Series: Naruto
Rating: T, maybe M
Warnings: Yuri, half-an-hour-ness
Summary: Temari was never allowed to play with dolls (TemaTen, yuri)
Author: Mewling
Title: Doll



by mewling



At midnight Tenten tastes like spit and alcohol.

Temari presses the smaller girl harder against the alley wall. Distantly, she hears people walking past the entrance, laughs, the clinking of beer mugs and the hiss of broken neon. Temari kisses Tenten's neck, the girl's buns coming undone against dirty and greasy bricks.

Taking advantage of a mutual lack of inhibitions, feeling more smart and guilty, Temari takes control of a battle she knows she'll always win.

At one in the morning TenTen's breaths are short and fast.

Temari's hand impatiently undoes Tenten's shirt, seeking dominance in skin stretched tightly over the girl's ribcage. She moves submissively under Temari's skilled hands, and Temari is vaguely reminded of Kankurou and his puppets. Tenten looks almost innocent as she lies on the white sheets, her face still flushed drunkenly.

But Temari knows there is no such thing as innocence. She licks Tenten's finger, knowing it's probably been wet with the blood of hundreds.

At two in the morning TenTen says her name.

And it's that sense of victory that drives her, again and again. She doesn't want to be second to anyone. Resting her smirk against the curve of Tenten's small breast, Temari begins to feel the delirium brought on my alcohol recede from her brain. She thinks that without her weapons, Tenten is almost sweet, and the thought makes her sick.

At three in the morning Tenten is asleep.

Temari is left alone with reality in the sweat soaked sheets. Her head hurts, and the room smells stagnantly of sweat, alcohol and sex. The beginnings of a headache form at her temples as she brushes Tenten's dark hair off the girl's face. Tenten's hair is soft and fine, like a doll. Temari was never allowed to play with dolls as a child.

At dawn Tenten wakes up alone; but there's sand in the creases of her sheets, so she knows it wasn't a dream.




A/N: I wanted to write something I usually wouldn't, and not have it go on for too long…

I was always a fan of unusual pairings.

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