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"The dawn is breaking

A light shining through"

"Damnit!" Sara cursed kicking the door of her department issue Chevy Tahoe loud enough for it to echo.

A voice from behind her caused her to jump. "Is there any particular reason you're beating up your car?"

Sara rolled her eyes. "Yes, Greg." She spat. "It won't start. I need to go home. I need to feed Romeo and Juliet," she said pacing in front of him.

"Who?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

She sighed. "Romeo and Juliet, my cats. I just got them last month. And don't ask… they were already named, I felt no need to confuse them." She explained.

He nodded, "I can give you a ride, Sar" he offered.

"I live in the opposite direction, Greg," Sara pointed out.

Greg shook his head. "So what? Do you plan on walking?" he teased, gently pushing her toward his car.

She sighed in defeat, climbing into the passenger seat as Greg successfully started the car.

Pulling up outside her apartment complex Sara started to get out. "You wanna stay for coffee?" she offered.

"Sure," he smiled, getting out also and following her up to her apartment.

"So, where's Romeo?" Greg asked, petting the cat that sat contently on his lap as he sipped his coffee.

Sara flashed him a confused stare. "He's in hiding. Had him neutered." She explained. "How'd you know that was Juliet?"

He cringed. "I'd be hiding if I were Romeo, too. And I'm not that bad of a C.S.I. Pink collar. If you'd put that on Romeo I wouldn't blame him for pouncing on your toes while you sleep." He smiled, a grin also spreading across Sara's face.

She bopped him on the head. "You're horrible…" she laughed.

"Ow…" he complained, "That was mean…" he rubbed at the spot on his head where his hair had been messed up. "Well, I guess I should go now…" he said, setting his coffee cup down.

He was almost at the door before she spoke. "Greg," he turned to face her. "Thanks for bringing me home."

He nodded, smiling, "I'll pick you up on the way in tomorrow, okay? And thanks for the coffee." He replied, walking out the door.

Moments later her doorbell rang. She opened it to Greg. "You are not going to believe it but… MY CAR WON'T START!" he shouted.

She laughed. "The cars are going through some sort of epidemic and your laughing?" he questioned.

"Hypocrite…" she laughed. "I seem to recall you wondering why I was kicking my car. It's refusal to work generally has that effect though, doesn't it?"

He rolled his eyes. "Right," then burst out laughing.

After composing themselves, Greg once again found himself sitting on her couch. "You can stay the night, Greg." She told him, breaking the silence.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

Sara nodded, "I trust you not to do anything stupid," she grinned.

Greg scowled at her. "Alright. I'll go get my bag." He said. Now he was glad he kept spare clothes in a duffel bag in his trunk. He knew they'd come in handy one day.

After several minutes Greg returned, large duffel bag in hand. "What do you have in there, Greg? A body?" she laughed.

"Nope. Two." He laughed.

Sara had wandered into her room to change while Greg did in the living room. Upon emerging from her room, she burst into laughter and found herself on the floor, in a failed attempt to suppress her giggles.

"What?" he asked, approaching.

She laughed again. "Nice pajama's"

He looked down at his Spongebob Squarepants pajama pants and faded Marilyn Manson shirt. "What?" he repeated, just as confused as before.

"Spongebob and Manson. Nice combo, Greggo." She laughed again, standing up.

Greg took in her blue plaid pajama pants and black cami top. "So, wanna watch a movie or something?" he asked, sitting down beside her on the couch.

"Sure, Greg," she agreed. "Your pick."

He grinned and busied himself with searching through her DVD collection. "Disney movies?" he smiled, flipping through several animated movies before settling on one.

"What did you pick?" she asked, returning from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and two sodas.

He popped the DVD in and sat beside her again. "The Lion King 2" he replied.

"Good choice, Greggo" she smiled as the movie began.

By the time the movie finished, Sara had fallen asleep, her head resting against Greg's chest, his arm draped over her shoulder. He yawned, setting the empty popcorn bowl and soda cans on the coffee table in front of him, before maneuvering Sara so he could stand. He gently picked her up, carrying her back to her room.

"Drøm søtt, min elskede," he whispered, wrapping the blanket around her and kissing her forehead before walking back out to the couch.

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And 'Drøm søtt' means 'Sweet Dreams' in Norwegian, if you want to know the rest you'll have to look it up, cause I'm not telling! Review and let me know what you think! The quote at the beginning is what the fic is based off of. Howie Day's 'Collide'. And I fixed my translation mistake too…. hehehe