Episode #9-11

Broken Mirror

Avalon, Part III

"I just hope that this will work, or we will be in trouble. This there should be the most logical place were we should find the Archmage." Gabriel whispered, while they sneaked through the bushes.

"How so?" Goliath asked.

"It is the only other structure on the isle. After what you told me of the Archmage, he obviously wouldn't accept sitting on the bare ground..." Angela smirked while she said this. "That, and it is farthest away from the castle."

Goliath not commented this, but he had to admit, Angela had a kind of humor he liked. Even in the face of possible death, she found a way to mock her enemies. "How far is it?"

"Actually we are now nearly next to it...40 steps ahead." Gabriel said and pointed in one direction.

"Good, I will try a diversion to make Demona and MacBeth search for me. You two will wait until he is alone, then sneak to him, and try to take the Eye or the Gate, hopefully both. May the Dragon help us..." Goliath then departed, and sneaked away, leaving Angela and Gabriel to sneak to the edge of the bushes. They had a good view on the pavilion from there.

Unfortunatly for them, this had not went unnoticed. And after some minutes of waiting, Angela suddenly felt something cold, metallic being pushed between her wings, sending a slight shock through this very sensible region of her body.

"Both of you, don't dare to fight, or you will die." It was the voice of a older male. "Turn around."

Angela and Gabriel did as said, but Angela was obviously not fast enough, so a clawed hand grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to turn faster while the claws started to penetrate her skin. "Aaaahhhh!" Angela screamed, while coming face-to-face with Demona. "You are hurting me!"

Demona at first not seemed to care, but when some blood began to come out of the wounds and Angela started to cry in pain, she suddenly released her. She almost looked...sorry.

"I think the Archmage will be interested in you two..." MacBeth finally said matter-of-fact, with no emotion in his voice.

"I don't think that you will do that! Why do you even follow his orders?" Goliath had heared Angela's scream and ran back as fast as he could, but now faced the dilemma, that their enemies could kill him also. Demona holding her lasergun in front of him proved this to be very true.

"Goliath, you fool. So you choose not to hide. Honorable but stupid." Demona not answered his question at first. "We have to follow him, his bidding is to be followed."

"We must do as he says." MacBeth added, but it not sounded very convincing.

"Why?" Goliath recieved no answer. Aha, seems that the control over them not seems to be total...

"You don't know it, am I right? Demona, even in your insane crusade against the humans, you always wanted to protect the gargoyles of the world. Why do you now want to destroy them? They are what is left of the Clan of Wyvern. Do you want to kill the children of the ones you have once called friends, brothers, sisters, clan?" Goliath then waited for her answer.

"I...I..." Demona seemed to search for an answer, her eyes loosing some of the unnatural white glow. "I...I don't know why I want to do something this... wrong."

Goliath then looked over to MacBeth. "You are a man of honor, yet you attack a clan that had never fought in battle, nor can they defend themselves against your weapons. Tell me, why do you want to commit such a act that goes against all of your beliefs? Is there any honor in this?"

"No..I...I guess not." MacBeth also seemed to weaken, the glow in his eyes lessening.

But all hope was shattered at once, when suddenly, in a burst of phoenix-flames, the Archmage appeared, laughing evil. "You really thought I wouldn't be on my guard? It's useless for you to appeal to their better nature, they are mine now!" Both MacBeth's and Demona's expression became again blank, showing that the Archmage was strenghtening his spell on them. "I have great plans for you, Goliath! But the other gargoyles are expendable. Demona, Macbeth! You can kill them now..."

Both of them aimed their weapons, now ready to kill without a second thought, every trace of them again supressed by the Archmage's magic. Everything futile... was the only thing Goliath thought, preparing for seeing more death. But it never happened.

Growling two watchbeasts had jumped out of the bushes, knocking down all three of their foes. Goliath, Angela and Gabriel had no idea from where they had come from, but now was not the time to think about it. Angela saw that the Archmage was temporary stunned, and wanted to grab the Eye of Odin, but regertted it at once.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Then she was thrown back, catched by Gabriel. A bolt of magic energy had shocked her when only touching the Eye.

