Episode #9-11

-For the sake of my story I have re-arranged the chonology of the episodes. "The
Mirror", "City of Stone" and "High Noon" now take place after "The Price" in this
order. Also the events of the latter two episodes will obviously change. This is
extemly important!

-I hope I got Angela right.
-This will be VERY differnt form the Avalon-Episode we know.
-I have no clue of the exact English quotes, so I simply translated the quotes from
the German translated episodes.

Previously on Gargoyles:

Hakon: "Magic spells! Ha, good that I can't read!"


Goliath: "I have a request. The eggs in the rookery will soon hatch. They will need guidance."
Princess Katharine: "Never fear, we will watch over them as if they were our own."

-Awakening, Part II

Prince Malcolm: "I suspect the Archmage behind this. Should he dare to return, I will..."

Archmage: "You will DIE!"

-Long Way to Morning

Archmage: "The Grimorum Arcanorum I already posses. I still need the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin to achive ultimate power."


Archmage: "The strangers are gone. It is them who I can put the blame on for the theft of the Phoenix Gate."


Elisa: "No... I won't do that! I'm not a cold-blooded killer like you! I won't let my anger rule me, like it did rule you!"

Demona: "A pity...then you will die!"


Demona: "But why have we stolen them, even known where to find them!"

MacBeth: "I wonder... Why we even work together?"


Seline: "Was it wise to let Coldstone leave? He could have been a really great ally in the upcoming battle."

Phoebe: "Coldstone is of no interest for us. These talismans will be more than enough. The Archmage will then have enough power, to blow our enemies off Avalon."

-High Noon (on Midnight)

Broken Mirror

Avalon, Part I

"I...I can't go. My leg...it is injured. You have porven to be one the ones who have taken my training most serious, and you, please don't take this as offensive, look much human, thus hopefully easing fears. I want you to go."

"I would be honored Guardian. I won't dissapoint you. I will find Goliath!"

...Manhattan, after sunset...

Elisa checked herself for a second time in the mirror. It was already three days ago since Demona had beaten her up. But Elisa checked herself despite the fact, that stone sleep had healed her already after the first day. No traces remained of her ordeal. In fact she even not remembered all of the fight. What she however DID remember beside some of the injuries was, that Demona had destroyed her shirt, but she had continued to fight, not caring that she had become topless. She hoped that none of the clan had looked too much and that they would never bring up this topic.

She then noticed Goliath standing at the restroom door. "Stone sleep is really handy. I don't want to know what I looked like three nights ago, but I surely wasn't a nice sight. I'm just lucky that Demona hadn't knocked out any of my teeth because I doubt that there is a dentist for gargoyles."

"I remember that some of our elders back then weren't so lucky. It is especially hard, because we actually have to eat meat to stay healthy." Goliath rememberd the elder who had lost nearly all of his teeth im combat. He had died a slow death because he couldn't eat properly anymore.

"Let's hope that it won't come THAT far!" Elisa answered, turning off the light. "I actually feel like stretching my wings a little. Being cooped up in here for two nights did them no real good. And some more lessons in using them would be a good idea... Oh please Goliath, can you accompany me?"

Goliath had the feeling that she wanted to be with him not only for teaching her gliding techiniques. She was in this new form for only a month, but already seemed to have formed a sort of bond with him. Spending more time specifically with him than with the rest of the clan. He knew he needed to be careful not to do something wrong, or it would confuse her and hurt her feelings. "I would be honored."

Walking back up and through the clock tower, they saw that the others were already gone on patrol and wouldn't be back until midnight. Outside, the night was perfect with no clouds obscuring the stars and the moon high in the sky. Together the took off into the sky.

...at the same time...

Her skiff left the mist, and she tried hard, not to fall on her butt while staring in amazement. The lake she had arrived on was surrounded by trees, and behind the trees... was a sea of lights. Most of them were yellow or white, but there were also other colors, some seeming to form words.

Finally the skiff arrived at a wooden construction at the lake shore. Leaving it behind, she looked around more. The were poles with a glass orb on top, which radiated light, ways paved with stone. No one was in sight.

"And this is where I will find the great Goliath? Such a mysterious place full of wonders!" Cimbing up a big rock, she looked around. The lights came from big things that looked like buildings, but much bigger than the castle she lived at! Spreading her wings, she jumped off the rock and gained hight. Just for now she had forgotten her mission, simply too fascinated by this place.

Flying towards the buildings and them between them, she was able to see some more things. On the ground were humans, quite a lot of them. She had never seen so many of them! There were also strange metallic things rolling over the ways down there. It was so much different from Avalon. She had no idea how long already she glided over this fascinating place, it was so...

