Chapter 5

October 14, 2005 – Monday


Sakura's Point of View

I didn't reply to Tomoyo's question.

"Sakura…" she was calling me as I slowly walked to the living room. I needed to sit down for this.

"Daidouji…" I heard Syaoran say. "Look…"

Really? He was going to try to explain the situation to her like this? I finally sat down on the couch and sighed. I searched for my best friend's eyes.

"Tomoyo, why don't you sit down and we'll explain what's going on?" I told her calmly.

Tomoyo still had her confused expression but she sat down across me nonetheless. Syaoran decided to sit down, too. He brushed his hair back and looked at me and Tomoyo back and forth.

"I'll put it simply," I decided. "Yes, Li Syaoran, this despicable guy does live here. Touya decided to adopt him somewhat. My brother is now his legal guardian while he's here in Japan. Dad knows the Li family so Dad decided to help him out while they're settling things back in Hong Kong. He also works at the café; though, he's really bad at it –"

"I'm getting better! Admit it!" Syaoran interrupted.

I closed my eyes to control my temper. I still had not forgotten that I ran many miles just to get back home and this ungrateful guy drove back with our car!

"Fine, he's getting better," I gave in. "But that's the situation."

Tomoyo lit up as soon as I finished the sentence. "So he's going to be staying here?" she asked.

"Yes, that's just what I said."

"So this is technically his house, too?"


Tomoyo ran to my side and whispered to my ear, "so he can have friends over?"

I knew it! I knew this would be her reaction to this!

"I guess…" I replied.

"And I'm your friend so I can always come over…"

I nodded. "Yes, yes, Tomoyo. I know what you're thinking about. That's why I haven't told you about this sooner."

Tomoyo started exclaiming so loud. Syaoran even jumped.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura! You don't know how wonderful this is!" she was so happy. She turned to Syaoran. "It's so great that you're living here now, Li-san! I wish you and Sakura can be in good terms soon."

"No way in hell that's going to happen!" I shouted.

Syaoran's Point of View

And there it was. What I was waiting for.

The eruption of the volcano.

The start of the earthquake.

The big hurricane.

The most dangerous explosion mankind has ever witnessed.

Sakura Kinomoto.

"How dare you go home without me!" she started screaming at me. I was still sitting down on the couch and her towering figure over me right at the moment was very, very intimidating.

"You…" I began but she went on.

"Don't you dare speak while I'm talking!" she shouted even louder at my face. I could see Tomoyo's interested face from behind her. "You have some guts to actually drive my own car back to my house without me. I don't think you know what courtesy and respect mean! You are living in my house so you should respect me. Respecting me includes waiting for me after practice to go back home!"

I noticed that Tomoyo had stood up from her seat and was trying to calm down Sakura. Sakura merely shrugged her off.

"I'm not done with this guy, Tomoyo!" Sakura said.

"But, Sakura… we have to start on our project soon," Tomoyo reasoned out. "And maybe he has a reason why he did it. You're not going to kick him out now, are you? You can take it in your conscience to send him out in the streets?"

I knew Tomoyo had a point and Sakura knew that, too. However, Sakura was glaring at her best friend but Tomoyo was brave enough to keep the eye contact. Finally, Sakura rolled her eyes and sighed.

"This… guy just makes me so MAD!" Sakura made an outburst again.

I saw Tomoyo look at me and she nodded her head towards Sakura. She did it a couple of times before I could realize what she wanted me to do.

"I'm sorry, Kinomoto," I solemnly apologized, standing up slowly. Sakura only glared at me. "I know I made a mistake, but it won't happen again."

She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"I… can make it up to you!" I said, thinking about something quickly.

"And how?!" she demanded. "You'll run to school and back home for a week, a month, the whole year?"


Hell no.

Even if I was an athlete, I would not go to school all tired already. Besides, who does she expect to drive anyway? There should be something that she needs from me…

Something that I can help her with… Something that will make us equal… Something that will cool her off…

"Math homework?" Tomoyo chimed in.

We both turned to her.

"Sakura, he can help you with your math homework!" Tomoyo said. "He's like the top Math student in our class. And you've always had a hard time with your math homework. Since you'll be living under the same roof, it shouldn't be a problem."

I saw Sakura pondering about the idea. It was a pretty good suggestion. But I didn't know that Sakura was horrible at Math. I knew she was a good student so I assumed she was acing all of her classes. And Math happened to be my favorite thing…

"Yeah, I can help you with your math homework," I told Sakura softly.

"Fine, fine," she said, rolling her eyes and sighing. "I guess that'll be okay. It's a win situation for me, anyway. You better be a good tutor! And I can ask help from you anytime!"

"Of course," I smirked at her.

"Also, since you're to be tutoring me from now on," she said. "I also won't tell Touya about what happened this afternoon. You better not do it again, though! I don't even know what I did! You're way too mean.

Yes, it was really out of character for me to leave her in school. But really, it was just because she totally ignored me in school as soon as Hisashi showed up! No one ignores Li Syaoran!


"I'm home!" a voice came from the door.