"Retreat!" Goliath shouted, then all of them ran away as fast as they could. Their attack had been a total failure because their foes had been prepared. And they had not too much time left before dawn and their destruction. Without Bronx and Boudicca following them, they would have been dead now.

The Archmage watched them leave in anger. They had dared to attack him personally! For that they would pay! "I generously allowed them to live until dawn, but if they're so eager to die?" he shouted in anger. "Then let it be this way!"

...at the same time...

Elisa followed Magus while they made their way to the Hollow Hill to wake the Sleeping King, Arthur Pendragon. At first, Magus had been not very keen of the idea, but she had told him in not very gentle words, that without him, they would die surely a horrible death. So finally he had agreed to lead her to the place.

"It isn't very far anymore... I know this island very good, have explored it in all the time I had spend alone on my own." Magus said to her, a slight bitterness creeping in his voice.

"I thought you were all like a big family? What had happened that you were left alone so much?" Elisa wondered, if the happy family as which she had seen them, wasn't really as intact as she had thought.

Magus sighed, but obviously he was relieved that he finally could tell it someone. "It was so, at first. But when Tom grew older, he and Katharine fell in love, and they became like husband and wife, rising the children that way. I was only tolerated but practically left out."

Finally it became clear to Elisa, what really was the source of his bitterness. "You still love her. Why didn't you fight for her?"

Magus sighed. "Without the Grimorum, I had nothing to offer. But I stayed, because what I did to the gargoyles a thousand years ago was unforgivable. I owed it to Goliath to tend the eggs. Speaking of Goliath, you seem to really care for him."

Elisa's cheeks reddened a little. "Well...he is quite handsome. He is always there when I have a question about the changes in me. And I spend quite some time with him..."

For the first time Magus seemed to smile a little. "I have seen back then enough of the pairs in Goliath's clan to know, that there is more between the two of you then just friendship. Unlike Demona who, as far as can judge, had been distant even when she and Goliath were mates, you seem to have catched his heart. Maybe you can find the happiness that had been denied to me..."

The rest of the way was in silence. Elisa debated with herself the meaning of Magus' words. Could it be true, that Goliath really has started to feel more for me than just friendship? That I feel more for him? Oh God, I'm only a gargoyle for a little over a month, I shouldn't think about that yet!... But ... God help me! I have to admit, I really slowly start to fall love with him!

Finally they had arrived inside the Hollow Hill. And it was surely a breathtaking sight! A big cave, the floor laid out with marble and behind a chasm, where a marble bridge led over, there was a elevated pedestal, on which the were albe to see a human resting. Flanked was the pedestal by two iron armors with swords. Both of them suddenly very alive when they sensed the intruders!

"Oh shit!" Elisa not dared to attack them with her bare hands, because they would have hacked her to pieces with these swords, and she doubted that bullets would hurt them much. "Magus, what should we do now? Magus...?" Magus simply had directed his staff towards the armors and Elisa wondered, if he had gone insane.

"Dormite, hostes mei, ubi states!" Magus chanted, and suddenly both of the armors simply fell apart, the pieces resting on the ground. Exhaused, Magus nearly fell to the ground if Elisa hadn't catched him in time.

"I thought you can't do any magic?" Elisa asked him in wonder, while helping him up.

Magus felt a little guilty that he had not mentioned what he was still able to do, so he decided to better tell it now. "Magic is Avalon's lifeblood. In these years I have managed to learn how to channel some of it for my own proposes. But without a conduit, it is very taxing for me."

Magus still seemed weak, so she decided to wake Arthur on her own. And after the armors, she not really trusted the bridge, most likely another trap. Taking a running start, she jumped, opened her wings and glided the short path over the chasm and landed in front of the now lowered pedestal. The man on the platform looked almost as she had pictured King Arthur in her mind. Carfeful she aproached him.

"Arthur Pendragon, king of all Britain, you are needed." she whispered then nearly jumped in surprise, when the body glowed in a unnatural light for some seconds.