"Hey, who are you?"

Scared by the sudden voice behind her, she jerked around while trying to see from where it came... only to collide head-first with a wall! Everything became black before her eyes. Then she felt no more.

It had been a wonderful glide over Manhattan. Elisa had relaxed, gliding slowly becoming familiar for her. This had went on for half a hour, before they had spotted a shadow gliding between the buildings. It was defiently a female judging by the shape. She had a tail, so it wasn't Maggie. And she wasn't bright enough for Demona's skin color.

So they had glided behind her, and called her. But that had been a error, because the girl was obviously startled, and had collided head-first with a wall, knocking her out. Elisa wasted no time. She dived behind the girl, grabbing her ankle while at the same time slamming the talons of her other hand into the wall, stopping their descent.

"Oh boy, that was close..." Looking down to the lavender-skined girl, she blushed then looked away. When hanging upside-down, gargoyle clothing was far too revealing. Good that this girl would never know what she had seen... To her relief, Goliath approached from below and scooped the girl up.

"Thank you Goliath." Then she climbed up the wall to the roof, where he would wait. She still had problems with the concept of wall-cimbing with her fingers, but she slowly got the knack of it. Good thing that she had never this kind of fixation on finger nails and painting them. It would have made her lerning process much harder. Finally she climbed over the top.

"I wonder who she is?" he asked while holding the mysterious female gargoyle that had suddenly appeared in Manhattan.

Looking on her head, Elisa saw a big bump already developing on the girl's head. "Ouch... I think she will be out for quite a while." Elisa then looked at her closely, noticed some things. "Goliath...look at her. Her face, her wings, the build of her body. She almost looks like Demona. But she has your skin and hair color, as well as the brow ridge. Almost as if..."

"Elisa please! This is impossible. The egg Demona and I created...that was 1000 years ago. Nobody lives so long unless immortal. ...And even then, the gargoyle way forbids this. We will solve this mystery back home." Goliath then took off.

Elisa wondered why he had suddenly become that defensive while she followed him. I need to ask what the deal with this 'gargoyle way' is. Why reacted Goliath so offended when I even only hinted that she looks like a offspring of his?

Asking herself these questions again and again in thoughts, they returned to the clock tower.

...two hours later...

"...and then I got him! The guy nearly pissed himself when seeing me! Ha ha! Of course he surrendered at once." Broadway told of his catching of a thief who just wanted to leave a house he had broken into.

"Almost is not doing it. The hooker who had stabbed her customer DID wet herself before she fainted!" Lexington said, almost proud of it.

"Younglings..." Hudson muttered while putting Bronx down. He had just met them when returning the beast from his walk though the park. "Always boasting wi' their adventures. Me boy, ye should be glad to be a beast..."

But the beast ignored him, sniffed on the ground, before barking happy, running inside. In wonder the clan followed him downstairs... and stopped when they saw why he was so happy. Sitting unconscious in the armchair, wrapped in a blanket and a ice pack bound on her head, was a young, lavender-skinned, female gargoyle! Elisa and Goliath were watching her while Bronx walked around the chair without rest, obviously excited at this newcomer.

"Who is she? Where does she come from?" The young males wasted no time and stormed down the stairs, asking Goliath Elisa the same questions again and again, while never taking the eyes off the newcomer until Elisa gave them a hard look, forcing them to pull themselves together.

"We have no idea who she is, nor why she is here. She just showed up in the city, and when we called her, she was distracted and flew head-first into a wall. That is why she is in this condition." Golaith explained, his hard look making it clear to the young males to behave themselves.

Brooklyn looked at her closer. "Hey, she looks a lot like Demona, but with the colors all wrong. Could she be a clone of Demona like this Thailog is of Goliath?"

Goliath looked as if not wanting to say something to this issue, but Elisa not wanted to stay silent. "I don't think she is a clone, because there are several things that don't look like Demona, like her brow ridge. She looks more like I would picture a offspring of Goliath and Demona."

Goliath grumbled something about the gargoyle way, before he again turned his attention to their guest, keeping also always a eye on the trio. Elisa walked over to Hudson, indicating to him to come outside. As soon as they had left the interitor of the clock tower and Elisa had closed the door, she asked him: "Hudson, what is the matter with Goliath? Both times I mentioned this possibility, as far fetched as it is, he said something about the 'gargoyle way'. Can you explain me what he means with that?"

