gingerly touched the area where she'd been marked. "I applied some salve there to help it heal faster."

'That must be why it is tingling.' They lay together quietly while she attempted to absorb all that was going on. After a while the solemnity and gravity of the situation began to eat at her, and she wanted some relief.

"So...when do I get to mark you my lord?" she asked with a smile, turning on her elbow to face him.

"What?" He could sense her mind working mischief.

Sitting up in bed she declared firmly, "I must be allowed to mark you my lord. Isn't that fair? Why should I be the only one who has to endure pain in this situation?"

He peered at her with suspicion but found her expression absolutely serious. Letting out a loud sniff, he lay back to stare at the ceiling.

"Foolish woman, your teeth are too weak to mark me. You would just leave a bruise, and a faint one at that." He had always thought Sango's playful side somewhat odd, perhaps even childish but had chalked it up to her exuberant humanity. In fact he secretly liked indulging her antics knowing she enjoyed teasing him so much.

"How can you be so sure of that? Anyway, I am your mate. Let me try," she insisted.

"You are out of your mind."

Sango laughed but continued. "You are my husband now. You must submit to my wishes, dear one." She knew she was pushing it, but was enjoying herself too much to stop. In reality the thought of tearing into his flesh with her teeth was not all that appealing, but she believed in fairness-- why shouldn't he have to feel pain as she had?

The demon lord sighed. "Alright huntress, but I won't allow you to bite me. That is ridiculous-- you have no fangs." He sat up and flicked a claw across his inner arm. Blood flowed from the small cut, and he held it out to her.


She looked at him and then leaned in to lick the blood away. "Mmmmm. Sweet." She smacked and licked her lips.

"Now I know you are being foolish," he grumbled while repressing a smirk. Sango giggled. Actually it tasted similar to her own, coppery and slightly salty.

"Now you are officially my husband. I have marked you," she said with a sweet smile.

"Hmph. And you are my wife...well, in point of fact not yet. We still have to consummate this...union." He reached out to caress her bare stomach. The soft sighs this produced pleased him and he continued, trailing fingers up to explore her luscious breasts.

In a sexy murmur he whispered, "It is your duty as wife to submit to my desires, Sango. You were aware of that, weren't you? I have needs."

Although highly aroused by his advances Sango huffed her disdain and feigned pulling away. In retaliation he rolled her body beneath him and got on top.

"Hey!" She protested but only half-heartedly. Sango loved the way his body excited her to deep desire and ran her hands over his bare back.

"Fortunately for you my lord I have needs as well...Oh, Sessh!" He had already zoned in on her neck, kissing and nipping the side that hadn't been marked. His hands seemed to be everywhere all at once, and she could feel him hard against her thigh. Moaning her passion Sango anticipated their joining, but this time with a stronger sense of purpose, of greater meaning now that they were mated.

And then the crash of waves, the passion of the deep night, the greatest beauty of life-- these embraced the couple while they loved with all their hearts. Their coupling carried the promise of all the glory awaiting them on the journey through life that remained, a journey Sango now knew they would make together.


"Where is that wench? She said she'd get here to patrol tonight," grumbled Inuyasha who restlessly grabbed Tetsusaiga and made his way for the door. "It's getting late. I'm going out anyway."

"She'll be here Inuyasha. She always does," replied Kagome. "Come Takeo-- time to eat your supper." The miko had to run after her son who was now two summers old. She finally caught him in a fit of giggles as he took shelter behind his father's legs. So far the snow-haired little boy was shaping up to become every bit the rambunctious, energetic personality that Inuyasha was.

After Sango's marriage to Sesshomaru the taijiya had made a point of maintaining close ties with her friends Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku. As the only adult human in a homogeneously youkai environment, she needed friends who understood her previous life away from the palace in order to counterbalance the isolation she sometimes felt among the inuyoukai nobility.

Although no longer needing to work to support herself, Sango had continued her demonslaying activities and in fact had maintained her little cottage by the demonslayer's village. To this hut she would frequently return to practice her taijiya skills and make herself available in case of a youkai emergency in the countryside.

Frankly she enjoyed taking an occasional break from the cumbersome finery and protocol at the palace as much as anything, and relished the occasional time at her cottage either with Sesshomaru or alone with Kirara. When it came to her interest in demonslaying, her mate understood better than anyone her desire to help others and keep her taijiya skills up to date. And so he had not raised even a half-hearted protest when she announced her decision to spend significant time away from the palace for this purpose.