Athur felt his tiredness disappear. He he seen so many dreams that he really had lost count of them. Opening his eyes, he expected that Merlin had awakened him. But to his surprise, there was someone else. A gargoyle maid? What had happened?

...a hour later, at the seeing bassin...

The Archmage was still angry. He had obviously underestimated his enemies. He wouldn't repeat this error, so much was sure. He paced in front of the bassin when the Sisters appeared beside him.

"We have send Demona and MacBeth to deal with the intruders." Luna started.

"Soon they will all die." Seline continued.

"And then our victory will be complete." Phoebe completed.

"Good, but now we won't take any more risks. Go to the Hollow Hill and get rid of the Sleeping King! We can't risk him interfering in our matters." The Archmage ordered them with a determined voice.

The Sisters seemed a little shocked that they had to kill the very king they had brought here all this time ago. But they not protested, because the end justifies the means, and Pendragon wouldn't fit anymore into the world anyway. "And what do you intend to do in the meanwhile, Archmage?" Luna asked him.

"Oh, I will wait here for Goliath to come. And he will come, to meet his doom here." The Archmage grinned when he said this. Goliath would be in for a ugly surprise when he would come to him.

...back at the castle...

King Arthur tried to process all the information he got. In the last hour since his awakening by the Lady Elisa, he had learned that they needed him to help in a battle over Avalon against a powerful wizard known as the Archmage and his allies the Weird Sisters (He had them not in too fond memory...), Demona the gargoyle and MacBeth. They had told him what had happened so far, most of the background information and that they had less than two hours to win, or they would die with the dawn.

Arthur felt oblieged to help them, or it would be a slaughter. Also his honor demanded that from him and he felt he was doing the right thing. "I will do what I can, but you have awakened me too early. I don't have Excalibur at my disposal, neither my knights or my old menthor Merlin. Nonetheless, I will help you with all my strength to defeat your foes."

Arthur had just said this, when the door few open and Katharine frowned a little. Ophelia again had violated her orders and left the castle dispite her injuries, bandaged or not. Should they survive, Ophelia would be in for a curfew.

Ophelia had obviously sprinted, despite her arching injuries, and panted heavy. "Demona and MacBeth have been sighted in the orchard! The Archmage seems to have decided not to wait until dawn to attack us!"

Arthur seemed to consider the options, already showing that he once had commanded armies. "That could be to our advantage. Since they attack before dawn, we have the numeretical advantage with the gargoyles still awake. But we need to deal with our foes all at once or one victory will be useless. What use is a won battle if we loose the war?"

"Arthur is right, we need to battle our foes all at the same time, otherwise we never will have enough time before dawn." Goliath added. "Therefore we need to divide forces if we want to win. I will personally take on the Archmage."

"Goliath, let me come with you. I won't let you battle him alone." Elisa pleaded, but Goliath declined.

"No, I must fight this battle alone. Elisa, you will be needed here with the others to defeat Demona. Hopefully her hate against you is so strong, that it will break through the spell and let her make a critical error." Elisa looked as if dumped and Golith had the feeling, she feared for him not retuning alive. "Arthur will approach MacBeth, hopefully MacBeth's nature will come through and make him fight a fair fight."

Then Magus went to them. "I will take on the Sisters."

Katharine looked horrified. "Magus!"

Magus held up a hand to calm her. "No. I have delayed this for far too long. I have a good guess where they want to go right now, and I want to end it finally. I have some talents they not know about..." Then Magus went to the door. "Princess... at least for one time I want to prove, that I'm not as worthless, as I seem to be." Katharine was unable to answer to this. Magus had told her open how he felt, and when she finally had collected herself, he was already gone.

Goliath had left also and Elisa and Arthur had led some of the uninjured gargoyles outside to the orchard. She was left with the injured Tom and gargoyles behind. Bronx and Boudicca guarding the injured.

"Had he really meant that? That he had become useless?" Katharine asked Tom while still shocked over Magus true feelings.

