Some called him a hero.

"He's so cool!"

"Did you see him? He took down those thieves in two hits!"

"I wonder how he got that eye patch…"

"He probably lost it valiantly defending our country from the heathens!"

"True! He's like a knight in shining armor!"

"Mrs. General King Bradley, I like the sound of that."

"In your DREAMS. Surely he's pick someone with more class!"

"You're both behind on the news. Bradley married before going out to the front. They adopted a child too."


"Where do you find this stuff out? What are you, a stalker?"

Some called him a god.

"Did you see that? Bradley's so fast it's almost inhuman!"

"Heh. And the brass was harping on him using his sword instead of a blade."

"Some how I think Intelligence is going to loose him."

"Yup, he's heading right for the Fuhrer's personal staff I'd bet."

"I won't take that bet."

"Too bad. He made a great intelligence officer."

"Yeah, he always knew what was going on."

"Damn uncanny that."

"Yup. It's like he can read minds or something."

But only a handful know the truth.

Pride smiled as he heard the humans whisper as he walked by. Amazing, the amount of attention he had received since assuming the identity of King Bradley. Some aspects of it he didn't enjoy as much as others might think. He had to take a wife, most men above a certain rank did, though he certainly didn't care for the human. She, in turn, was not attracted to men at all, but had accepted the proposal for its status. She had wanted a child and a secure future. Through adoption and marriage, she had gained both.

Pride had to admit humans were interesting creatures. After having lived for so long, it was generally easy to predict how they would react. But every once and a while they did something different, something unusual and new. And that made it worth ever moment of boredom.

"General Bradley, sir!" A young soldier ran up. "You're needed in headquarters!"

"Of course," the homunculus smiled, eyes closed. Fools, ever one of them. It was only a matter of time now until he became Fuhrer.

And then the real work would begin.