Chapter Eleven: Aftermath

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My name is Garfield Mark Logan. To my friends I'm known as Beast Boy. At least I was until three months ago when he showed up again. Cameron 'took me in' after my parents died in a boating accident. He forced me to become a thief, using my shape shifting powers to infiltrate any facility his heart desired.

The key word there is forced. I was forced to be a thief. I hated every second of it. Finally though I escaped and came to Jump City. There I found a home with the Teen Titans. A group of kids who were just like me. They had superpowers and everyone turned them away. So they made a group of teens who had powers but had no place in the world.

Well Robin doesn't have a superpower but he's still the leader and takes life way to seriously. Cyborg is a half human half robot with a sonic cannon that'll blow your ears out. Starfire is an overly cheerful alien princess from the planet Tameran who is super strong and can throw green energy from her hands and eyes. And then there's Raven.

When I first met her I never thought we'd be friends. She was cold, emotionless, and creepy. In short she was everything I wasn't. But after awhile we did become good friends and when Cameron showed up and revealed my past to the Titans, she stood by me. She even helped me hide from Robin who wanted to put me in jail. She believed that I was truly sorry for the things I'd done in the past and trusted me to fix it in the present. Ya, Raven is one heck of a friend… if you get her to come out of her room once in a while.

But now that Cameron's been arrested and Changeling gave me my abilities back I have no idea what's going to happen to me. Robin still hates my guts for running away from the law and the fact that I've saved his sorry butt more times than he probably cares to think about doesn't count for anything. In his eyes I'm a thief. One that has to be brought down and taken to justice.

This is why I am where I am now; in a dark alley, in the rain, with no umbrella.

Gar lifted his face to the sky feeling the rain make trails across his green skin. He sighed and pulled his cloak closer around himself.

A month had passed since the battle with Cameron and Changeling. It turns out the Cameron had died but since Changeling was saving the Titans he only got a two year sentence. He had made Gar promise that the day he was released Gar would come and get him. And Gar, being Gar, agreed readily.

But that wasn't the reason he was standing in this alley. No, Changeling still had twenty months to go before he was released. Gar had ducked in here when he spotted the Titans in a nearby restaurant. He drew back further into his cloak and pulled the hood over his green features

Since the battle he had abandoned his black and purple jumpsuit for a outfit like the one Changeling had worn. But his cloak was entirely green. That was the only difference.

Who was he now? Beast Boy was long dead as was his role as a Titan. He didn't really know who Garfield was and he didn't want to be a civilian. He wanted to help people like he had when he had been a Titan.

Then an idea hit him. What if he could find other people like him? Kids who couldn't control their powers? Criminals who wanted to change?

So in a dark alley, on a rainy June morning, The Outsiders were born.


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