Tom looked rather uneasy, clearly thinking over Magus' words. "Now that I try to remember...we always only thought of each other and mostly ignored him. The eggs also never had much time for him. Magus had been surrounded by friends but yet was still very alone."

Katharine tried not to look at him, and instead started to tend the wounded ones. She not wanted him to see the tear she had shed.

...in the orchard...

Demona and MacBeth slowly made their way through the rows of trees. If not for the spell, both of them would have loved to attack each other, the hated deeply rooted. But for now they had to obey their orders, the castle was near. Just a little longer, and...


At once they went into battle mode when they heared this from some near bushes.

Elisa cursed. She had wanted to shoot Demona, of course not lethal, to stop her before the fighting would even begin. But just now of all times her gun had decided to jam, and she not had the time to repair it. All what her gun had made, was a clicking sound, but obviously that had been enough. Okay, move to plan B! She held up her hand to signal to attack.

At once Gabriel and three other gargoyles jumped out of the bushes and slammed into Demona, while Arthur dodged MacBeth's electric blasts. MacBeth winced in pain, seeing that it was Demona's pain. "We must get more space between us!" he shouted, then ran away deeper into the row of trees, Arthur close on his heels.

Demona roared in anger. "Get off me, you unmature hatchlings!" Then she knocked a yellow female into a tree before striking her fist into the stomach of a green male. Then she threw off Gabriel and the other female. Demona knew what her main priority was: to destroy the ones that were wounded the first time. Fast she climbed up a tree, not noticing Elisa who ran towards her, but too late.

Demona was already airborne and on the way to the castle. "What do you wait for!" Elisa shouted. "Climb and follow her, or the wounded are dead!" Then she climbed up a tree to follow Demona. Gabriel and the other female did so too, while the other male tended to the knocked out yellow female.

...at Hollow Hill...

Magus calmed himself. Now he would face what he had delayed for so long. At least for once in all this time on Avalon, he would actually prove, that even without the Grimorum, he was still far from useless. Waiting he saw the Sisters approach him.

"Taking a rest, grandfather? Or have you chosen this place to be your grave?" Phoebe teased him, annoyed of his appearance there.

"I knew you would come here." Magus said matter of fact.

"You are no match for us." Seline returned, very confident.

"There is no future for you." Luna concluded.

"That needs to be seen..." Magus said, and taped into Avalon's energy, throwing a magical bolt against the sisters giving them much pain. But it only seemed to make them really angry.

"You misused Avalon's energy to to hurt us! For this you will die!" They screamed in union, then started to tortue him with their energy, wanting him to hurt as much as possible.

Magus screamed in pain.

...at the castle...

Demona had not thought that she would meet that much resistance. Bronx and another watchbeast had cost her time, and they were still chasing her. Some other gargoyles had attacked her as well, some succeeding to injure her. To her own wonder she had not shot them. Most of them she had simply hit strong enough to delay them, before continuing her way to the infirmary. It wasn't that much way anymore. Only through that door, and...

"Stop right there, Demona!"

This voice she knew! Jerking around, she saw Elisa together with two other gargoyles and the two watchbeasts waiting for her. "You..." she growled, red glow taking over the white in her eyes.

"Come on Demona. It is me who you really want! I have taken the place you lost in the clan, I'm the one Goliath had started to have feelings for." Elisa teased, hoping to make Demona angry enough to attack them.

And Demona did attack them. But instead of going into a rage, she started to fire her laser gun, forcing them to scatter and try to surround her. "I have waited for this too long! Now it is payback time!" Demona gloated, while her laser caused havoc to the castle interitor.

...in the orchard...

MacBeth wondered who this stange man was who he fought with the whole time. He was good, having evaded all electic blasts until now. "Who are you?" he finally demanded.

"I'm Arthur Pendragon!" Arthur declared, and suddenly the bursts stopped. Arthur saw that MacBeth had put away his blaster.

"The King Arthur himself! I always wanted to see how I would stand up against the best" Then MacBeth pulled out a broadsword from under his coat. "May the better of us win in this fight of honor!"

"As you wish!" Finally he behaves like a civilized man. Arthur added in thoughts. Then their fight began, the two immortal kings fighting who of them would be superior.