"Ahh... the lad means wi' that, that in a clan the hatchlings are children of the whole clan, personal perantage is not common. Ye should understand... the lad wa' raised wi' this way o' thinking, an' now he has problems with yuir observation that she could be of his line. Ye could call Goliath conservate concerning the gargoyle way." Hudson explained, glad that he could finally explain this to her, because it was important, especially for her.

"There are still some times when I don't really understand you guys..." Elisa said more to herself while they returened to the others to wait for the gargoyle girl to wake up.

...later that night...

"Ohhhh..." she moaned in pain while waking up. She felt horrible, as if her head had been split in two. I was always warned to look ahead when gliding, and now I know, why... At least something cold was on her head, easing the pain enough to allow her to think clear. Daring to open her eyes, she felt like jumping on her feet, but another headarche cautioned her not to. There was a group a gargoyles around her, watching her closely. Carefully openening her eyes again, she looked if these matched the descriptions the guardian had given her.

There was first the small ovile colored one with webbed wings, then the aquamarine one who had a weight problem and the red one with the prominent beak. The blue beast was walking around her seat. She looked at the old one twice, she had never seen a gargoyle that old and with farcial hair, it had to be the elder she was told of. And then there was... he was huge, bigger than all her brothers! Over two meters tall, her color sheme. That had be the great Goliath she was looking for, she had found him! She...

Then she noticed another one, this one near Goliath. It was a brown female with black hair, wearing strange clothing. She wondered who she was, because the Guardian, Magus and the Princess had not mentioned a female surviving the massacre. But that question could wait for now, her mission was mor important. She again looked at Goliath.

"Are...you...the one called Goliath?" The words came out slow, she was awed by his appearance.
Yes, I am..." He wasn't able to say more, because the girl literally let out a flood of questions in such quick order that there was no way to answer her, or even understand more than half of the questions. She finally became quiet and moaned in pain, when another headarche hit her.

Elisa rightened the ice pack on her head. "Easy now... you have quite a bump on your head after flying into that wall. Better be careful next time." The girl's face became darker, showing clearly that this incident was a source of a little embarressment. "But we should begin with some important things. First up, what is your name, if you have one?"

The girl looked at her, as if she had asked something very strange. "Of course I have a name. We all have, how could I and my silbrings otherwise tell each other apart?" She had reveiled that she had silbrings, but not seemed to care. "I'm called Angela. What is your name?"

Elisa was a little taken aback by Angela's slightly rude reaction, but decided to let it slip, because she was most likely still under a sort of stress. "I'm Elisa." Then she pointed out the clan one-for-one. "Goliath the leader you already know. This is Brooklyn the second-in-command here, next Broadway our master in the kitchen, beside him Lexingtion our technical wizard. There is Hudson our elder, and walking around your chair...with a cat sleeping on him... is Bronx, our watchbeast carrying Cagney, our cat."

Angela then remembered why she was there and again tried to stand up, only to become dizzy and deciding to continue to sit in the comfortable chair."I...we... need your help! The Archmage is attacking us, threatening to destroy the leagacy of Clan Wyvern by killing all of us!"

"What! The Archmage! But he died over thousand years ago!" Hudson suddenly said, remembering too well their last encounter.

"Magus is totally sure that it is him, who wants to kill us, to gain control over Avalon." Angela returned.

"Stop!" Goliath suddenly intervened, halting every conversation. "One thing after the other! Tell us the whole story from the beginning, only then we can understand."

"I will try to repeat what our guardians have told us so many times over the years. It is a long story, so it could be that I accidently confuse a thing or two... It begins after the curse was put upon all of you..."

And then she told them what had happened after castle Wyvern was abonded. How the eggs were first brought to Katharine's uncle, the king of Scotland. The coup of Constantin, usurping the crown, forcing them to flee again, aiming for the mystic isle of Avalon. How the Sisters were dealt with and the Grimorum left with two of the friends. And how they grew up on the isle after that.

After she had told all of it, there was silence while she paused.

"But that was 1000 years ago! How it comes that you are still alive and so young?" Lexington finally asked, still taken aback how much these humans had sacrificed to protct the eggs of the clan.

Angela seemed confused first, before she understood. "Magus told me, that while a day passes here, only a hour passes on Avalon."

"Ye mentioned the Archmage..." Hudson was now agitated again. He was fascinated that the rookery had survived, but now the memory of his last fight with the Archmage was again coming through.

Angela nodded. "When we woke up this night, we were attacked. The three Sisters, together with the Archmage. They were backed up by a white-haired, bearded man and a female gargoyle with blue skin and red hair."

"That can only be Demona and MacBeth!" Brooklyn realized. "So that are these plans the Sisters mentioned. They seem to want to retake the isle by working together with the Archmage. Demona and MacBeth would never work together, so most likely they are enspelled." Brooklyn knew too well how powerfull a spell could be to could someone's mind. Irony that Demona was now enspelled herself.

