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Rated K for the lack of actually needing a rating, as it is so not offensive. Unless you find my strange brain offensive. In which case, take a number. ('grin')

This fic takes place directly after the new (see my big smile? 'lol') episode, "Cleanliness Is Next To Edness". Therefore, the basic set-up may not make perfect linear sense unless you've seen the episode – though I think you can follow along pretty easily from the fic itself...

Based on a challenge given me by Mysticlynx. The little minx. ('grin') Hope you like what I wrote, dearest...

Anyway, enjoy. Peace, all.



by Ghost Helwig


Eddy laughed almost the entire time.

Double D wasn't exactly surprised by this – Eddy found most misfortune funny, provided it wasn't his own. And really, in another life, as another person, he probably would've found it funny too.

Instead of just upsetting. And kind of embarrassing. And, all in all, one of the worst days of his life, bar none.

But after all was said and done, after the grit, grime, and just generally gross stuff was out of his hair and off his skin (his clothes were another matter – they looked, smelled, and quite possibly even felt like toxic waste – he really wouldn't know, having never felt toxic waste; unless the unknown mass beneath Ed's bed counted – it was a very good thing he had bunches of clothes just like these at home, because this set was absolutely unsalvageable), after he'd been cleaned and scrubbed and laughed at almost until he couldn't feel his flesh, all while still on Eddy's lawn-

He realized that, for just this moment, sitting in this tub of filthy water (that had had to be dumped out and refilled five times, else his skin and clothes would just keep getting soiled and muddy – and the water was still a little bit unclean, a murky light brown that vaguely reminded him of Ed's gravy when it was too watery – will Ed try and eat me, I wonder?)-

For just this moment, he was someone else.

Because Double D, fastidious, self-conscious, neurotic Double D, would not, could not, let himself get this disgusting – and then be cleaned off, in full view of everyone.

Yet here he was, watching Eddy take his picture for the billionth time and listening to Ed babble incoherencies as he scrubbed away at his back, big hands up underneath his clothes, warm and slightly rough.

He hadn't lied to Nazz, saying he was 'not really' himself. He wasn't.

And that... was strangely liberating.

In this spirit of not-selfness, he decided that letting Eddy continue to laugh and joke and take ridiculously embarrassing pictures just would not do.

But splashing him with water sure was fun.

And the look on his face was priceless, too.