...at the seeing bassin...

Goliath arrived, but not saw the Archmage anywhere. Where could he be? Suddenly he saw him. He waited at the bassin, as if absolutely sure of his victory. Goliath not waited for him to take action. Instead he dived down with his battle cry, intending to get the Archmage by surprise.

However the Archmage seemed to have forseen this. He suddenly vanished in the phoenixfire, only to re-appear behind him, throwing a lightning bolt into his back, forcing him down to the floor. Despite the pain, Goliath at once got up and faced the Archmage.

"You have become stronger Archmage, but still you will be defeated again." Goliath tauted him.

The Archmage was not impressed. "THAT is the best you can say?" Then he vanished when Goliath lounged at him, only to again appear behind him, hitting him with magic energy. Goliath went down. The Archmage wasted no time, and at once started to torture Goliath with blasts of energy, making him howl in pain.

"You think I have forgotten the last time we faught? Now I will get revenge for the humiliation at your hands!" Then he send another burst through him.

"Why don't you kill me?" Goliath got out in the short break between the bursts.

"I will do so in due time. But for now, I want to see you howl in PAIN!" The Archmage grinned evil, when he continued his torture on Goliath.

...in the castle...

Elisa had to admit, Demona had effectively forced them to slowly retreat towards the infirmary. Finally they had to retreat through the door, and Demona suddenly charged at them, knocked them down, before seeing her soon-to-be victims. Obviously the spell now overlaid her hate for Elisa. But she had suddenly lost her grin, and seemed to hesitate. As if seeing the injured had suddenly remembered her of something.

Katharine nearly attacked her, but held back. "How dare you! They are also your children!"

Suddenly Demona seemed to come out of it, and looked with hate to Katharine. "I remember how you had treated me back then in the time of Wyvern. Now it is payback time!"

"NO!" Suddenly Demona was knocked aside. Angry she grabbed the gargoyle who had dared to do so, it was Ophelia. Holding her laser gun towards her, she wanted to shoot her, but then she actually not really wanted it.

No, I can't kill one of them! There are too few of us already ... YOU MUST OBEY THE ARCHMAGE! Two voices faught in her.

OBEY! OBEY! OBEY! ... I can't! I see the old clan in them! ... KILL THEM ALL! ... I won't do it! They can still join my side! ... YOU MUST DO AS ORDERED!

Then many more voices appeared in her head, adding to the confilct. "It is the gargoyle way to protect, and who don't is corrupt!" ... "There will come much good from this egg!" ... "My Angel, what had happened to you?" ... "Soon the eggs will hatch, and then many new hatchlings will bring joy to the clan!" ... "No... NOO! What Have I done? They are all gone!" ... "You are responsible for our tragety!" ... "Murderer! Murderer! MURDERER!"

"AAAAAGGGGGH!" Roaring nearly mad in pain, Demona threw Ophelia away from herself. Kneeling down, her eyes glowing blood red.


When the other advanced towards her, she held up her weapon in shaky hands. But she was unable to pull the trigger.


There was only one way to finally end her pain. To finally be free of the voices. She aimed the weapon under great pain against herself, and pulled the trigger!

...in the orchard...

Arthur had to admit, MacBeth was a very good fighter. Actually if he would have met him in the days of Camelot, he would have not hesitated to make him one of his knights.

But even MacBeth wasn't without fault. While he was very good with the sword, he sometime not had the patience to go through with more complicated manouvers. This was to Arthur's advantage. When MacBeth again attacked, he finally managed to disarm him with his mace, the sword flew away into the high grass.

FIGHT! DON'T HESITATE! ... But I'm weaponless!

"You are defeated, MacBeth! Now I demand your surrender." Arthur declared.

NO, DON'T SURRENDER! YOU MUST FIGHT FOR THE ARCHMAGE! ... I can't fight for him if I'm temporary dead! When I surrender, I still have the chance to get back to them, also the code demands that I surrender.