The demon lord had offered his mate an entire wing of the castle for her own use but she'd declined, explaining how impractical it would be since she had not the slightest idea what to do with so much space. Wanting to simply share his living area, she'd finally been convinced to accept a suite of rooms adjacent to his own after securing a promise that she could come and go from her husband's apartments as she wished, and he from hers.

"I want go with papa-san!" cried Takeo, gripping Inuyasha's legs tightly.

"No, Taki. You have to eat and then let mama get you ready for bed," instructed Kagome. Inuyasha lifted the energetic child to his shoulder, and she smiled at the picture they made. Having quickly come to the conclusion that her son would be no mama's boy, she delighted in the strong bond that was developing between father and son.

"Do as mama-san says. You have to eat so you grow up strong and big. You want to come with me into the forest one day, don't you?" In spite of Taki's frown he handed him off to Kagome and turned to leave.

Just then came a knock at the door. Inuyasha swung it open to reveal a winded Sango loaded down with Kirara, Hiraikotsu, a katana and a bundle tied to her back.

"Oh, so Lady High and Mighty finally decides to show up." He sneered and crossed his arms, watching as the taijiya moved across the room to their hearth for warmth. Inuyasha rarely missed a chance to rib Sango about her becoming inu royalty after mating his brother, knowing it got under her skin.

She made a face at him and went to embrace Kagome. "Sessh wouldn't bring me himself, so I had to take Kirara-- that takes longer. And I had to nurse Sesshiko, Sorry." She turned and released the arm straps attached to a bundle in animal-skin and downy white fur.

"How is my neice? As darling as ever I bet! Come here little Sesshiko!" Kagome oohed and ahhed as Sango gently removed her now eleven month-old baby from her bindings and held her up.

"It's Shi-chan! Shi-chan!" cried Takeo. Excited at the appearance of his little cousin, he crowded around as Kagome took the baby from Sango.

Sango and Sesshomaru's daughter had come into the world the previous autumn. The decision to name her after him had been Sango's. Except for tiny triangular ears that resembled those of her uncle Inuyasha, Sesshiko was a near exact copy of her father. Bright golden eyes peeked out from beneath long eyelashes, and silvery hair like silk already fell from her head in a lengthy mass. As a hanyou Sesshiko did not have demon markings, but tiny claws on her hands and feet had already begun to give evidence of her youkai heritage, along with her unique ears. Sango was careful to protect them from the cold whenever they went out by placing a furry bonnet on her head as a covering.

"This is most definitely Sesshomaru's child," said Kagome. She cradled the baby and marveled at the intense, intelligent expression in her eyes. 'Just like him,' she thought.

"Yes-- I wonder sometimes how she could even be mine, she looks nothing like me!" Sango smiled. "Sesshomaru dotes on her in his own way. He really adores her."

The first year of their union had been happy, if eventful. Sango had had a lot to learn in a short time. Her mate had been a patient if exacting teacher who expected that she live up to her status as his consort, and spent much time coaching her in proper forms of address, procedure and other cultural points. For the most part she had been successful in coming to terms with the demands of her new status, and in the year and a half since marrying Sesshomaru had come to not only understand but appreciate youkai customs and traditions.

When the baby arrived he had graciously eased his demands for her attendance at his side in order to let her adjust to being a new mother. Sango appreciated this, although she could sense he sometimes missed having her exclusively to himself and worked to give him extra attention when and where she could.

Motherhood had brought challenges, but Sango was gradually learning to balance the demands of taking care of her daughter with her duties at court. She had refused to turn the child over to a nurse, insisting on raising Sesshiko herself, and took the baby in with her to meetings of the council and to other court functions.

Watching as Kagome played with the tiny girl in her lap, she sipped her tea.

"Eh, Princess Inu Demon, have you forgotten? We have work to do," called Inuyasha who stood beside the door grasping his sword. Reports of menacing but relatively weak youkai had been streaming in from the countryside lately and he wanted to get a jump on the issue.

"She just got here Inuyasha! Lets find out if she is hungry first," scolded Kagome.

"Keh. Take your time then, I'm going out." With that the hanyou left the hut.

"Sorry about that, Sango. You know Inuyasha."

"Its fine. It is my fault really-- I had planned to get here much earlier. I'll catch up with him in a few minutes, Kirara can take me."

Kagome got up to prepare a plate of food for her. Shippo was away visiting with Rin at the palace-- the two had become close friends, and the taijiya had been unable to convince him to return with her that evening to the village.

"Have you heard anything from Miroku?" Sango tried to sound nanchalant while watching Kagome pile stacks of clean linen in one corner. Takeo toddled around poking his fingers here and there, exploring his environment.

