Team seven was meeting at their usual training grounds, waiting for their Sensei. Sakura and Sasuke were already at the spot, awaiting both Naruto and Kakashi. The sun was warm and bright. The windy breeze felt right. And Naruto was pressing to make another attempt at making Sakura his girlfriend. At the time, Sakura was alone with Sasuke. She loved having him all to herself. And she figured now was the time she would make Sasuke hers. That is until a certain blond haired fox vessel came...

"HEY Sakura-chan" Naruto yelled out with an extremely wide-happy grin.


Naruto saw how angry Sakura was and lowered his loud happy tone "I'm sorry all I wanted to do..."


Sasuke just looked on, not concerned with what was happening right in front of him.

Naruto now had a sad frown. It was the normal now. He had become used to being scolded by Sakura. But no matter how much he'd become used to it, the pain was always there. He sat there, hurt and silent.

"Sasuke-kun...I was wondering...would you well...would you consider going out with me later tonight?"

Sasuke gave one of his many excuses to reject her.

"I'm going to be training. I don't have time to hang with you"

"Well...I can train wi..."

Sakura was going to ask if she could train with him. But as usual, he cut her off with another rejection. Anything to get her off his back.

"I train ALONE" he said clearly and sternly

Sakura then had a frown almost identical to the one Naruto was currently wearing from when she rejected him just moments before. Naruto saw her face in hurt which made him want to cheer her up. With that, He tried to make her smile. Naruto cloned himself into a goofy version of Kakashi. He tried to make her laugh. But as usual, it didn't work


"...I just wanted to try to cheer you up"

"Naruto, Lets get something straight here and now. I don't LIKE you, I don't CARE about you, and from now on you speak to me ONLY when we are on a mission. Do you understand?" she said while she pushed him away hard.

"...yes..." he said in a semi-low tone.

Naruto then walked away about 20 feet to be away from Sakura.

'...guess I'll stay away...It's not like she even cares if I exist or not'

Just then, Kakashi FINALLY appeared with the team's next task

"YO! huddle up team"

Kakashi noticed how far Naruto was compared to Sasuke and Sakura. Usually they were all in one spot, normally in some sort of dispute. However, this time was different. And that concerned him greatly.

"Naruto, any particular reason you're sitting there by yourself?" he said with a puzzled look.

"...No, no reason sensei" he said as he walked over to the rest of the group.

"OK! I just received a new mission straight from Tsunade. We have to retrieve a princess from the sand village. Recently, she has been abducted by a group of sound ninjas and is being ransomed off. So people, our basic job is retrieval of the hostage. Any questions?"

"No sensei!" the three said in unison.

With that, the Jounin dismissed them and told them to meet at the front of the village gate at 8am

"Hey Sakura-chan, can I walk you home?" Naruto asked. Despite what Sakura had said to him a while earlier.


Inner Sakura

"Why doesn't this idiot just give up? He's not good enough for me. Not to mention he's not even cute"

Naruto walked of slowly and with a discontent look...a hurt look on his face.

"Sasuke-kun...may I walk with you? We live down the same road after all." Sakura asked Sasuke as she batted her eyes.

Sasuke had grown tired of the fact that Sakura just wouldn't leave him alone. Always asking him if she could be with him over and over. He finally decided to give in.

"...Whatever c'mon" he said with much displeasure.

Inner Sakura

"BINGO! It's 'bout time he came around"

With that Sakura grabbed Sasuke's arm and walked off with him as Naruto continued to go in the opposite direction. Sakura had a smile on her face. The man she had been chasing after for so long agreed to walk home with her. She turned her head around to see Naruto walking away slowly and sadly. When she saw that, her happiness began to fade away. She didn't mean to hurt him THAT badly.

Inner Sakura

"Dammit Naruto why can't you leave me alone. You wouldn't hurt if you'd just let me be for once in your life. I didn't mean to be so cruel. But I hope you understand that..."

Sasuke broke her out of her train of thought. Not that he was concerned about her or anything. However, he thought it was weird the way Sakura was entranced in thought the way she was.

"Something wrong?" he asked in his usual direct tone of voice.

"Eh nothing" she said with surprise as she smiled at Sasuke and they continued on their way.

She lied. As happy as she was having Sasuke by her side, she knew she hurt Naruto. And thoughts of the day's events definitely kept her happiness at bay.

Team 7 was now dismissed for the day as they all went about their business.