MacBeth got down on his knees. "I do surrender. I... aaahhhrggg!" Suddenly pain shot through his chest, then he dropped dead. Arthur was unsure how to proceed, but thought it best, to bring the body to the castle.

...at Hollow Hill...

Magus had no idea that he could channel so much of Avalon's energy through himself. But it had a price. He felt himself becoming weaker with every moment, soon he would be too weak to resist anymore. Gritting his teeth together, he sent out a burst that threw the Sisters into a near lake. But this only seemed to make them really, really mad. And when they levitated out of the lake, soaked to the skin, they glared death to him.

Oha... looks like I had done something, that had angered them even more!

"For this you will pay!" they shouted in unsion, then summoned a thunderstorm with horrible lightning and stong winds which threatened to simply blow Magus away.

I admit, it was a BIG error to do that! Transforming his staff into a tree, he found temporary shelter, until a lightning bolt hit it, focing him to retreat. Panting he retreated to the inside of the Hollow Hill.

The Sisters looked after him.

"Now he is finished. But still he must pay for what he did to us all these years ago." Luna declared.

"Yes my sisters, now we have all time in the world to chase him." Seline said, also still wanting their revenge.

"Still don't waste time, even if he is unable to escape now!" Phoebe added, then they followed the Magus into the Hollow Hill. But to their surprise, Magus not even attempted to flee, instead he nearly crawled to the empty pedestal of the Sleeping King.

At once the Sisters feared the worst. The empty pedestal meant, that Arthur had awakened. And having Pendragon as their enemy would be indeed very bad. But for now they wanted to finish off their prey.

"Where is the Sleeping King?" Phoebe asked with anger, but Magus ignored her. Instead he gathered all his stength for a last spell.

"Iron armors hear my plight. Bind these whitches hard and tight!" Suddenly the remains of the iron armors transformed into a chain, which wrapped tight around the Sisters, trapping them within iron. They screamed in anger, but to no avail, their powers were negated.

Magus on the other hand laid unmoving on the pedestal.

...at the seeing bassin...

"Aaaarooouugh!" Goliath again screamed in pain when the Archmage continued to torture him. This had gone on for minutes, and while not lethal, it caused him terrible pain, much to the joy of the Archmage.

"Haha! I could do this the whole night, and still couldn't get enough of this!" the Archmage taunted. But his laughing suddenly stopped when he was knocked to the side.

Goliath felt the pain leaving him, and saw, why the Archmage had stopped torturing him. Angela had obviously ignored his orders and had followed him, but for that he was glad now. She had knocked down the Archmage, but he seemed to be not impressed and had send Angela down to the ground with a blast. But it had given Goliath enough time to recover and attack the Archmage.

"Fool!" the Archmage shook him off, and when Goliath wanted to attack again, there were suddenly two Archmages. "Guess which of us is the right one! Ha ha!" Both said in union.

Goliath watched both of them, they he noticed it. One Archmage had a reflection in the bassin, the other one not! Goliath wasted no time and attacked the real Archmage. The illusion disappeared.

"Wha-!" the Archmage was surprised by this but before Goliath could really harm him, he hit him with a magic pulse that pushed him into the near ocean. "That was foolish of you, Goliath!... ICE!" The Armage wasted no time and froze much of the surrounding ocean over, trapping Goliath under the ice.

"Hahaha! You not expected that, am I right!" the Archmage laughed while watching Goliath struggle to break through the ice. Then Goliath seemed to sink to the ground, and the Archmage thought him dead. But suddenly he shot up and through the ice, getting a hold on the Eye of Odin!

"Arh!" the Archmage felt Goliath trying to rip the Eye out, fighting against the energies that attacked him. Activating the Phoenix Gate, the Archmage tried to shake him off. But Goliath jumped with him every time. Suddenly there was a flash, and when the light cleared, the Archmage laid on the ground, and Goliath held the Eye of Odion in his hand.

"Again you have lost, Archmage." Goliath said calm while advancing on the fallen foe. But suddenly he moved, and Goliath stopped. The Archmage jumped up, looking at him with hate, his face returned to his normal look after the Eye had been removed.

