Promise of a Lifetime
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"He will be fine. Since when were you such a worrywart?"

Said worrywart bristled.

"You can't hold that against me!" He protested indignantly.

"Sure, sure."

He sighed. "Okay, go ahead and laugh."

She burst into a fit of laughter.

He sulked.

"You are so cute," she cooed.

He shifted warily.

"Well," she poked his forehead with a finger, "I'm not at all worried. She will take care of him. I know she will."

He grasped her hand. She didn't resist.

"She may seem a little...bitchy, I guess. But - "

He interrupted with a snort.

"Okay, fine, she is - but I know she's a pure softie at heart. She will handle that little devil with care."

She paused.

"You know, actually, I'm more worried for her sanity."

He chuckled. "I suppose so."

She arched an eyebrow. "I wonder where he got that prankster trait from?"

"He learns from the best," he sniffed dramatically.

She smacked him on the arm.


"Baby, you. As if that could - "

His head shot forward, and captured her lips with his.

Her remark was lost, his arm sneaking around her waist as her hands went up to his neck.

It was only the lack of air that made them part.

"Ready?" she whispered.

A wide grin grew on his lips.

Summer blue locked onto milk green.

"Let's go get that bastard."

"And then?" She asked softly, caressing whisker-scarred face gently.

"We come back. With the complete set of Team Seven."

"The three-man team," she whispered.

"Three-man team," he echoed.

She smiled.

He smiled.

"Let's go. Don't want to leave that kid alone with Ino too long now, do we? She will go crazy."

A giggle.

"...You did not just giggle, did you?" She asked him suspiciously.


Her eyebrow twitched. He was a passable actor when he wants to be.

"You are a boy. Boys do not giggle," she deadpanned. "And I certainly wasn't giggling just now."

"For a second there, love, I thought you were Neji."

It was her turn to bristle.

He smirked, and brought her close again.

Whatever retort that was at the tip of her tongue was stopped short.

A sharp intake of breath came from her.

"I'm not a boy," he murmured, his nose touching hers.

Arms tightened around her posessively.

"I'm a man."

His lips descended on hers hard, this time around.

When they parted, she was breathless.

But she managed a tease, still.

"And how sure are you about that?"

He frowned.

She gave him an innocent smile.

Then he grinned.

Her smile vanished.

It was a lewd grin.

She almost backed away when he closed in on her again, his summer eyes seemingly darker.

He nibbled on her ear.

A shiver ran down her spine.

"When we drag that bastard out of there," he whispered into her ear, "I will show you all the proof we need."

Then he moved away, but kept her in his strong arms.

A hint of red reached her cheeks. She could feel his eyes on her, stripping her bare even as she stared at his neck, not quite willing to meet his gaze.

"Fine," she mumbled into the crook of his neck.

And into the den of the bastard they went.


...Aaaaaand, that's it! No more. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. XD

To be honest, I had been content to leave the drabble as it was, without an additional chapter two. But an idea came again. And I, of course, fail to defend myself against it. One thing that helped in my loss against it is contributed by four reviews, all of which expressed similar interests in knowing what happened to our anoymous couple - who, of course, I shall not reveal. Four reviews asking the same thing, plus an idea that popped up, plus some...er, euphoria that my finals had finally ended - I'm sad to say my struggle to resist the urge to write had failed.

If you haven't figured it out who's the couple by now, something is seriously wrong with you.

But anyway. This is it. This is as far as I'm willing to go, and whatever happens to the mysterious couple will remain a mystery. And so will the identity of this "bastard". It's not hard to figure out who's the bastard, but I'm still not telling.

As for the name of the kid? Well...I actually had no idea what to put for the name. So no name. XP

And my reference to Neji? Neji is somesort like your typical rigid, all-formalities-guy. Her comment on the giggle speaks true for itself; Neji is possibly one fo the most rigid guy ever in the Naruto fandom, and I don't think he will ever accept the fact a guy could, or would, giggle.

Consider the fic complete...er, re-completed. Unless another idea decided to pop up. But I doubt it. I think it looks good as it is, and pushing it may ruin the mood - though I suppose it's been changed already. Later, when I'm not so lazy, I will give it a recheck for grammatical errors and the sort. I'm pretty sure I spotted some, though I can't seem to find them anymore. I think it's the exams. Exams makes people forget everything.

I am, however, willing to admit that what lead me to the scene of Ino and the kid was the idea of the couple dead and leaving the child behind. Somewhere along the road, it got...twisted, and so, rather than showing the couple's dead, it looked more like unknown or a mystery.

And now I suppose what happened to the couple is crystal, hm?

Well, not quite, but obvious enough. Although it's clear that my idea of them dead had been discarded.

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