Full Summary:

The Titans face a new enemy. One who seems to be able to predict their every move. Then when Beast Boy reveals dark a secret about his past he might be forced to leave the Titans.


Okay here's how old everyone is K?

Cy: 19


Starfire: 18

Raven: 17

Beast Boy: 17

Chapter One: Encounter

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It was a normal day in Titans Tower. Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg were playing video games as usual. Raven was meditating in her normal corner and Starfire was making some concoction in the kitchen. The sun was out and the whole Tower seemed to be at peace. And no one was going to complain

"Alright! Go Beast Boy! It's your birthday!" the changeling yelled as he knocked both Robin and Cyborg's cars off the track and crossed the finish line beating Robin's old score by fifteen seconds and Cyborg's by twenty. Raven opened her eyes and smiled at the reflection of her friends in the window

"You cheated you little grass stain!" Cyborg exclaimed. Beast Boy turned into a cat and ducked under the couch to escape the metal man's wrath

"Cyborg, he did not cheat. You just lost. Deal with it." Raven said before the two could start arguing. Beast Boy laughed from under the sofa then emerged with some difficulty since he had turned back into a human

"Thank you Raven."

"Yeah, well I want a rematch." Cyborg demanded. Robin shook his head then disappeared into the kitchen to see what Starfire was up to. Raven smiled again and floated over to the couch and sat down next to Beast Boy. Although she would never admit it she had always wanted to join in the daily ritual but she never did. That wouldn't something Raven would do.

Ever since the final battle with her father she had been a lot happier to do things a normal seventeen year old girl would do. She found shopping with Starfire a lot more enjoyable. Training was easier. She liked working on the T-car with Cyborg every now and then. And sometimes if she was in a very good mood she found talking with Beast Boy when they were both up in the middle of the night very relaxing. Once he stopped acting like a total goofball you could actually have a in depth conversation with him

"Raven!" the girl jumped as a silver hand waved in front of her face. She turned and looked at Beast Boy

"What is it now?" she asked pretending to be annoyed. The changeling smiled awkwardly and held out a GameStation controller

"Well Cy went to work on his car so I was wondering if you'd like to play a video game with me." Raven considered for a moment then smiled

"I'd love to." if Beast Boy had grinned any wider his face would've cracked. He handed her the control and started to explain the buttons but the alarm interrupted them.

Robin was at the computer in a flash bringing up reports of what was going on. Cyborg ran into the room and stood beside his leader

"Who is it?" Raven asked pulling her hood up over her face encasing it in shadows

"No idea. Some guy in a warehouse on the outskirts of town. Titans Go!"

The car skidded to a stop outside a depot at the very edge of the city. There wasn't anything of real value so it was strange for someone to break in. Everyone stepped out and looked around

"Split up. Starfire and I will go together. Raven and Beast Boy go. Cyborg, scan for any body heat in the building. Let's move."

Beast Boy prowled along the rows of shelving units warily. His large wolf paws barely made a noise on the cement floor. Behind him Raven floated about two inches off the ground. The only sound she made was the rustling of her cloak as she moved. They moved down the aisle slowly looking around at the boxes that lined the shelves

"I don't see anyone." she whispered. Beast Boy frowned and put his nose to the floor. He snorted and drew away. Raven looked down at him and he turned back to normal

"I can't track whoever's here. I don't know their sent." he explained softly. Raven frowned and continued down the aisle.

They met up with Robin and Starfire then with Cyborg who was running his fifteenth scan over the building

"I've got nothing. The scan just shows us on the screen. Maybe it was a false alarm." before Robin could agree or disagree with his teammate all the boxes on the shelves jumped off the ledges and fell towards them

"Raven!" Robin shouted

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" the girl yelled. All the boxes froze and were sent back to their original positions

"Okay. That was just plain freaky." Starfire whispered. Over the past two years her slang had gotten much better but she still made a few mistakes here and there

"Guys, something's up there." Beast Boy whispered looking up at the shelves. Everyone followed his gaze. Before anyone could react and man had appeared in front of the sitting on a box with a strange half grin on his face. He was tall, and big. His hair was brown and his eyes were brown. He didn't looked threatening but the Titans knew better than to trust appearances

"Well, well, well. The Teen Titans. I've been watching you for a long time." Robin ran forward to punch him but he disappeared then reappeared behind the group

"You have something of mine. And I want it back." the last part was growled. Robin recovered from his charge and looked at his team

"Titans Go!" he ordered. Everyone sprang at the man. Raven threw black power out to entangle him. Cyborg shot his sonic cannon and Robin threw his freeze disks. Starfire shot at him with her eyebeams. Beast Boy… Beast Boy just stood there. His olive green face had turned a sickly lime color when the man had appeared and now he seemed frozen to the spot

"Beast Boy! Move!" Raven yelled. The changeling shook himself out of his stupor and joined in the fight. But no matter what they threw at the man. No matter how fast or powerful their attacks he was always one step ahead. Beast Boy leapt in as a tiger but was deflected with a flick of a wrist. He fell back into some shelves and didn't move

"I'll be seeing you later Titans." he said before disappearing into thin air