She had not forgotten the houshi, and sought news of him when she could get it. It had been difficult keeping up with him, especially knowing Sesshomaru's feelings but she was not going to abandon Miroku just because her mate had reservations. They had been through too much together.

"Hmmm, the last we heard of him was a few weeks ago-- he was travelling north, going to oversee a wedding, I think. He asked about you and Shi-chan, and I told him you were well."

"Thanks Kagome. To think, three years ago I was on the verge of marrying that man. Back then if someone had said to me I'd be here with Sesshomaru's child, living with him in his fortress I would have thought they were insane. Life is so strange."

"Isn't it? But we are lucky. We both got good husbands in the end."

Sango laughed. "Good but challenging, wouldn't you say?"

Kagome looked into the air, turning the question over in her mind. "Yes and no. Inuyasha is an incredible protector and provider, and he loves the two of us so much."

"He's also a big grouch!"

"True. But he has a big heart. And he is a whole lot easier to read than Sesshomaru."

"Yes he is that. Sessh is like a big puzzle. But I am learning new things about him all the time, and it is fascinating!"

"I'm sure it keeps life interesting... He is lucky to have you, Sango. History will write stories about you I bet-- 'The human woman who tamed the youkai lord!'"

"Well I don't know about that..." she looked away. She wanted to tell her friend something but was unsure how to say it. "Kagome..."


She decided to just come out with it. "I'm going to have another baby. I'm pregnant again!"

"What! Oh Sango that is wonderful...congratulations! Sesshiko will have a brother or sister. Does Sesshomaru know?"

She nodded. "Yes, he mumbled something this morning about building another wing onto the palace 'To accommodate his brood'. So when do you think you and Inuyasha will have another?"

"Hmmm. I've always thought we'd have another child sometime. I don't know when it will happen, though. I have a feeling that once Inuyasha hears Sesshomaru is going to have one he might be interested..."

Something suddenly occurred to Sango. "Speaking of them, did Inuyasha ever have that talk you wanted them to have? Sesshomaru hasn't mentioned anything about it to me so I assume it hasn't happened yet."

"No. But at this point I'm just happy they aren't at each others' throats constantly. I don't think they will never be on warm and friendly terms, but I won't give up hope that someday they'll try to understand each other."

Kagome sat opposite her friend cradling a now sleepy Takeo in her lap. "Sango, I want you and Sesshomaru to take Taki if anything were to ever happen to us-- to me and Inuyasha."

"Kagome! Of course we would, but it will never come up."

She nodded. "I know it won't. But it makes me feel better knowing you are there for him in any case."

"Of course we are. Sesshomaru isn't the warmest creature on earth but he respects his father's bloodline. He would protect Taki and so would I." Kagome smiled and leaned in to kiss Sango's cheek. The taijiya then stood, lifting Sesshiko in her arms and went to lay her in Takeo's crib.

"I'm going out now to catch up with Inuyasha. He's probably cursing me under his breath as we speak..."

She lay the baby down and then gathered Hiraikotsu and her katana. "Come on Kirara."

"Sango!" Kagome ran to the door behind her.


"I just want you to know...I have always looked up to you. You are the strongest woman I know, and I always understood why Sesshomaru liked being with you. And well...one day I hope you will let me call you older-sister. It would be an honor." Kagome bowed low from her waist to the taijiya.

Moved, Sango clasped her hands together. "Oh, Kagome. Of course!" She came back to embrace her friend. "See you later on tonight."

She walked away, but before losing sight of the little cottage turned and stopped to wave one last time. Kagome returned the gesture, smiling brightly. Then with Hiraikotsu slung high over her shoulder the taijiya slipped off among the boughs and into the forest, her lithe black-clad form gracefully receding from Kagome's view at a quick but measured pace.

'She is even beginning to walk like Sesshomaru. Who knew those two were ever meant for each other?' Kagome watched as her friend disappeared into the trees. 'Youkai and youkai-hunter?... But then for that matter who knew I was destined to live five hundred years in the past with a half-dog demon? Fate sure is an odd, unpredictable thing,' she thought.

Kagome shook her head and went back into the hut to look after her two young charges. She imagined the many stories she'd have to tell Takeo and Sesshiko when they were older, of the many adventures endured by herself, Sango, Miroku and their fathers. She could only hope life for the youngsters would be far less tumultuous and fraught with danger than it had been for her, Inuyasha and their companions. She shut the door just as Takeo came scuttling over to rush outside.

"Bedtime Taki!"

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