The Power of a Single Life

This is the story of a boy

He was born into a wonderful family, and loved them deeply. But most of all, he adored his younger brother. They played together all the time, and he protected his beloved sibling at any cost. They went to school together, learned together, did their chores together. They were all but joined at the hip. After his father was gone, he became even closer to his brother, trying to fill that role as well.

who became a soldier

War came to their land. It ravaged and slew, taking earth and people alike in its vicious claws. The call went out for volunteers to defend their country and the boy went, unafraid of what he would see and determined to protect his family. He was still small and many of the men laughed at him, saying he would do nothing. Still, he was placed out on the lines against the enemy.

to defend what he believed

Their enemies were many, and armed with the best. But their people knew the land, knew how to hide and ambush their foes. Most devastating of all, their opponents used that which was forbidden to them by their Goddess, warping nature to their own vile purposes. Alchemy. The Alchemists were the worst opponents and the most feared. Against them they had little defense. But they would not surrender their home to the infidels without a fight. They would protect that which was holy.

died in flames,

The boy's hands shook, frightened but unable to look away from the figure before him. The white glove raised before the blue clad man remained poised for attack. This was one of the worst, an alchemist who summoned flames from his finger tips. The defenders had heard of him and feared him. And now one of their smallest must face him alone.

The boy took a deep breath, silently said good bye to his brother and family and brought the gun up, terror visible on his face. A single snap sounded.

And the boy was no more.

changed a man's life,

Roy Mustang killed many people during the war. He had killed entire cites with the help of a piece of incomplete philosopher's stone. And yet, only two deaths were clear in his memory. The Rockbells, which had nearly driven him over the edge, and a small nameless boy who had been fighting for his country.

The second haunted his thoughts always, especially when he looked at Fullmetal. That image of a frightened boy was his motivation and his slave driver, ultimate fear and greatest hope. He wouldn't stop, wouldn't falter, until he knew for certain that the tragedies of the past would not be repeated. He would keep climbing in the ranks and become Fuhrer. No matter the cost.

and altered the nation.