"You are still a fool, Goliath! I still have the Phoenix Gate!" Parting his long beard, the Archmage posed with the talisman. "And the Grimorum Arcanorum is a part of me, for all eternity!" the Archmage triumphed.

But suddenly white lightning seemed to spread over him. "NO! THE GRIMORUM!", the Archmage cried in fear, "WITHOUT THE EYE I CAN'T CONTROL IT'S POWER! NO, No,...nooooooo!" The Archmage was literally consumed my the white light until only the Phoenix Gate was left. "All my lovely magic..." then silence.

"It is over..." Goliath was quite shocked at what had happened to the Archmage, but he had no time to dwell on it, when he looked to Angela, who cried while looking into the bassin, a picture of the dying Magus on it.

...shortly before dawn...

Dispite their victory, no one was in the mood to celebrate. Magus had died under their hands, and everyone was now depressed. Katharine had taken it especially hard, she had cried the whole time, and Goliath had to carry her back to the castle because all strength seemed to have left her.

Magus' death had created a deep scar in the soul of this clan, and it would take time to heal.

The chained Sisters had been simply dumped into a room, all three of them protesting. But no one wanted to deal with them for now. Demona and MacBeth, both who had somehow come back to life, in other, seperated rooms, both of them chained.

All welcomed the dawn to finally heal from the injuries of the night. Elisa perched beside Goliath, with only seconds before dawn. Goliath suddenly felt Elisa's tail entwine with his. He had no idea if she knew that this was a gestue of great affection, but he not withdrew.

Then the sun went up, and both of them froze to stone.

...the next night...

Three skiffs had been pulled down to the beach of Avalon. But Arthur had already departed, declaring that he would explore this new world while trying to find Excalibur and Merlin. They had wished him well before he had left them.

MacBeth and Demona were also gone. Goliath had forced the Sisters to free them from the spell, making them forget everything after the night of the City of Stone in the process. Then he had pushed the skiff in which both of them were away into the mist while both were still unconscious. Then he had ripped the chain, and both sisters had fled the island. Hopefully they would never return.

Beside himself, Elisa and Bronx there were all of the clan of Avalon with them at the beach. All of them wished them well on their travel home, and Elisa somehow had them impression as if they expected her to hold hands with Goliath.

Angela looked at them in hope. "Goliath, Elisa?... I ... can I come with you? What I have seen of the outside world was so... I can't put it into words. Please allow me to come with you."

Elisa smiled. Angela was a bright girl, and Elisa still hoped that someday Goliath would accept that she is his child, getting over this 'gargoyle way'. "I would like it if you come with us. Of course, Goliath must agree on it also..." Making her best puppy eyes to him, she hoped that he would not simply leave Angela here.

Goliath seemed to know very well that she wanted Angela to come with them also because of her heritage. But he could not really bring himself to deny them their wish. Grumbling he only said "Agreed." before he returned his attention to the skiff. "And we are ready to leave Avalon. Come on board!"

Angela seemed very excited when she joinde Goliath Elia and Bronx on the skiff. She couldn't wait to return to the outside world.

All of the clan wished them farewell when the skiff slowly started to drift to the ocean. "Goliath, is in there what I think is in there?" Elisa asked him, when seeing his filled belt punch.

"I'm personally going to insure that the Phoenix Gate and the Eye of Odin are never used again." Goliath answered her. "They are far too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands."

"If you say so..." Elisa just hoped that they would never see these items in action again. "My personal goal is to get back to New York, as soon as possible. Poor Brooklyn must be already quite desperate for you to return, Goliath."

"Lady Elisa, I forgot to mention this! Avalon does not take you where you want to go. Avalon sends you where you need to be." Tom shouted from the beach, just before the mist appeared, and Avalon vanished.

"Wait a minute! What does he mean, where we need to be?" Elisa asked, suddenly afraid that she would not see New York when the mist would disappear.


What had happened? Where am I? I feel the power in here... Curse you Goliath! I will return, and then my wrath will be horrible!

For now, I can wait...

The End

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