"But the question still stands, how could he have survived?" Goliath asking, remembering the Archmage falling into the abyss, vanishing into the dark.

"Magus mentioned, he could go through time..." Angela tried to remember. "Maybe it is that?"

Suddenly Goliath looked horrified, and ran through a side door into another room. "No!" he cursed, then returned. "The magical artifacts are gone. Now the strange scene with Demona and MacBeth some nights ago makes sense. They have stolen them from us, then distracted us from finding out. And with the Phoenix Gate, the Archmage was able to save himself from death. So he is real, and also has the Eye and the Book."

Elisa looked over to Angela. "There is still more you need to tell us?"

"Yes... The Archmage threatened that he would return at dawn to destroy all of us. The Guardian wanted to find you, but he was injured during the battle, so it was me who was sent to find you, and here are we now... We need to go, we need to..." Again a headarche hit, when she jumped up, forcing her to calm down.

Elisa forced her to again sit down. "I fear for tonight we won't go anywhere. You hit your head pretty hard, so you can't leave until tomorrow evening." Angela not said anything, but finally sighed, hoping that the time would be still enough.

The clan left her for now, gathering on the balcony to talk under themselves.

"This sounds at first almost too crazy to be true. But after all what had happened to us here, it almost sounds normal." Brooklyn said, forcing himself not to think of Angela.

"The Archmage was already a very dangerous opponent back then. I can only image how powerful he is now. I need to go with her to the isle Avalon tomorrow night. The madness has to be stopped, or the clan is again paying in blood." Goliath said, determined.

"Then we will come with you Goliath!" The others declared, feeling obliged to save the last rookery of Wyvern from destruction.

"No." Goliath simply said. That word hit the clan like a hurrican. Confused and partly angered, some of them, especially Brooklyn, demanded why Goliath denied them to help in the upcoming battle. Goliath waited until the storm of angry questions was over, before he answered: "There are two reasons why not all of you can come with me. First, Angela only has one skiff. A whole clan can't fit into it, and we don't have the time to get another boat. And second, the city still needs it's protectors, so we can't all go."

Goliath's words made sense to them. It was the bitter fact, that they simply couldn't bring all their numbers into battle. But Goliath wasn't done yet. "Beside myself, I will choose two more. Bronx for one, because it could be needed to tack them over that isle. And for second -and I don't want any discussion about that now- will Elisa accompany me. This has nothing to do with preference but with the simple fact that she, as strange as it sounds, has actually the best chances against Demona in battle. Demona knows all of you, how you fight, your weaknesses. But Elisa is a unknown for her. Also the last time, Demona nearly lost, because her anger seemed to let her make errors."

Goliath then looked over to Brooklyn. "I know this comes early for you, but for the time of my abscense, it is your place to lead the others. I'm sure my old menthor Hudson will give you good advice, but the hard decisions will be yours to make. I'm putting my trust into you Brooklyn."

"I won't disappoint you, Goliath!" Brooklyn declared, but the fact that all responibility would lie on him from tomorrow onward was not something he had wanted so soon.

While Goliath gave Brooklyn some more advice, Elisa sneaked her way to Hudson. "So I was right. She is his offspring. Only someone blind could not see that. Do you think we should tell her?"

"Better not. The lass would be shocked to 'ear this from ye. Goliath seems to be nearly a myth to her." Hudson had noticed Angela's rection to their leader, and had concluded, that her human guardians seemed to have given Goliath a little the appearance of a surperhero.

Then the clan walked back inside. Because it was still a couple of hours to dawn, they would start to tell Angela their story, curios over how she would react to what had happened to them so far.

...near dawn...

"And you were really human until changed by a fey?" Angela asked after the story of the weird night of the mirror was told to her. She tried to image Elisa without wings and tail, but had problems doing so.

"Well, look here... that's my old self." Elisa said while showing her some photos.

The photos Elisa showed her of her old self after, seeing that the story was not totally belived, were helpful. She had to admit, Elisa's face looked not much different from back then. "You still lokk much like your old self..."

"I know. Stange, isn't it? My whole body was changed, but my face stayed the same. As if Puck wanted to do me a favor." Elisa spelled the name of that fey like a disease, not liking him.

They were interrupted, when Broadway seemed to feel something. "The sun is about to go up."

Elisa just managed to get Angela out of the seat before the sun peaked over the horizont, locking the gargoyles into stone. Tomorrow would be the last night the clan would spend as a whole for quite some time...

to be continued...