Touya was back. It was good that we had already settled the situation before he showed up. Tomoyo ran to the door and showed herself to Touya. They exchanged a few words – it was obvious that they had not been caught up for a long time.

Sakura and I were left in the living room, exchanging a silent conversation.

SAKURA: Oh, you're lucky I need your help in Math.

ME: You promised not to tell him.

SAKURA: I keep my word, Li Syaroran! Unlike you!

ME: …Just reminding you. And I already said I won't do it again!

Suddenly, Touya called us to the kitchen.

"Sakura, why are your bags in the doorway?" Touya asked. Sakura just glanced at me and smiled at her brother.

"Onii-chan, I was too excited to see Tomoyo here at home before me so I left them there," Sakura replied. "I'll bring them upstairs soon."

"Okay, I just don't like blocking the doorway," Touya said. "Anyway, I have to go away tonight for a school trip. I forgot to tell you guys."

"WHAT?!" we both said in unison.

I heard Tomoyo giggling in the background.

Sakura's Point of View

Why! Why! Why!

Why did I become so unfortunate ever since Li Syaoran moved in?!

I sent a glare to the guy and pleaded with my brother.

"Onii-chan, you can't leave me alone with this guy!" I complained.

"Well, I have to leave, Sakura," Touya replied. "Besides, you have your own rooms. You guys barely interact with each other. You won't even notice that you have someone with you here. Wei will also keep you company."

I turned to my best friend. "Tomoyo, you can sleep over!"

Tomoyo shook her head sadly. "Sakura, you know my mom doesn't allow me to sleep over during school nights," Tomoyo said.

I felt like I was going to die.

"Stop overreacting, I'm not going to hurt you," Syaoran bluntly commented.

"No one asked your opinion," I replied back.

Touya sighed. "He's right, Sakura," he said. "I trust you both to be adults and not make a mess while I'm not at home. No fights, no violence – verbal arguments are acceptable as long as you don't disturb the neighbors, but no throwing things at each other."

"How long are you going to be gone for?!" I asked.

"One week."

"A WEEK!?" we both said in unison again.

A week was way too long. A week alone with this guy… Just kill me now, please…

But, I knew there was nothing I could do about it. It was very clear that my brother really trusts us to be alone at the house. He also already trusts me to run the café when he goes away anyway. Aahh, but really? Why now?

Tomoyo stayed at our house until dinner. She was still giggling at the fact that Syaoran and I will together at home for a week. Even until I walked her out the gate with our project in her hands, she was still at it.

"Take care, Tomoyo!" I told her as she gave our project to one of her bodyguards.

I thought she was already going to get in her car but she turned back to me with an evil smile.

"By the way, Sakura…" she began. "Have you done something with your bad habit of sleepwalking?"

I totally flipped.

"TOMOYO! It doesn't happen when I'm not anxious and you just made me anxious!" I scolded her. "I'll blame you if I fall off the stairs because of sleep walking."

"Oh, I'm sure Syaoran will be there to stop you," she said in a hush and she ran to her car before I could say something else. She rolled down her window to wave at me and to stick her tongue out.

I didn't even think about that.

Gah, well let's just hope I don't end up in Syaoran's room if ever I would walk tonight.

Syaoran's Point of View

I just got back to my room.

Touya just left. He probably repeated the emergency procedures to us a million times, which was not necessary. I think I know where all the windows are by now and where the phone is and where the fire extinguisher is.

I lied down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. It was barely nine in the evening. I haven't started my homework yet and Sakura, for sure, has not started either. After a while, there was a knock on my door.

"Come in."

Sakura opened the door. She was carrying her notebook and math textbook. Ah, time for tutoring already?

"We'll study in the kitchen," she told me and she left.

I didn't protest. I guess she didn't want to be in my room anyway and she didn't want me in her room. Oh well, at least in the kitchen, we were less likely to fall asleep. I followed her to the kitchen with my own school stuff.

She wasn't hard to teach. I think the only reason why she was having a hard time in math was because she didn't know which formulas to use and how to come up with the correct equations. She was… pretty slow, though.

"Give me the calculator back!" she was screaming at me as I brought the calculator on the other side of the table.

"C'mon, Kinomoto, you can easily solve that without a calculator," I told her as I put the device further away when she tried to reach it. "How are you going to learn if you always depend on the calculator?"

"But it does the solving for me…" she pouted and went back to answering the question. I was already done with all my homework and she was luck that she only had math for tonight.

After this question, she didn't ask for the calculator again. When I told her I wanted to get ready for bed, she held me back and demanded that I stay with her until she finishes. She argued that if she has a question, I should be ready to answer it.

So I stayed until she finished… and she finished at eleven. I was finished since ten o' clock.

I was not famous for being a late-night person.

I was so sleepy going back to my room. I forced myself to shower and change into my pajamas. As soon as I turned off my lamp, I was out.

Really, I was out.

I was not famous for being a light sleeper as well.

Maybe if I was, I would have stirred when someone walked in my room in the middle of the night. If I was, I would have noticed that someone had joined me on my bed last night.

I was also not famous for being aware early in the morning.

But this morning was clearly different –

Sleepy or not – I know what Sakura Kinomoto looks like…

And she's definitely beside me right now.

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