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Jack was allowed back on active duty another two weeks after he had received the letter from Carter. Neither mentioned their letters to each other, or anyone else for that matter, but they did begin a correspondence of sorts. Every now and then a new letter would appear on the others desk or hidden in a folder which would be read the same day. Sometimes they would make a game of it, how quickly could the reply be written? Or how cleverly could the next letter be hidden? Each letter would bring a smile to the others face, making a stressful day seem lighter. It also allowed them to get to know each other on a more personal scale as well.

Just as Carter had written in her first letter to him, the nature of their mind link was not investigated further. It did help on several occasions on other worlds, when one of them had been abducted or lost in the wilderness of another planet. Daniel and Teal'C were understanding when it came to these types of situations, it felt like you were losing the other half of yourself.

The secret of Jacks' office almost got out when Daniel went on a base wide search to try and find the both of them as they were late for a Briefing for their next meeting. Jack had been trying to convince Same to improve the quality and speed of his PlayStation 2, which was slowly going out of commission. Daniel came upon them walking away from Jacks' office as Sam said '… you're smart enough, improve it yourself.. Oh hi Daniel…'

'You're late you know,' he stated, some what confused.

'Yeah, we know. The Colonel wants me to improve his PlayStation, but I was just telling him 'no' and that he can try and do it himself if he really wants it done… heck he spends enough time in my lab trying to tamper with my experiments,' same replied quickly, trying to cover for the fact that she almost gave Jacks' secret away.

'Yeah… You know I could order you to do it,' Jack jokingly replied.

'You could, but I doubt General Hammond would approve,' she answered.

'Speaking of him, you're both still late, and getting later. We should get a move on,' Daniel said, knowing he was missing something, something he would likely never find out.

The link itself had also strengthened considerably. Sometimes their minds would connect just sleeping at home. In these dreams they would lay on the roof of Jacks house, and look up at the stars naming systems, and guessing where they'd been, reminiscing all sorts of missions, from the boring to the eventful and the plain strange.

Another thing that was discovered about the link was that as it strengthened, they began to feel each others physical pain. It did not leave the other person in crippling agony, it was more of an awareness that the other was hurt and where. Much like the fact that they knew where each other was, or when the other was going to enter the room. Suffice to say they did not tell General Hammond or even Daniel and Teal'C that the nature of the mind link had developed a heightened sense of the others pain, it would only end in tests and the involvement of the NID or some other agent trying to break the link to utilise it for some sort of communications system. Sensitive things like that tended to get out, no matter how much you tried to hide it.

Whilst they would not break the rules, they knew they would be there for each other, in a way no other person could ever be. Some would describe them as soul mates, but they would never say so themselves, for fear of an outsider taking the comment wrong and getting them separated forever. They continued saving the world from various threats, including the Goa'uld, to which they hoped one day they could be rid of forever. Until then, however, they would continue to fight for the good of their world, and would sacrifice their personal feelings for everyone else. Or so they thought…

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